This page is for the list of enemies and upgrades in VOLT: Second Impact.

Name Description Upgrade 1 Upgrade 2 Upgrade 3
Ominous Grunt The Ominous Grunt is back in all his bland glory, and now he's got upgrades! Uppercut - Can throw uppercuts with more knockback. K.O. Hit - Can punch with more damage Shocking Punch - Has lightning charged punches
Blaster Grunt The Blaster Grunt is a bit more powerful than your average grunt, notified by the blue stripe around its head. It can shoot its arm cannon, which can be useful in many situations. Lock-On - Shots lock onto near enemies Charged Shot - Shots do more damage Beacon Beam - Shots don't do damage, but lightning will hit what is shot
Strong Grunt The Strong Grunt is just what the name says- strong. He doesn't punch or blast to attack, he just picks up anything around him, even other grunts, and tosses them to where he needs them. Long Toss - Enemies are thrown farther Vacuum - Enemies are drawn towards you Compression - You can pick up multiple enemies at once, compressed into one cube which will become all the bots you sucked up when thrown
Pogo Grunt Pogo Grunts kinda got the short end of the stick on design. They jump around and they can't attack, but they can double jump, so I guess that's ok...? Triple Jump - Adds extra jump Pogo Pounder - Hold X/Y in midair to pound into the ground, causing a shockwave Cyclone Jump - Spins when jumping, allowing you to damage enemies
Hammer Grunt Hammer Grunts are super-handy! They can hammer enemies, and will be needed to progress sometimes. Hammer Leap - Uses hammer for a high jump Meet Nail - Can unearth hidden Lytes Spinning Hammer - Attack is strengthened with a spin
Pyro Grunt MWAHAHAHAFIREFIRE- sorry, the Pyro Grunt is kinda loopy. He can set stuff on fire, and he'll be needed for some puzzles. Wildfire - Flamethrower spreads wider Jet Engine - Allows for a hover jump Pyro Plumber- Hold X/Y to throw a fireball, similar to a certain plumber...
Chilled Grunt Brr, Chilled Grunt's using his ice gun to freeze us writers. Well, I guess having an ice gun is useful. Icicle Launcher - Hold X/Y to shoot icicles Snow Shoes - Slips less on slippery terrains Hailstorm - Makes enemies less accurate
Gruntball If you thought Pogo Grunt was a poor soul, meet Gruntball. No arms, no legs, just a big ball of metal and an eye. You can roll around and press buttons, but... he's so sad. Just a big ball. Spiked Ball - Gruntball is covered in spikes, allowing you to roll into enemies to damage them Fast Roll - Hold X/Y to get a small speed boost for a few seconds Bouncy Ball - Allows Gruntball to jump
Knight Grunt Knight Grunt is an armored gentleman, and can take a few more hits than most. He can slash his sword, and he's generally less likely to get caught. Cyber Charisma - Can kill up to 3 enemies without being caught Sword Beam - Hold X/Y to shoot a laser out of your sword- wait, what? Excalibur - Sword has longer range
Gravity Grunt The Gravity Grunt is crucial to some puzzles. While he may not have legs, he can flip onto the ceiling! Pretty cool. Gravitate - Enemies are flipped to the ceiling with Gravity Grunt Supernova - Hold X/Y to cause a small explosion around you Black Hole - Enemies are drawn towards you
Armored Grunt This guy is a bit more rough than your normal Grunt. He can take more hits and has a ground pound. Giga's Laser - Hold X/Y to shoot eye lasers Rough Rumble - Ground pound causes shockwave Armor Up - Takes even more hits
Rapid Grunt BANG BANG BANG! The Rapid Grunt is a straight-up upgrade of the Blaster Grunt, with a machine gun-style blaster. Homing Shot - Blasts home in on enemies to a degree Quick Shift - Hold X/Y and tilt the left stick to the left or right to perform a sideways dash Dashing Rogue - Speed increased
Rocket Grunt This Grunt's really strong, with a rocket blaster for an arm. Heat-seeking, even! Triple Blast - Fires 3 rockets at once Armored Admiral - Takes more hits Troop Rally - Enemies follow you
Staff Grunt Staff Grunt is back to whack some more Ominous! He can use his bo staff to attack enemies. Pole Vault - Allows Staff Grunt to pole vault by holding A Meditation - Takes more hits Iron Staff- Does more damage
Hand Grunt Welcome to the Poorly Designed Grunt Club, Hand Grunt. You have no arms and your head is just a palm of a hand. At least you have to be used to pull some levers, though. Psychokinesis - Allows you to lift items by holding X/Y Touchy-Feely - Allows you to grab from farther away High-Five - When used, Grunts follow you

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