VOLT: Second Impact
Volt Second Impact Boxart
Immerse boxart
Developer(s) Fantasize Studios and Bomb Productions Games
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Neo, Nintendo Silver, Wii U, Nintendo Immerse
Release Date(s)
Winter 2013
Story, Online Multiplayer
Age Rating(s)
ESRB: E10Rating - Everyone 10 and Up
PEGI: 7Rating - Ages 7 and Up
CERO: CERO B - 12+
OFLC: OFLC PG - Parental Guidance Suggested
Genre(s) 3D Platformer/Beat Em' Up
Series Volt
Predecessor VOLT
Successor VOLT: Trinity
Media Included Neo Cartridge, Nintendo Silver Disc, Wii U Disc, Nintendo Immerse Disc

VOLT: Second Impact is the sequel to the critically acclaimed VOLT, with a new story, online multiplayer, and upgrades to the gameplay.



A year after the defeat of Lord Ghoulish, Volt is back in his hometown and regarded as a hero for stopping the Ominous. However, Strato isn't going out without a fight as he gathers the remaining Ominous forces and initiates Second Impact, a huge meteor that will not only fragment the world, but also plant 'seeds' for new Ominous to be created. Volt and Hailey (from the Club Tris exclusive) go off on an adventure to stop the Ominous and prevent Second Impact!

Prolouge: Adventure Calls

It's been a year or so since Volt saved Chargio from the Ominous, and now, he's considered a hero by the citizens of Sparkville. In the opening cutscene, we see him dashing around town and bumping into Hailey for the first time in a while. The pair catches up and Hailey asks Volt if she can join him on whatever he's doing, but soon after, the skies turn dark, as if it were night. The booming voice of Lord Ghoulish tells of his new plan, Second Impact, and Volt and Hailey rush off to stop him.

Chapter 1: Ominous Turf

Volt and Hailey enter the Freakish Forest, a new Ominous base, where they encounter a group of Ominous. They quickly defeat them, learning that there are still Ominous forces and that Second Impact will fracture the continents and create more Ominous. Before they can report back to Sparkville, however, a Giga Grunt (specifically, the one used in the final battle of the last game) arises out of the ground and fights them. Volt manages to beat the giant, and tells Hailey to tell the citizens, while he patrols for more Ominous.

Chapter 2: Deserted

Volt notices an odd desert nearby- the Desert of Desperation, to be exact. It seems to have been created by the Ominous. Hailey gets back and the two go through the desert, noticing several oddities. They come across a giant Pharoah Grunt, and Volt manages to defeat him, but not without a tough fight. The two head off to find Strato once more.

Chapter 3: Oceanic Panic

Volt and Hailey arrive at a huge river and a dam that the Ominous have built. They discover this is the River of Repulse, and that the Ominous are making the dam to dig up some object that would help their plans. They fight off the Ominous in the area and discover the object they were looking for- the Impact Beacon, an ancient piece of technology made to draw an Impact closer. They break the dam and take the beacon for themselves, to destroy it.

Chapter 4: A-maze-ing Underground

The pair go through the Ominous tunnels in hopes to find their base, but soon discover the underground has been converted into an Ominous lair- the Tunnels of Torment. A giant machine known as the Tormented Tunneler seems to be chasing them, and Volt fights it off. During its breakdown, it leaves a tunnel to the Ominous base, and our heroic duo heads off.

Chapter 5: Duo Drama

On their way into the Ominous base, the Ominous split up Volt and Hailey and send them through a mechanical security system. Volt attempts to find Hailey, but he seems to be stalked by an odd robot. Upon saving Hailey, the robot reveals itself as the Cupid Custodian, who maintains the facility. He teases Hailey, but Volt, being oblivious, simply beats the Custodian and heads off into the base.

Chapter 6: Stratosphere

In the Ominous base, Strato awaits the duo. He commends them on finding the Impact Beacon and steals it, preparing to unleash Second Impact. He sends Volt through an obstacle course that doubles to power up the Impact Beacon. Upon finishing it, Volt fights Lord Ghoulish once again, winning. Strato escapes with the Impact Beacon powered up, and Second Impact in the skies.

[TRANSMISSION RECEIVED] If your family works with the EDG [Earth Defend Guard], you may visit one of the few safe spots on Earth! The rest of the planet is populated be [DISTURBANCE IN TRANSMISSION], but don't worry, as the EDG is working to keep our old homeworld safe for the sake of humanity! [TRANSMISSION INTERRUPTED]

Chapter 7: Second Impact

Volt and Hailey return to Sparkville and see Second Impact coming closer and closer. However, just in time, they find a way to reach Strato's new space station- a makeshift rocket assembled from bits of Nuclear Nightmare. Upon arriving, Strato sends Volt through a gauntlet, which leads to Second Impact. Volt cannot seem to stop it, despite destroying the Impact Beacon and defeating Strato's mech, and Hailey resorts to freezing Second Impact, slowing it down.

Epilogue: Will Adventure Call?

Volt returns to Sparkville with Hailey, who is unconscious and weakened. He presumes Strato is dead, and looks at the sky. Second Impact still exists, simply stuck in orbit and frozen. After the credits, we see a teaser for the third installment of the series, as Strato awakens inside Second Impact with a crazed look and all the young Ominous eyes open.


Controls (using Immerse GamePad layout)

  • Left Control Stick: Move around
  • Right Control Stick: Move camera
  • A: Jump
  • B/Touchscreen: Control nearest enemy
  • X/Y: Use ability
  • Trigger buttons: Zoom in


The gameplay has been fine-tuned since the last game, with new systems added in order to improve the game overall. The levels are now more open-ended, with various routes and exploration. You can also now collect Lytes, small orbs which can be used to buy new upgrades for your Grunts. Emphasis is put on exploration and choice. In addition to gameplay changes and more open levels, the enemy AI has also been improved to compliment some upgrades that involve enemies following you or trusting you more.


See the Enemies page for this info.


There are 7 new worlds in this game, each one with a new boss. There are 70 levels in total, all accessed with a map screen. Each level has 3 Lytes hidden within.

Freakish Forest This swampy forest is pretty simple and introduces the basics of gameplay. The boss is the Ruined Giga Grunt.
Desert of Desperation The Desert of Desperation is based on desperate measures, and you'll be using plenty of those to pass some puzzles. The boss is the giant Pharoah Grunt, with plenty of tricks!
River of Repulse You'll be on the rapids here! This river is repulsive and being polluted by Ominous machinery, and you'll be swimming against the flow plenty of times. The boss is the Lumberjack, a giant floating robot with dual axes.
Tunnels of Torment These tunnels are all a confusing maze! This world focuses on sneaky tricks and various routes. The boss is the Tormented Tunneler, a giant drilling tank.
Insecure Security This world is based on personal insecurity, and is a giant facility! The lights will often shut off, leading to puzzles involving Volt's electrical powers. The boss is the Cupid Custodian, a creepy carekeeper with a bow and arrow.
Ominous Outhold This is the Ominous base, designed to power up the Impact Beacon. The farther you go into Strato's traps and obstacles, the rougher things will get! The boss is Lord Ghoulish himself!
Infuriated Impact This is Strato's base for unleashing Second Impact. It's a huge rush of past bosses and the toughest Grunts, and in the end you'll face the Second Impact itself!


Multiplayer is one of the biggest additions to Second Impact. You can play locally or online in a few unique modes, along with 4 player co-op on Story Mode, both locally and online. All maps are based on levels from Story Mode.


Conquest is a Capture The Flag-style mode where 2 teams try to capture a Lyte from enemy base. Both sides play as Sparklings and start off in an Ominous Grunt, with various other Grunts around the map to control.


Similar to Conquest in structure- 2 teams of Sparklings with various Grunts fight. However, the goal is to get the most kills, rather than to capture a Lyte.


Up to 8 players in Ominous Grunt suits try to survive in hordes of Grunts, getting new Grunts and upgrades as they survive more and rack up points.


In co-op, you can play through Story Mode together. You can drop in and out easily, and each player plays as a color-swapped Volt- Player 1 is Blue Volt, Player 2 is Red Volt, Player 3 is Green Volt, and Player 4 is Yellow Volt.


  • Some of the upgrades are a reference to other works.
    • The Pyro Plumber upgrade for Pyro Grunt is based on the Super Mario series.
    • The Sword Beam upgrade for Knight Grunt is named after a trope on TV Tropes.

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