VOLT: (NOT) The World We Know
Developer(s) Fantasize Studios
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Immerse Go
Release Date(s)
Story, (NOT) Living
Age Rating(s)
ESRB: E10Rating - Everyone 10 and Up
PEGI: 7Rating - Ages 7 and Up
CERO: CERO B - 12+
OFLC: OFLC PG - Parental Guidance Suggested
Genre(s) 3D Platformer/Beat Em' Up, Compilation
Series Volt
Media Included Immerse Go Mini-Disc

VOLT: (NOT) The World We Know is a compilation of the first trilogy of the VOLT series, taking place in an alternate universe with a very different story. It features an extensive story mode split into 3 'Chapters', and a special OVA, "(NOT) Living" that sums up the events of the game with new tidbits.



The gameplay is similar to the corresponding game you're playing through, depending on the Chapter you're playing through. Some changes include putting upgrades and Lytes into the first game and having the entire Trinity lineup of Ominous in every game. You can start on any Chapter, although the menus do suggest playing in order, and by finishing Chapter 3 (in order or own its own doesn't matter) you can unlock (NOT) Living. All worlds are carried over, reworked only graphically. Difficulty is also reworked- when starting a chapter, you are told to choose on a scale of 1 to 10 of difficulty, with 1 - 4 being Grunt Grinder, 5 - 7 being Armored Annihilator, 8 and 9 being Giga Gambler, and 10 being Strato Slayer. Upgrades and enemies can be found here.

Chapter 1: (NOT) Our Hero

(NOT) Our Hero plays mostly identically to VOLT- a 3D platformer with beat em' up elements. You can possess Ominous Grunts, but as noted above, Lytes and upgrades have been implemented. The 6 worlds have only been changed graphically, with the layout kept but put into the atmosphere and art-style of the new universe. The controls are replicated with the Immerse Go as faithfully as they can be.

Chapter 2: (NOT) Your True Life

(NOT) Your True Life is a re-release of VOLT: Second Impact, using the same physics and adding in the Grunts from Trinity. As with Chapter 1, all environments are kept, and changed only thematically and graphically. Like Chapter 1, enemy layouts are changed based on difficulty.

Chapter 3: (NOT) The End

(NOT) The End is identical in gameplay to VOLT: Trinity with the controls faithfully replicated and the layouts kept the same. This is the game with the least changes.


Chapter 1: (NOT) Our Hero

In Chargio City, everyone obeys. Everything is perfect. You should never rebel.

In Sparkling Academy, Volt is daydreaming when woken up by his friend Hailey, who says lunch is almost over. Volt walks out when he notices a Reporter Drone floating overhead with a report of missing students in the academy. Volt is pulled along again by Hailey, when suddenly, a huge machine appears, sucking up students and knocking Volt out cold. He barely sees Hailey flying by him into the machine before passing out.

Volt wakes up in a strange plain outside the city where it seems time is standing still- until something pops up. It is an Ominous Grunt, a corpse with a face of eternal anger and machinery connected nearly everywhere. Volt fights it off, taking the cybernetics for his own, and reluctantly travels the peculiar plains, fighting Ominous Grunts. He believes this is all a nightmare and tries to wake up, to no avail. While escaping, a huge Giga Grunt faces off with him.

Volt wakes up again in a monochrome version of his school hallways. As he walks through the hallways, a man in purple seems to stare at him. However, the illusions end as Volt sees he is in an inferno, and runs, trying to fight. He breaks down as more and more Ominous attack, causing the flames to rise and a huge demon to appear. Volt fights it as he gets more and more scared, barely defeating it and left with a burn on his arm.

Volt gets a brief glimpse of the 'real world', seeing that the city is falling apart and more people have gone missing, before snapping back into a vision- a chilling world of pure cold, where he questions what is real and what is fake. He quickly decides that he's no longer sane and that he should submit to what is thrown at him, and runs through the world like a maniac, fighting an icy machine and more Ominous. Upon defeating him, the vision fades once more and Volt wakes up, staring straight at the man in purple. Quickly, the man pushes a button, and a glass screen drops upon Volt, sealing him back into a vision.

Volt once again wakes up, accepting that he is somehow being forced into these visions. He goes through a jungle that represents his own anger, but once he finishes, he gives up, saying this isn't worth it. Upon refusing to go further, the vision turns itself in a charicature of its inner circuits where Volt fights himself, accepting he's gone beyond his old self and destroying it, entering a point of no return. The machine breaks and Volt escapes into the city.

In the city, the man in purple waits, introducing himself as Strato. He says that he designed the Ominous as a way to engulf humanity and becoming an absolute ruler, and he trapped and mentally broke Volt as his optimism was getting in the way. Volt smirks, walking away and saying that he has moved past his old self and realized that the world they both live in deserves whatever Strato brings upon it. Strato summons a giant station above the city, armed with powerful bombs, which uses a cannon to burn a line through the city.

Volt returns to the school, where Hailey is horrified by the 'new' Volt. Volt laughs maniacally as he explains that he is no longer who he was, broken for the better, and brings Hailey with him to watch the city burn. Hailey is scarred by the sight of Chargio City burning to ashes, and Volt runs off to kill Strato. Upon getting there, he fights Strato who wears a robotic suit of his own design, which Volt stops using a Giga Grunt. He promptly kicks Strato off the side of the station to his doom, and activates the IMPACT² bomb, falling off the station himself with the bomb starting a countdown to drop. We see the city burning in a sea of purple flame, and the chapter ends.

Chapter 2: (NOT) Your True Life

Volt wakes up in Chargio City, seemingly restored with the dark clouds over the city gone. Hailey stands with him, silently smiling, when Volt's mind begins to flicker between the image of Hailey in a utopia and the real Chargio City, still covered in flame, with Hailey's skeleton standing. Volt pushes away the reality of the situation and puts himself into a new adventure, seeing the apocalypse as a time to self-evaluate his new self. He goes into a forest that represents how his old self views his new self, defeating the Giga Grunt he used to finish the life of Strato. He heads off, calmly and distantly talking to himself about what a monster he has become.

Volt enters a desert, representing his desperate struggle with reality, and swiftly kills all the Ominous in the area. He continues to self-evaluate himself as he slices through them effortlessly, bringing down a rather large Grunt based on a pharaoh. Once again, the illusion breaks, as he watches a skyscraper crumble to dust. He once again recreates the illusion, wishing to make reality go away. However, he begins to doubt how long he can push reality away- as he does, another ghostly Hailey appears before him, smiling at him.

Volt looks out upon a river, seeing it being polluted by the Ominous, who seem to dissolve into pure pollution when in contact with water. He goes ahead and ends them, killing a giant Grunt cutting down trees. He looks into the river again, seeing himself and being repulsed. He notices another ghostly Hailey, who whispers to him that he didn't save her, and dissipating into blood which lands on Volt's hands as he screams to the sky. In the real world, he looks to the sky, seeing the bomb still counting down to launch. He decides to once again reject reality, entering his illusions again.

He finds himself in a dark tunnel system, trying to find his way out. He sees more illusions of Hailey telling him it's not too late to go back and save her, but he says that things will turn out ok if he just sticks to his dreams. He runs through the tunnels, still trying to escape, but finds a dead end that has a view of Chargio City from above. The world is in tatters, but Volt can't pay attention as he fights a huge drilling machine. He defeats it and looks at the real world in spite, walking away.

Volt constructs a facility in his illusion, one where he can just live for as long as he pleases, but the nagging fears of reality cause it to lose power. A ghostly Hailey follows him, hinting that she may have feelings for him, but he ignores her and faces a large 'custodian' that seems to agree with Hailey. After defeating the custodian, he punches through Hailey, leaving her with a huge hole in her stomach as she slowly turns to nothingness, crying as she does. Volt snaps out of his illusion realizing what he has become and rushes off to stop the bomb.

In the real world, Volt rushes through the station, fighting Ominous as he goes. An AI copy of Strato mocks him, saying he has once again become weak, but Volt refuses to give him a response, simply rushing through the facility. He faces off with Strato's mech, shattering it into pieces and reaching the bomb right before it drops. He tries to deactivate it, but he finishes right as it launches and it slips, falling onto the city. In a bunker, Hailey and a few classmates fear for their lives and Volt looks in horror as the impact destroys the majority of the city. The chapter ends with another view of the ruined city.

Chapter 3: (NOT) The End

Volt's End

Torchie's End

Aero's End

OVA: (NOT) Living


  • This game was nearly rated T for Teen, but was toned down slightly in order to get an E10+.
  • This is the first portable VOLT game entirely developed by Fantasize Studios.
  • In (NOT) Your True Life's Unsecure Security section, there is a poster of the original Volt on one wall, advertising batteries, as an easter egg.

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