Gender Male (in voice), Female (as Kaitlyn)
Species N/A
First Appearance Painterly 2 (2015)
Uus is the final boss of Painterly 2. Uus is said to be the power that grants humans the Speaker ability. It has two forms: the actual power core itself, and a ghost-like spirit girl, referred to as Kaitlyn.



Painterly 2Edit

In Painterly 2, Uus is mentioned and referenced to by Aegis throughout the game, but only appears when Akaye and friends reach the Temple of Worlds. There, Uus monitors the temple as the spirit, Kaitlyn. When the heroes reach Uus Gardens, the true power core appears.

At the end of Painterly 2, it is revealed that Uus and the Temple of Worlds are creations of Aegis, or Andrew, a kid of similar age to Akaye. He believed that gathering more Speaker power would give him the courage to speak to a girl he likes, whose name is actually Kaitlyn.



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