Utopia (Video Game Console)
The Console Appareance
Developer(s) Omegadream
Console Type Home Console
Release Date(s)
International: 2013
Super Mario World 5 \ New Super Mario Bros. 5

Mario Kart: Super Racing

The Utopia is a videogaming console developed by Omegadream. This console is the unique console made only by Omegadream, it's also the actual last console as a direct competitor of the Wii U, the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One in the eigth generation of videogaming consoles.


The Console was firstly made to make an addaptation of all Omegadream's games on an official Omegadream's console to bring more benefits to the company, finally the devellopers of the GameZone Station (name of the prototype of the console) want to create the console in hope to make the first nine generation videogaming console, but by lack of resources, the console does not reach the hoped Capacities.


The Console havd a similar design to the Xbox One and the Playstation 4 but instead of these consoles, without counting the SD card, the CD drive and USB slots, there isn't any switchs on the console, the only way to turn on, reset and turn off the console is to use the controller.The CD drive can read only blue-rays and generate a blue neon ligth when the console is fonctioning.

Utopia Mailbox


Omegadream has featured an official mailbox included in the console's system.


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