Utopia is a action adventure game developed by SuyoGames exclusively for the Infinity GX as a launch title. The game features a cel shaded and paper like art style. The game revolves around Kaiko, a young villager who is part of the Tendora Tribe. Kaiko travels to a forbidden village and finds out that his family will disappear for eternity as his family's crest has been scattered through the Utopia called "Opus".


Chapter 1




Name Description
Kaiko The young villager who lived a horrible life, with his mother being killed by the Vooi Tribe in a massive war from many years ago. He was later trained by his father to survive the outer reaches of the Takai Village (where Kaiko lives) in order to hunt for food. Kaiko's main weapon is a hand crafted spear given to him by his deceased grandfather.
Tatsuma Although he is a shy villager, he later meets Kaiko and becomes close friends with him. It is revealed that he is part of the enemy tribe of Kaiko's, and that Tatsuma's father has been missing for many years, and "Argo The Almighty" has claimed the village where Tatsuma lives. Tatsuma's main weapon is a powerful bow used in battle and was passed by generations of his family.


Other/Supporting Characters

Name Description
Summer The so called "Voodoo Witch", Summer is a smart female who helps the two heroes to defeat Argo The Almighty and find Tatsuma's father. Summer gives the player the "Voodoo Dagger" and allows the player to poison the player and allows the player to control whatever enemy he/she has controlled.



Tengami Town