Usernamer2 (charcter)
Usernamer2 FF
Usernamer2's latest appearence.
Full Name Usernamer2
Current Age 14
Date of Birth July 13th
Gender Male
Current Status Alive
Vulnerable To Fire
Usernamer, Spybot, The Heat, Crazy Pizza
First Appearance Usernamer2 (NextGen Bluevolt, 2012)
Latest Appearance Usernamer2: Land of Lost Nights (NextGen Bluevolt, 2012/ 2013)
Usernamer2 is a fan-made character by Usernamer2. His first game was called Usernamer2.



Usernamer/ The Heat is Usernamer2's clone father. He is the first evil mastermind to have a clone.



He appeared first in Usernamer2, and got locked up by Usernamer. He broke free and went to stop Usernamer before he destroyed the world.

Fantendo Fighterz

His second appearence, Usernamer2 blew a punch into McBoo's face.

Usernamer2: Land of Lost Nights

It is unknown what the plot is, but he is the only playable.


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