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Logs can be accessed here and here.

This is a warning to stop your inappropriate behavior (starting an argument, once again). Please adhere to the rules or you will be blocked.


Despite your previous warning, you have broken the rules yet again (trying to start back an argument which had ended). This is your last warning. If you continue these actions, you will be blocked.


I saw that Brock was joking about what happened, and a few people were laughing

no one really even was

though i think he shouldnt have done it, him joking about you when you werent there wasnt enough to warrant a warning because he couldnt have been trying to have an argument with you when you werent there. what you said clearly seemed to me that it was trying to bring it back up

i think from now on you should just try to watch your behavior, okay?


Just so you know, nobody laughed at the joke; Mid was the only one who laughed and it was at the fact that you joined right after the joke was made. --SonicWiki (Talk)

yeah what he said, ive just looked at the logs of it

anyway the time that it was really isnt an excuse. just whatever with it, just dont do this again


A Reminder! (To all Fantendo Smash entrants)

The tournament is starting tomorrow, and I plan to have it begin at around noon, EDT (Eastern Daylight Time). I know we have different schedules and time zones, so please notify me as soon as possible so I can accomodate for that.

A friendly reminder as well; you must be on the Fantendo chat, at the very least, and I suggest you move to my Twitch stream's chat during your matches. Moreover, at least have your full username as a ping. If you do not know how to enable pings, please ask one of the regulars on chat. This is so we can keep very solid communication throughout the tournament, instead of us searching each other out (as was what happened last time).

Good luck to everyone, and happy Smashing!

Star Warrior Terra (talk) 16:37, July 17, 2015 (UTC)

Half an hour until the tourney begins!

Just a small reminder once again that the Fantendo Smash tournament begins in half an hour. If you're around, please make your way to chat!

Star Warrior Terra (talk) 15:36, July 18, 2015 (UTC)

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