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November 24, 2007

Why do you keep on making so many pointless Earthbound/Mother stuff? If they arn't used in a game or fan-fiction there is no piont for them to have articles. --User:Wiismartey 17:05, 7 December 2007 (UTC)

agreed. And, can you try to add Fanon info? It's sort of a pain erasing actual game stuff. Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP)

Ok, sorry. But... yeah. I guess you were doing right. Sorry. Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP)

Well I understand what you are doing, but this wiki isn't really suppose to have real infomation on real games. I understand you think the articles need to be made but, (in my opinion) some of the info in them are pointless on this wiki. Please don't be offended but this is what I think. Do what you want, it's not like it's actually hurting us, it's just kind of bending the rules. H-ToadHiya, it's Wiismartey | Long Live Fantendo!HeathJoker Maybe if someone were to make an Earthbound game, we could turn around these articles.

About that artwork of yours...

On the Talk:Porkchop page, well, is that really yours? I think I've seen it somewhere before... It's not wrong or anything, I'm just wondering. Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP)

Um... I wasn't asking you, I was asking Max -_- No offense. Calgary - It's stormy on the lake.

i deleted SMZ! for ya ShroobyrightShroobarioTalk!Shroobyleft

Your drawings.

Your pics are sooo cool!! Could you make me in this style of yours? ref ShroobyrightShroobarioMake it as a b-day present xPShroobyleft

Thanks. =D I wanted a drawing of myself. Your drawings tottally pwn ;D you can use this as reference to see how I look. ref ShroobyrightShroobarioTalk!Shroobyleft

Omg, XD, Thx!!! It tottally pwnz!!! You rock at drawing!!! Thanks a ton!!!!!! ShroobyrightShroobarioIt's just funny how everybody who draws me make me evil XDShroobyleft

=Big BIG Favor!

Hey, uh... this may sound kinda akward coming from a Sysop, but... can you do me a big favor? I need artwork of Litle P, Sandslash P, and Jiggy P in one picture. Refs for Litle P and Sandslash are on their pages, and Jiggy is just a Jigglypuff.

If possible, make Litle P in a cute/curious pose, Sandslash in a tough-guy pose, and Jiggy in a smart-looking pose.

Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP) I know this is a lot, and it's OK if you say no.

It doesn't have to be Sugimori. Just artwork. Thanks. Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP)

It's awesome! But... um... can you maybe make some changes to Jiggy and Sandslash's faces? They look sorta evilish. Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP)


I was wondering if you want to do the official artworks for Wario Land: Touch Trouble, do you? ShroobyrightShroobarioTalk!Shroobyleft

Butch RPG

Hey! I wanted to read your comic. Where can I find it? ShroobyrightShroobarioTalk!Shroobyleft

Ah, Ok, Ya, I'd rather not see it :P ShroobyrightShroobarioTalk!Shroobyleft

Actually, I've been wanting to read it for a long time. I watch South Park too. It wouldnt bother me with cursing. I hear it at home also.

Hey how come you redirected your Wally page? It was good. Plumber (Talk) 01:05, 23 July 2008 (UTC)

You are leaving? Awww... I'll miss you! ShroobyrightShroobarioDo I need to delete the images you did for me and to Max2 too?Shroobyleft

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