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Welcome to Fantendo, Luigibros2!

Hello there! Welcome to Fantendo, a place not only for Nintendo fans, but for fans of everything, basically! You are free to make anything you want! You can make games, movies, fan-fictions, anything, as long it is a decent quality page. If you need any help with page editing, you can either ask anyone here, or go to Fantendo:Help, which is a nice place to go when you are new. Also, it is recommended that you know the rules of the wiki before you start contributing, to avoid any conflicts!

We are kind of critical; that means we like to give criticism on pages, but please keep in mind that there are two types of criticism: good and bad. Good criticism is when somebody tells you the flaws of your idea/article, allowing you to see the problems with it (and hopefully fix them). Bad criticism is when somebody says something like "this sucks go die in a hole". Learn from good criticism, ignore bad criticism.

Also, we are wacky, so we like to joke a lot. So sometimes, if you see something very weird, it is probably a joke.

Remember to avoid trolls! If you see a troll, ignore them! Trolls want your attention, so if you don't give them attention, they will eventually stop themselves.

Anyway, if you need help, you can ask anyone, especially the sysops (the admins of this website, they usually have colored names or colored borders around their avatar; a list can be found here).

If you want to talk with people, Fantendo has a chatroom here, which is usually active.

Have fun!


Duncan's Background

I read the "Duncan" article about a Boo with a green mohawk and has a girlfriend named Courtney. I got one thing from that. You like Total Drama Island. 405Lol, it's COKEMAN11 Lol, talking goes here405

Can I do Total Kirby Island with you? I LOVE Total Drama Island. I have seen ALL the episodes and I can't wait 4 TDA. I have my own TDI quotes on my page. So, yes or no? 405Lol, it's COKEMAN11 Lol, talking goes here405

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