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  • WesternSkies
    Hesitantly, you hit "Send" on your Matchtendo profile. You're new to Boltzmann University, and you really don't know the area. It's in a completely different state from Vindozz, your home city. You figured that a dating site would be as good an opportunity as any to meet new people and get to know the area a bit better, and Matchtendo is full of singles ready to mingle.
    Besides, would it really hurt if a relationship came out of it?
    With everything set up, you decided to go back to playing GHOST SMILE II on your A22 Enterprises laptop. You loaded up the game and started playing. You've already completed it a few times, but this time you're aiming for 100% completion. A few levels in, you notice a notification in the Matchtendo window. Guess …
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  • WesternSkies
    Welcome back to the '! The votes are in, and you know what's coming next!
    The winner, with just under half the votes, is '! Your prize, if you can even call it that, is a "voucher" for a free request from me, as basic or detailed as you want. Feel free to claim it whenever you want; just contact me via my talk page or chat.
    Until next Halloween, stay spooky!
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  • WesternSkies

    After 20 years, Game Freak have finally acknowledged that Team Rocket has been gay culture all along, with Team Rainbow Rocket! Giovanni swore that Team Rocket would be back and better than ever, and boy was he right. Most villains WISH they had this follow-up. He's somehow recruited all the previous villainous team leaders, except for Archie, who's been replaced with a vandalised Ken doll. Cyrus is back so Sinnoh is basically confirmed.

    There aren't many details yet, but a lot of questions. Isn't Lysandre supposed to be dead? Ghetsis too? Where's N? Was Lusamine really our first female evil team leader? Will Lysandre have a shirtless scene? Why's Faba in the picture with all the villains? Did Giovanni write this tweet? Does Guzma really de…

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  • WesternSkies
    i nearly typed voring instead of voting
    Welcome back to the '! Now that you've all submitted you drawings, it's time for voting!

    It's simple, really! Just comment with who you think did the best drawing. You can only vote for one person, though.

    Another thing to note: Shadow Inferno submitted two drawings. They both count as the one submission, so don't vote for a specific one of his drawings.

    Have fun voting, and may the best man win! Or woman, whatever.

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  • WesternSkies
    Welcome to the first of the events lined up for the ', the '! Let's cut the fluff and get to it!

    The '! Every year, a ' is held, alongside a ' (coming soon!), where users submit Halloween-themed drawings for a shot at Spooky Scary fame!

    Great! All you have to do is submit a ~~spooky~~ drawing! It can be of a fan character, an original character, or whoever you want. Maybe you've got a really spooky character in mind? Or maybe you wanna draw your OC as a witch? It's fair game so long as it's Halloween-themed!

    We've got a ton of talented artists on this website, and nobody draws the same. Your submission can be anything from a digital painting, to a traditional sketch, or a sprite. Whatever your media is, it's fair game. If you don't feel comfortab…

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