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  • WesternSkies
    Welcome to the first of the events lined up for the ', the '! Let's cut the fluff and get to it!

    The '! Every year, a ' is held, alongside a ' (coming soon!), where users submit Halloween-themed drawings for a shot at Spooky Scary fame!

    Great! All you have to do is submit a ~~spooky~~ drawing! It can be of a fan character, an original character, or whoever you want. Maybe you've got a really spooky character in mind? Or maybe you wanna draw your OC as a witch? It's fair game so long as it's Halloween-themed!

    We've got a ton of talented artists on this website, and nobody draws the same. Your submission can be anything from a digital painting, to a traditional sketch, or a sprite. Whatever your media is, it's fair game. If you don't feel comfortab…

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  • WesternSkies


    October 1, 2017 by WesternSkies

    im doing OCtober and i made this blog so you can all laugh at me when i inevitably dont finish it!!! and yea most of these are gonna be pencil sketches bc im a lazy bitch

    celeste is one of my first OCs so im starting with her. shut the FUCK up im not drawing squav. she's from an article called at one point but i ended up not using it, so that's what this design is based on. she's a fairy who eventually becomes some sort of princess fairy. i was in my mlp phase when i made her.

    aster is another old oc. She's the main character of Bretwine, where people were kidnapped, given powers, and forced to fight in an arena. She has plant powers I guess? Her dress is inspired by a kimono

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  • WesternSkies

    we did this once and it was a success, and there were some rad drawings out of it. people seem to be up for it, so, like, why not give it a go yknow

    BASICALLY, what we're doing here is drawing something based on a song. it can be, like, a character, a flower, a city, a sunset, fuckin' anything! just take some inspiration from the song, please, because that's, like, the entire point of this.

    in this blog, you're gonna submit a song if you wanna join. after a couple days, i'll randomise who gets what song, and then you draw something based on the song you get! any questions?? no ok

    • - A Dustland Fairytale - The Killers
    • - Seven Nation Army - The White Stripes
    • - Video Killed The Radio Star - The Buggles
    • - Zombies - Childish Gambino
    • - Come Sail Away -…

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  • WesternSkies

    west draws ass again

    August 23, 2017 by WesternSkies

    whoa boy its that time again!!! time for me to make an art request blog and immediately give up on it! listen i love drawing ur characters but i get very easily distracted so to make things more interesting for me, you guys are gonna submit a colour palette from here along with your character!! im gonna try to get as many as i can finished before monday because ive done FUCK ALL this summer!

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  • WesternSkies

    pip pip cheerio

    July 31, 2017 by WesternSkies

    bye sluts I'm off to England until Friday to fuck prince Harry

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