I'm not gonna act like ik what I'm doing here, which is the reason why I'm putting the intro as this, but I just kinda wanted to see some stuff about Mario. then I joined the chat and found out all this cool stuff. basically right after this imma make a fanmade game about smash bros

Me Hax
Nicknames: Cam, Swifti, Mitch, Shrek
Favourite franchises: Super Mario, SSB, Pokemon, Sonic, Kirby, 
Favourite games: SSB4, NES mario and mario 3, zelda, metroid and kid icarus, wario land 2
Favourite characters Yoshi, Pit, Link, Wario, Fox Mcloud, Shy guy
Possible fanmade games in the future SSBKO(odds:9/10), Super Mario Ripple(odds: 9/10) Kirby: Misty island(odds: 7.5/10)

You might be wondering who I am, well, I'm Cam. I'm originally from the AJCW (animal jam clans wiki) where clans compete for the first rank of the clans, please support the wiki, and please support my clan, Shadeclan

Some previews for the fanmade games 


In this game, it's essentially a normal smash bros, with a couple differences, plus the new characters (which include mimikyu, midna and bandana waddle dee) and some new mini games, such as a mario party type game where you must go through the challenges with 3 other players to the top, which is called waluigi warfare, since the host would be waluigi. much more to come for this

Mario Ripple

this would take place right after Oddysey, where Mario goes into the making of the franchise. He and Luigi go through different games such as sunshine, galaxy, it would seem alot like galaxy, it would basically be a replay of each game, with new features, and even mario kart and smash bros appearances.

Kirby:Misty Island

Kirby explores a new world, nothing special, just another kirby game x3

Adieu, les amies