aka Anniversary Brandon

  • I live in colorado
  • I was born on April 6
  • My occupation is high school student, decent author and artist, okay pixel artist
  • I am male
  • Sr.Wario

    It's that exciting time again, where I discuss almost everybody's presentations from the latest showcase. This time, I'll be taking a look at the How the Grinch Stole the Holiday Showcase, which has a name that's as stupid as it is long. I do this to examine and hopefully share with you some presentations that went unnoticed, to provide my thoughts on the biggest announcements, and to provide constructive criticism that will hopefully result in improved presentations whenever the next showcase rolls around.

    If I missed your presentation, you're welcome to tell me and I'll reply with my opinion on it. The same goes for those who would like to clarify any misunderstandings I might have had, I'd love to discuss where you were coming from and w…

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  • Sr.Wario

    Welcome! Fantendo Fragments is a new idea I had, I was really excited about it and I hope you are too!

    Fantendo Now is a great show that has had some of my favorite content on the site, and it's core concept has inspired me. While that show focuses on the core cast of the New Fantendoverse, Fragments is a bit different. It's an anthology series that tells short stories, written in script format, about characters big and small from our little shared universe. This idea is nothing new, we've had similar ideas before, but I figured we could give it a try again.

    Ideally, each episode would be short, around half the size of a Now episode. Each will focus on a specific character, giving us little bits that flesh them out or are simple fun. While I'd …

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  • Sr.Wario

    World of Fantendo - Sign-Ups

    September 27, 2017 by Sr.Wario


    My good friend Athena is working on a really interesting project over on Lapis Wiki called Zaxinian Voyage. I reccommend you check it out for yourself, but it's basically a theme park based around her universe. This conjured memories of World of Fantendo, a cancelled project that would bring Fantendo characters, settings, and stories to life in an immersive, detailed park with diverse attractions.

    While it might die once more, I decided to give the idea another go. So here you can sign-up your properties for use in the park. While I'll mostly be working on it by myself, you're welcome to also share concepts and ideas.

    Pitch away!

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  • Sr.Wario

    Positive Thoughts

    September 24, 2017 by Sr.Wario

    whoa. it's been a while, huh?

    so i know we have that blog where we critique our peers and that's cool and all, constructive criticism is good, but i figure it never hurts to have a positive balance for that shit.

    you can either post your positive thoughts on other users in a big chunk, or reply to their comment with your compliments. whatever works best for you.

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  • Sr.Wario

    i'm BACK

    July 16, 2017 by Sr.Wario

    i have returned from my vacation, it was a ton of fun. i fucked many butterbeers, and i was not disappointed. back to the soul crushing mundanity of real life, yay!

    in all seriousness, i am rather glad to be back here. i haven't been on much, so what have i missed? i hope nothing good, you guys'll have to catch me up in that case.

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