• Shadow Inferno

    So we've gotten a number of responses from the previous blog post and while I am still waiting on answers for a few questions to get a clearer picture we'll move onto some new questions now that some seem to be pretty well set by the community in what they want, these were the conclusions made from the last blog.

    • There is still not a consensus on whether to do One Region or Several
    • Pokeride will be the default for Field Moves
    • There will not be a New Category of Pokemon
    • The Type Matchups will be altered
    • There will be new Ultra Beasts/Aliens added
    • There will be new Regional Variants Added
    • There will be new Evolutions to Old Pokemon Added
    • Previous Villainous Teams will not return in any capacity
    • Previous Protagonists will return in some manner

    So with …

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  • Shadow Inferno

    Ok so the last couple of blogs I think some of the questions have been too broad so in this one I'm going to be asking specific questions that I think should be addressed and you guys respond with your ideas and this should help with solving some of the bigger issues from the last blog.

    Unlike the last blogs I'm not going to be posing my own answers for these questions.

    When you are answering these please either; copy and paste the question you're answering for each question or list the question number you're answering, do not list your answers in a numbered bullet points or in bullet points in general because they will not line up unless you have a very specific opinion.

    1. Should there be one region or several regions?
    2. If you answered One Regio…

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  • Shadow Inferno

    Right Pyro and I seem to have reached an interesting outcome for how to deal with the regions aspect, so I think we've devised a way to get through this issue with the number and size and all that jazz of the regions. Basically it works like this, this blog will be for the purpose of adopting areas as regions. Much like Character Adoptionfest you will need to make an argument to the area you would like to claim and how that region will be manifested.

    Now what do I mean, well I'm going to put down a simple template that should cover every major aspect of a region;

    • Region: (Please indicate on the map what provinces, states, etc. you'd like to claim under this region, either via text or via an image)
    • Region Name: (The Name of the Region)
    • Region D…

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  • Shadow Inferno

    So I didn't think we'd get so many comments for that second blog but here we are anyways we got 8 questions asked  so we'll tackle them in this blog as well as addressing some of the ideas from the previous blog.

    • I think with regards to the number of regions we've got a question in this blog that will help to answer that so I'm going to hold off on a strict answer for the time being, I think some people's ideas of where some regions might be located is interesting.
    • We seem to be in universal agreement that Pokedex Descriptions will be a sub-page
    • There have been a number of suggestions presented for the Starter Question, it would seem there is a sway towards having unique Type Triangles for the starters although we'll come back to this one for…

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  • Shadow Inferno

    Alright so we got some pretty solid feedback from the introductory blog, and I'd first like to thank everyone who commented, the questions were valuable to this first set of hurdles that we've given ourselves. This blog is going to outline those hurdles and ask the community how we might overcome them, there were two major questions asked from the previous blog as well as one I was asked on chat.

    1. How many Regions will there be
    2. Will this game have Pokedex Descriptions
    3. How will Starter Pokemon be handled

    I'll address each of these issues in separate sections and pose my own solution for them, please ensure that if you have a suggestion for how they can be handled you list it in the comments so I can add it to the responses as well.

    So to begin wi…

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