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  • I live in Anywhere
  • I was born on March 8
  • My occupation is Seek for better world and search for creativity.
  • I am Male
  • Samtendo09

    I was absent from the 22nd December to the 26th December, and now I have returned. Sorry about the blog being empty beforehand by the way.

    I also had drawn many things during my vacations, most of them being simpy Exa-tified villains.

    Anywho, Merry Christmas for my family, my friends here, and everybody else (except those who don't deserve it from me) in the world!

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  • Samtendo09

    Meta-Form, Cubey, Aingeru, Drake, Slanito, Kyu T., Guramina, Seafear and Exateno, as well as multiple Gear Games enemies, were sitting in the front seat on a large room, with a theatre in front of them, and a white screen is hanging from it. KiloBot was trying to make the cinema machine to work, but with no effect.

    KiloBot: *Annoyed* Come on, you stupid projector! Next time, I should buy some cables and a computer! *Click* Ah, there we go.

    (For sake of realism, I only posted my pages by the "supposed" release date instead of their release date based on the article itself.)

    Samtendo09: Hello dear viewers. If you are watching this, this is where I had recorded my whole experiences throughout the Fantendo company and how I had improved. First th…

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  • Samtendo09

    Inspired by the Hunger Games simulator, I will make a short scripted scenario of a semi-free-for-all (teaming up is allowed and victory will be shared if done well) fight, placed in a region with varied climates and environment. The last one (or last team) standing will be the winner, and in this world, not even the strongest gods are safe from getting knocked out of the battle royale by the weakest fighters. The only way to truly die in this world is by smashing or shooting the knocked out fighter, but this is not recommended.

    Most characters will be more neutral (at first) so it will not turn into a straight-up "Heroes vs Villains" war, with a few genuinely heroic and a few truly vicious competitors in there. Their positive and negative p…

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  • Samtendo09

    Super Mario: Turn of Events had been recently released. This is a "trailer" of this article.

    The story are gone through text dialogue. No voice acting.

    Twenty years ago, a sophisticated Toad called Sophistoad became very bitter with the fact that despite Mario's multiple intervension, Bowser had yet to gave up and Peach had been easily kidnapped since the last time. After the events of Super Mario 64, the conversation between them and Toadsworth is decidedly not quite friendly...

    Peach: But Sophistoad, you had to understand that I...

    Sophistoad: Your majesty, with all your respect, you had to realize the problem! As a landlord and one of your loyal advisor, I do not wanted the events between you and Bowser to continues!

    Peach: Well, here is the pr…

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  • Samtendo09

    Hello, everyone! This is Samtendo09, and today I will make the very first Gear Games Direct. This is to show up some of my better projects, as well as announcing new ones. Before we could start, I had made a simpler and less sluggish logo for the Gear Games company.

    Neat, doesn't it? Alright, let's move on for the Gear Games' Highlight.

    Super Mario Team-Mania

    Super Mario Team-Mania is where I started to gain progress. While only takes the exploration part from Super Mario Odyssey, it also introduces teamwork as vital part of the game, with the newly introduced Team Techniques. There are also Solo Technique for each and every playable characters.

    It put Slanito as his establishing moment; an ego-maniac who will do anything and everything to conq…

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