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  • Samtendo09

    My 23rd Birthday!

    March 8, 2018 by Samtendo09

    Today (8th March 2018) is my 23th birthday, and I will put it short; thank you all for being my close friends and appreciate my articles, characters and ideas in general

    This year is a good start for me, with Tempo's Funky Pack and Super Bunea Mayhem being my successful articles, with the EX Energy getting well-known by the community (well somewhat, but some users like Ath and Exo put them in one of their character so there's that).

    And I will not stop here! I did not get any physical gifts yet, but I already got some good surprises from some of you in Discord!

    If you any birthday gift, a simple art will be enough, then post them here, otherwise simply wish me happy birthday!

    Again, I thank you all for being my close friends!

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  • Samtendo09

    Ladies and gentleman. We apologize for not participating in the How the Grinch Stole the Holiday Showcase, but to make up for that, we will announce on single game that no one will expect. , we are giving a sudden return of a forgotten SEGA hero from the SEGA 32X console.

    Who? Well, we will show you the trailer and see if our reborn hero will finally get a shine in the limelight.

    The trailer had started to play, with a black screen, only a voice heard.

    ???: You know what time it is?

    A particular green grasshopper last seen in Boss Battles jump into the center.

    Tempo: Yo, homie! Pip dance!

    Tempo's girlfriend butterfly Katy and his two new friends, Goliath the beetle and Light the firefly, also jumps in, and the four dances for a short time before the …

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  • Samtendo09

    I was absent from the 22nd December to the 26th December, and now I have returned. Sorry about the blog being empty beforehand by the way.

    I also had drawn many things during my vacations, most of them being simpy Exa-tified villains.

    Anywho, Merry Christmas for my family, my friends here, and everybody else (except those who don't deserve it from me) in the world!

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  • Samtendo09

    Meta-Form, Cubey, Aingeru, Drake, Slanito, Kyu T., Guramina, Seafear and Exateno, as well as multiple Gear Games enemies, were sitting in the front seat on a large room, with a theatre in front of them, and a white screen is hanging from it. KiloBot was trying to make the cinema machine to work, but with no effect.

    KiloBot: *Annoyed* Come on, you stupid projector! Next time, I should buy some cables and a computer! *Click* Ah, there we go.

    (For sake of realism, I only posted my pages by the "supposed" release date instead of their release date based on the article itself.)

    Samtendo09: Hello dear viewers. If you are watching this, this is where I had recorded my whole experiences throughout the Fantendo company and how I had improved. First th…

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  • Samtendo09

    Inspired by the Hunger Games simulator, I will make a short scripted scenario of a semi-free-for-all (teaming up is allowed and victory will be shared if done well) fight, placed in a region with varied climates and environment. The last one (or last team) standing will be the winner, and in this world, not even the strongest gods are safe from getting knocked out of the battle royale by the weakest fighters. The only way to truly die in this world is by smashing or shooting the knocked out fighter, but this is not recommended.

    Most characters will be more neutral (at first) so it will not turn into a straight-up "Heroes vs Villains" war, with a few genuinely heroic and a few truly vicious competitors in there. Their positive and negative p…

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