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  • Samtendo09

    I know that I am doing a third one in this year, but I just want to draw more, I can't help it!

    Welcome to the third season of the Gear Games' Sketch Request. A bit of the same like in Season 2, but the 1st request rule is a bit different (though you can do like normal if you do not like it).

    • Each user can give me two requests each. You cannot use the same characters for both request, but you do not need to do both parts at once either.
      • 1st request is your character dressing as one of my characters. If you do not like the idea, you may do a normal request for one of your characters instead.
      • 2nd request is my one of my character dressing as one of your character.
      • If you cannot find them or didn't know them, this link to my characters category wi…
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  • Samtendo09

    (Sequel to my first sketch request blog.)

    I want some sketchin' again, and this time it will be slightly different.

    • Each user can request one normal request and one cosplay request. The cosplay request involve one of my characters cosplaying as one of yours. For who my characters will cosplay as, original and fan characters only, no joke characters allowed.
      • If you cannot find them or didn't know them, this link to my characters category will help you.
    • Because I wanted variation, I will also not let any of my characters be cosplayed more than three times. This means if Meta-Form is used for a cosplay by three different persons, then he cannot be selected again, so make sure you asked first!
    • I also take my time to make my sketches looks good, so I …
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  • Samtendo09

    Okay this is not as important as Smash Ultimate, but I have to post this since Nintendo is doing something I was wrongly skeptical; Super Mario Party, the upcoming Super Mario Party, returns the classic board gameplay for main mode for the first time ever!

    Check it out if you do not believe me.

    Oh, and Bowser is fully playable without restriction (i.e. Bowser Party only in MP10). Nobody would expect that!

    My first position about this? They bring back the classic gameplay and that's great. And with many old returning character (especially Diddy!) as well as some new ones (Goomba and Pom Pom), I would hope they would get some neat potentials than just bringing back the classics!

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  • Samtendo09

    Now we will start the drawing part! As usual, you have up to a minimum of one week to do so, and I would not recommend to delay from longer than two weeks.

    • Anyone from Fantendoverse - Cryptic Wars (Done, using Murder Gene)
      Flip (Done)
      Cornilius (Done)
      Blake Cooper (Done)
      Rocket Riley (Done)
      Empress Xzal (Done!)
      Yan Hazaki (Done)
      Versapex (Done)
      Nycho Invalidez (Done)
      Meena (Done)
      Rin Miu (Done)
      Hint Curator (Done)
      Dew (Done)

    While absolutely optional, you can take on one of the challenges (or more, even all of them if you are ready for everything). They are four challenges that you can take on you wanna pick before or during the Drawing part of the Art Swap.

    • Change the theme that the character you receive. For instance, if you receive a character who…

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  • Samtendo09

    Welcome to the third Fantendo Art Swap of 2018. Summer is here (or is going to be) at June, and we will welcome it with great pleasure!

    Simple as one, two, three, you sign up a character, and when we get enough participants, each participated user will have to draw one of the randomly given character within a few days (up to a week).

    But the sign-up rules here must be followed, otherwise you cannot participate.

    • You obviously must be capable of drawing in traditional or digital fashion and have at least a decent drawing skill. I will not allow anyone who never posted their own arts before (but decent 3D art is allowed, provided you did some before).
    • The character you will sign-in must be an original character (New Fantendoverse or standalone ori…

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