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aka Ricken

  • I live in the Netherlands
  • I was born on August 20
  • Qyzxf

    Ricko does sketch requests

    December 27, 2016 by Qyzxf

    Hello I decided I should do this for once. I wanted to do some requests for a while so go ahead and request stuffs, idk if I'll finish everything but I'll try. just make sure to link to a picture (or a page with a picture) or something like that

    It's one per person, also I'd prefer if you weren't like ‘anyone of my characters’ without specifying anyone.

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  • Qyzxf

    With the results of results of the previous community discussion, we can see that Sr.Wario will be demoted from his bureaucrat position soon. Therefore, we want to promote one of our current admins to the position of bureaucrat.

    While the position of crat does not add a whole lot to an admin's capabilities, it's still important to choose the person who's best fit for the job. To vote, you must simply say who you want to vote for, and give a short explanation why.

    Also, naturally the five admins running cannot vote. And with that, let's begin.

    • - 12
    • - 4
    • - 3
    • - 0

    last tallied: mikkay 

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  • Qyzxf

    well apparently a Nintendo Direct has been confirmed for the 1st of September, this thursday. It will primarily focus on 3DS games. Here's the times it will be at:

    • Europe - 15.00 / 3 PM for UTC (UK, Ireland, Portugal) 16.00 / 4 PM for CET (Western and Central Europe)
    • Americas - 10.00 / 10 AM for Eastern, 9.00 for Central, 8.00 for Mountain, 7.00 for Pacific

    So idk post what you expect I suppose.

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  • Qyzxf

    the birthday

    August 20, 2016 by Qyzxf

    today I become 17. :D

    if you comment I'm not gonna respond to everything individually because that would be spammy but yea

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  • Qyzxf


    June 21, 2016 by Qyzxf

    hey guys. I won't be here for about a week because our internet went down, so I can't really go on here. if we're lucky we can get it back in a few days but it'll prpbably be a lil longer. anyway just so you all know

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