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    January 28, 2018 by Pyrostar

    Since you guys are so great I figure I should show my appreciation to you all :3

    So yeah, just request a character and I'll do some art for em. The character doesn't necessarily need existing art, but having a physical description would help immensely. Only one request per user for now, though I'll probably make a round 2 eventually. Also, I'll only be taking requests for fan characters, because there's a lot of real characters i probably can't handle accurately.

    That said, please request some arts!

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    Tune in here on Facebook or at at 2 p.m. PT/ 5 p.m. ET to discover a new interactive experience for Nintendo Switch that’s specially crafted for kids and those who are kids-at-heart.

    Nintendo held a surprise Nintendo Direct Mini just last week, during which it revealed a bunch of new games for its Switch console. But the company isn't finished yet: it's now teasing something else for Switch, with a full reveal scheduled for just a few hours' time, on Wednesday, January 17 at 2 PM PT / 5 PM ET / 10 PM GMT (that's 9 AM AEST on January 18).

    "Tune in to discover a new interactive experience for Nintendo Switch that's specifically crafted for kids and those who are kids at heart," read a post on Nintendo's website. Nothing el…

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    Hi, everyone!

    Long ago, a user named  developed a community-collab Paper Mario project where every chapter was developed by a different user. Recently and I have been considering to do a similar game, where again, the content is developed by you, the users who sign up for the project.

    There are differences on how this version of the game is handled, however. Instead of users merely suggesting concepts down in this blog's comments, they will actively be writing the chapter that they sign up for, and users will build off of the previous chapter with twists and turns taken from the information that's already there. Muffin and I will personally work together on the game's opening, and will handle the mid-chapter interludes in order to tie thing…

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    Welcome one and all to the 2017 edition of the Fantendo Spooky Scary Showcase! I'm one of your hosts for this event, , and alongside my co-host , we aim to reveal the latest and greatest in video game technology!
    Sign-ups will run essentially until the 27th of October; the following day, the showcase will begin, running from the 28th until the 31st of October. Previews are definitely recommended as well, and they will be available for creation as soon as the page for them goes online.
    This will be the first time my co-host and I have ever hosted a showcase, so I'm really hoping things go well!
    Just sign on up if you're interested, and let's commence the fright! On we go!

    EDIT: Sign-ups have officially closed. Thank you for signing up!

    • - Pyr…

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    Where the biggest threat is not man, but beast...
    Only one beetle (and his trusty sidekick) are confident enough, brave enough, and most importantly, strong enough to save the day...
    IF he doesn't get sidetracked along the way!
    In this exciting debut novel by Zachary Yacobozzi, the world of insects has been brought to life in a way not seen before by the eyes of mankind!
    Fists will fly, blades will slice, maggots will writhe along the ground for no discernible reason, and superheroes battle supervillains in the most intense show of insect prowess ever captured in book form.
    No joking around here; these are The Completely True Adventures of Hercules Beetle and Electromaggot!

    I can't believe it's taken this long, but it's finally here! My first (a…

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