Yes, I know that I said my next episode would be tacking Stampede Breakfast and its related games, but I figured that I may as well try and get the hardest one out of the way as soon as possible. When it comes to my history with Super Smash Bros. games, I know that there's a HUGE elephant in the room, but we'll get to that when we get to that. For now, let's start from where my Smash games began.

My Super Smash Bros. games

Believe it or not, I lied to you all in saying Petey's Adventure was my first game. Well, in all honestly, I don't know weather my first Smash game or Petey's Adventure came first, as the former has been long since deleted. Really though, this is unimportant to the topic at hand, so let's ignore it for now. Like last time, I'll be going through the phases, only now I'll be taking each of my games per phase. So, let's begin.

Phase 1: Super Smash Bros. for Pyrohedron

Yeah, you read that right. This was probably my first game on here, and it was a collab with Pyrostar (tbc). Now, I can't actually link the article, as it has been long since deleted, but here, you will find a few comments that prove that this was indeed a thing. As it is deleted, I can't really say anything good or bad about this, though like last time I dug through some old Google Docs documents and found info regarding the roster and modes, so I will be using those as reference.


  • From what I remember, I handled adding in all the content to the page, while I tasked him with adding tables and templates and such. This was rather lazy on my end.
  • Really this came off as trying to mooch off of Super Smash Bros. Quantum, which was the game Pyro was working on at the time.
  • The roster was horrendous. An odd selection of characters is a theme we'll be seeing commonly throughout my Smash games, though some docs I found listed characters like Chester Cheetah, Unikitty, and something called "God Mario".

What I Did Right

  • There was an interesting concept with solo modes; all the ones available in previous games returned, even variations of existing modes (64 Classic, Melee Classic, etc.)

As you can imagine, this didn't really go through and was eventually abandoned. I would do another collab until Yoshi's Island Switch came along, which I'm making with Athena Hawkins (tbc). And now, it's time to tackle... the big one. And I don't mean that in a good way.

Phase 2: Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch

I've been dreading talking about this game for a long time, but we have to begin sometime. Of all my fuck ups, this was by far my biggest fuck up, reason being which we'll get to soon. This was my first Smash game I made after I returned from my hiatus, and I began making it around the time the Switch was announced in 2016. Like last time, this is also long-deleted, but some blogs I made, such as this and this, are proof that this happened. So...


  • Let's address the elephant in the room; the plagiarism. This blatantly copied Mirai Moon (tbc)'s Super Smash Bros. Switch, taking formatting, code, and even text describing gameplay from him. As such, this damaged my relationship with him for a long time, and is kinda the reason we had a rocky start. We're getting along better now, as shown on both of our talk pages, but I get the feeling we're still kinda jumping over the hurdle; this kinda thing was unforgivable and I'm surprised I wasn't banned on the spot (granted I got a warning but even so).
  • Furthermore, I stole alternate costumes from ZaneTheDragon, taking his alternate costumes for characters and passing them off as mine. Proof of this can be found here and here.
  • There was a lot of weird sexualized things in this game; Daisy for example was in her swimsuit from the Mario & Sonic series, and it'd tear and rip apart as she got damaged.

What I Did Right

  • I had an interesting roster with oddballs, such as Light Plane and Disc Dog from Wii Sports Resort.
  • Albeit stolen, the article looked nice and organized.
  • Though I only had a moveset for King K. Rool, Pichu, and Light Plane, they were all pretty fun and interesting characters.

Those of you who knew me back in 2016 probably remeber this, and saying I'm not proud of it is a pretty big understatement. Moving on though, what follows is probably my first really successful game, with:

Phase 3: Super Smash Bros. Crash

I know it, you know it, we all know it. This was undisputably my best article yet, and was my magnum opus and what lead me to making other great games like Super Mario and the Underworld Trials and Stampede Breakfast 2, both of which I'll get to later. So, let's see what happened:


  • The article was too big for me to handle, and as such was left unfinished.

What I Did Right

  • A great roster full of interesting characters and oddballs, including Light Plane, Birdo, Urban Champion, Cream, Magcargo, and Dry Bones.
  • The article itself is well-detailed, and by far my best article yet.
  • Though unfinished, the modes are really detailed.
  • amiibo costumes involving Fantendo characters, which lead to my constant drawings of Petey as Quetz and King Boo as Fera.
  • New Items and Assists that are unique in their own right.
  • Interesting gameplay elements such as customizable physics, Crash attacks, hyper attacks, and having the option to select between Smash Balls and a meter.
  • Alternate Costumes that have been described by others has "the best out of anyone here"

It's no secret that this was my first Sysop Approved article, and looking back it's easy to see why. It was an amazing article for its time, and will definitely be one of the best Smash games on the site. Maybe not as big as Super Smash Bros. Switch or Super 5mash Bros. 5, but it is definitely one for the record books.

Final Thoughts

Though Pyrohedrn failed and Nintendo Switch was by far the worst thing I ever made, Crash is more than enough to remedy them. Right now, for the showcase I'm making Super Smash Bros.: Poker's Cut. Will it be as good or better than Crash? We'll need to wait and see.

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