• Brockdilley

    well idk

    May 26, 2014 by Brockdilley

    sorry for being a JERK today i guess but really i always was i jerk wasnt i

    well i would say that i didnt mean the things i said but i mostly do, but i said a lot of things so whatever

    if you are elise or ye i just wasted your time yesterday on something stupid but you probably dont know about that yet so ill let it be

    anyways whatever. im making too many blogs now but i wanna say some things and everybody else has sort of made tons of blogs too so i guess ill join in

    what was i even trying to say i dont remember im mostly just typing this because i have nothing better to do with my time (although i also dont want to sleep... odd)

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  • Brockdilley

    the sysops hate em and its gonna happen soon

    just turn em off i say

    i like message walls, but... its a lost cause

    EDIT: apparently we shall keep them even though most people hate em

    im all for it but whatevs

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  • Brockdilley

    i dont quit?

    May 25, 2014 by Brockdilley

    you win this round pablo


    also i need to stay here because otherwise I wont get to participate in watching the wiki fall apart

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  • Brockdilley


    May 25, 2014 by Brockdilley

    probably for a long time. i may come back for a little if anything particularly stupid comes up, which is likely. of course, expect me back soonish, ill probably get bored *shrug*

    im still gonna be on irc and everything just not the wiki. not like i was even on here, atleast on this account. even on my other account i wasnt on here much so...

    whatever. also, i dare you to find out why im leaving. its pretty easy.

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  • Brockdilley

    a message to all

    March 15, 2014 by Brockdilley

    i once again look upon this wiki and think of taking my leave for an undecided period of time, and with another way to waste it available to me, that could be an easy turn of events. i will not do this.

    why would i leave? well, unlike the numerable amount of times before this, i choose to leave not to run from my own unjust actions, but from the the actions and Morales of those who compromise this "loving" community here.

    the process is simple. the newbies of the wiki sometimes mess up; that is understandable. maybe they make an overpowered character, or make a rather unjustified theory, or perhaps decide to go by a name considered egotistical by some but in reality is but an allusion to a well known movie series, but either way, they make a…

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