Hello everyone! LostSynth here! I apologize for my long absence but I have been having computer problems for the past month. My computer had experienced a problem a year ago which resulted in all of my data being erased. Like an idiot I never backed anything up which I started doing after that episode.

Well, one Friday night, my computer froze as I was using it and then crashed. I tried to boot it back up which no success but I did have some copies of my work, projects, writings, and important documents so really no sweat if I lost stuff. Well, upon booting up successfully, I found out that Windows was no longer booting up and every attempt to get my computer back up and running proved useless.

I did have a recovery disc I had made but, as I had moved earlier this summer, I must have misplaced or lost the CD during the move as I couldn't find it. So for about a month most of my internet use was through my phone and through my work computer which sadly blocks Wikia so I couldn't make any updates.

I was finally able to get a working version of Windows 8.1 to boot up though its very unreliable and, really, not the best solution but it's what I have at the moment. Therefore, I want to take this time and to make an update to Marvel vs Capcom 4: Unified by Destiny which the second round of Season 3 characters! In addition, I will be posting up information concerning Kingdom about the character Scarfin.

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Scarfin banner

Scarfin is the captain of a motely crew and one of the most feared pirate on the seas. Commanding an impressive arsenal of fleets, Scarfin searches for sunken treasure and blasted scrapheaps in order to bolster his fleet. His crews are composed of some of the most blood-thirsty yet loyal dredges of society and have an unwavering amount of fantascism for Scarfin. Scarfin hasn't alluded to what he intends to do if he claims Kingdom for himself but it's safe to bet that he will continue has he always have done: attacking, plundering, and setting sail for other shores.
Name Scarfin
Allegiance The Metallic Fleet
Alliance Carnivora Alliance
Age 45
Occupation Captain
Voice Actor

Stat Rating
Damage 8
Armor 6
Speed 5
Range 7
Jump 2
Difficulty 5
Scarfin is a powerful attacker with plenty of options in bringing the hurt to his enemies. He has a wide variety of attacks within his arsenal though he is best as a heavy hulking bersker that brings the battle to himself. Unlike General Tuskerr whose abilities center around created a fortified position and backing up his allies, Scafrfin's usefulness centers around entering into the battlefield and bringing the fighting to himself. He can take a lot of damage and has surprising speed and range for a character for his size.

Basic Attacks
Icon Name Description Cooldown (in sec.)
Anchorlauncher basicattack Lionsbane Scarfin takes his anchor and fires it. The projectile has blunt force damage that can stun opponent that it strikes. Opponents of higher damages can be launched. It can be upgraded to allow the player to hold down the trigger button which, instead of only dealing damage, it can also reel in the player to Scarfin like a fishing line. 0
Depthcharge secondaryattack Depthcharge Scarfin places a floating depthcharge of his own design which, upon contact, explodes with a concussive blast that knocks the opponent into the air. The attack doesl't deal much damage ebut has strong knockback potential. It can be upgraded by holding down the trigger button which allows Scarfin to take the depthcharge and release it as a punch; delivering concussive physical assault that slightly damages him as well. 4
Beast Skills
Icon Name Description Cooldown (in sec.)
Sharkattack beastskill Shark Attack Scarfin launches forward which can deal damage and splashes down into the ground. He travels forward will tearing up the stage which potentially can disrupt movement. He will then burst out dealing damage If he hits an obstacle like a wall or a ledge, he stops and finishes the attack as normal. 8
Salvage beastskill Salvage Defeating enemies helps increase the Beast Skill's effectiveness. When activated, Scarfin uses the "parts" that were left of the enemies he destroyed and uses to augment his own abilities: increase his attack and defense output but also decreasing his speed. He becomes very resistant to damage and takes significantly less – even when being hit by a Beast Breaker. 20
Devour beastskill Devour Scarfin opens his mouth and can devour anything – an ally, opponent, items, and even attacks. Each one has a significant effect:
  • Devouring heals Scarfin and provides a small boost but kills that ally
  • Devouring an enemy will not OHKO but deals heavy damage. He can carry the opponent for some time before spitting them out.
  • Devouring an item gives a small boost of health, a stat, or resistance.
  • Devouring an attack minmalizes the damage taken.
Beast Breaker
Icon Name Description
Aquasphere beastbreaker Aquasphere Scarfin erects a sphere made of water which will slowly home in and follow nearby opponents. Once it captures one, it will keep them inside. Once 30 seconds past, the sphere will explode with a violtale explosion that also damages nearby untrapped enemies.

Icon Modifier Description Requirement
Refresher modifier Refresher Any water-based attacks deal 10% less damage than usual. Default
Recycler modifier Recycler When on low health, Scarfin can convert his attack statpoints to his defense statpoints allowing him to guard better. Level 15
File:Berserker modifier.png Berserker Bieng attack simultensiously increases his attack output. Level 25
Beast Traits
Category Tier Level Name Description Point Requirement
Stats 1 High Seas Increase attack power by 10%. 195
Stats 1 Me Hearties Increase health by 10%. 195
Stats 1 Ironclad Increase defense by 10%. 195
Stats 2 Cannonball! Increase jump by 10%. 265
Stats 2 Starboard Increase range of attack by 10%. 265
Stats 3 Naval War Increase Range and Defense by 5% 355
Stats 3 Bombard Increase Health and Attack by 5% 355
Stats 3 All Hands on Deck Increase Speed and Jump by 5% 355
Stats 4 Flagship Increase Defense and Health by 15% but decrease Attack by 5% 485
Stats 4 Bloodrage Increase Speed and Attack by 15% but decrease Health by 5% 485
Stats 4 Crow's Nest Increase Range and Jump by 15% but decrease Speed by 5% 485
Stats 5 Increase defense by 15% when Scarfin is the last remaining. 575
Stats 5 Emergency Ritual Increase speed by 15% when Noturnis the team has only one more remaining. 575
Stats 5 Shark Week Increase attack by 15% after killing an opponent. 575
Stats 5 Red Tide Increase speed by 15% after killing an opponent. 575
Stats 6 Swig of Rum Increase health, range, and defense by 10%. 645
Stats 6 Eys on the Prize Increase speed, attack, and jump by 10%. 645
Stats 7 There be Booty Increase all stats by 5% 805
Basic Attacks 1 Come Over Here Hold down the Basic Attack Button to hook the opponent and bring them back to Scarfin. 195
Basic Attacks 1 Depthcharge Punch Hold down the secondary attack button to allow Scarfin to punch the opponent while holding a depth charge mine. 195
Basic Attacks 2 Heavy Anchor Deals less staggering but launches opponents further. However, it is slower and travels less further. 265
Basic Attacks 2 Heave HO! Using the trigger hold pulls the opponent back quicker but deals less damage. 265
Basic Attacks 3 Delayed Explosion Triggering the depth charge results in a larger yet delayed explosion by 5 seconds. 355
Basic Attacks 3 Momentum Strike The depth charge is capable of slightly pulling in opponents who are close prior to the explosion. 355
Basic Attacks 4 All-Out Fury Anchor Launcher and Depth Charge have 2% added to it. 485
Basic Attacks 4 Sudden Storm Both Anchor Launcher and Depth Charge get 2% more attack speed. 485
Basic Attacks 4 Strike from Afar152277 Both Anchor Launcher and Depth Charge has 2% more range. 485
Basic Attacks 5 Molten Anchor Anchor Launcher deals fire-elemental damage. 575
Basic Attacks 5 Lightning Rod Anchor Launcher deals lightning-elemental damage. 575
Basic Attacks 5 Stunning Anchor Anchor Launcher is capable of stunning the opponent for 2 more seconds. 575
Basic Attacks 5 Sea Breeze Depth Charge deals wind-elemental damage. 575
Basic Attacks 5 Northern Expedition Depth Charge deals ice-elemental damage. 575
Basic Attacks 5 Advanced Explosives Depth Charge deals 2% more damage and range. 575
Basic Attacks 6 Double the Load Anchor Launcher is capable of pulling up to 3 players at a time. 645
Basic Attacks 6 Double the Payload Scarfin can place one more Depth Charge instead of just one. 645
Basic Attacks 7 Ready for Action Anchor Launcher and Depth Charge have 20% increase to superarmor making it harder to stun them in mid-animation.. 805
Beast Skills 1 Tidal Wave Shark Attack has an increase of 2 seconds of duration. 195
Beast Skills 1 Auto-Salvage Salvage has an increase in 5 seconds of duration. 195
Beast Skills 1 Eternal Hunger Devour has an increase in 4 seconds of duration. 195
Beast Skills 2 Cooldown: Shark Attack Shark Attack cooldown goes down from 8 to 6 seconds. 265
Beast Skills 2 Cooldown: Salvage Salvage goes down from 20 to 18 seconds. 265
Beast Skills 2 Cooldown: Devour Devour goes down from 24 to 20 seconds. 265
Beast Skills 3 Beached! Scarfin jumps into the air prior to tunneling foeward which deals extra damage on the decent down. 355
Beast Skills 3 Chucked Earth Less range but the earth that was thrown up tunneling further reduces players movements while its active. 355
Beast Skills 3 Free Surf Deals less damage but with slightly more range and more control over his movements. 355
Beast Skills 4 Not a Chance Devour and Shark Attack has a 20% better chance of interuppting a Beast Skill. 485
Beast Skills 4 Iornclad Will Both Shark Attack, Salvage, and Devour has a 30% better chance of resisting being interrupted. 485
Beast Skills 5 Quality Repair It takes more from enemies but has less duration time with 3 seconds less than before. 575
Beast Skills 5 Quick Repair It can be used more often with more taken from enemies but less amount given to Scarfin. 575
Beast Skills 5 Dead Upon Arrival Having a surplus of material taken from enemies will result in 3% of it joining Scarfin upon reviving after being killed. 575
Beast Skills 6 Devour has a vacuum effect which can pull in opponents 645
Beast Skills 6 Lead Belly Scarfin can carry an enemy within his stomach for a longer time. 645
Beast Skills 6 Teeth Gnash Biting down can do area damage to those closely nearby. 645
Beast Skills 7 Lunkhead All Beast Skills increase in damage or effectiveness by 10%. 805
Beast Breaker 1 Ahoy! Attacking fills up the Breaker Gauge quicker. 195
Beast Breaker 1 Protect the Cargo Defending/blocking fills up the Breaker Gauge quicker. 195
Beast Breaker 1 Just Instinct Using Beast Skills fills up the Breaker Gauge quicker. 195
Beast Breaker 2 Relentless Bubble Aquasphere has 3% better tracking ability. 265
Beast Breaker 2 Pressurized Aquasphere Aquasphere deals 2% more damage. 265
Beast Breaker 2 Enhanced Aquabotics Aquasphere has 2 seconds more of duration. 265
Beast Breaker 3 Bring the Pain The Breaker Gauge depletes less when being damaged. 355
Beast Breaker 3 Taking a Rest#152277 The Breaker Gauge depletes less when not attacking. 355
Beast Breaker 4 Aquakill Killing more than two opponents while using the Aquasphere increases character attack by 8%. 485
Beast Breaker 4 Magical Glyph Capturing all opponents within the Aquasphere at the same time increases all squad members attack potential by 3%. 485
Beast Breaker 5 Hook, Line & Sinker Being killed will only remove 90% of the Breaker Gauge as opposed to 100%. 575
Beast Breaker 5 Painfully Fun Killing an opponent will increase the Breaker Guage more than before. 575
Beast Breaker 6 Bring Out the Booze First time the Aquasphere is activated results in an increase of 6 points of damage plus a 10% increase in radius damage. 645
Beast Breaker 6 Last One is a Charm Utilizing the Aquasphere in the final moments of the match results in an increase of 6 points of damage plus a 10% increase in radius damage. 645
Beast Breaker 6 Healing Howls Scarfin gains +3 health for every opponent that is killed with his Beast Breaker. 805
Character 1 Slam Pressing down on the control stick causes Svarfin to descend quickly to the ground while in the air. 195
Character 1 Blocking Push While blocking, pushing the run button causes Scarfin to press forward slowly while taking less damage. 195
Character 2 Crowd-control Scarfin has a natural ability to draw fire at him while he is moving. 265
Character 2 You have my Shield Blocking has 2% more damage resistance to nearby opponents. 265
Character 3 Golden Horde Scarfin receives a 5% increase in gold received after a match. 355
Character 3 Mechanical Points Scarfin receives a 5% increase in experience points received after a match. 355
Character 3 I OWN YOU! sCARFIN receives a 5% increase in Conquest Points received after a match. 355
Character 4 War & Havoc Saving an opponent by taking fire from other character results in more score points. 485
Character 4 Double the Death Killing more than two opponents at once time results in double kill points. 485
Character 4 Coming from the Pit Dying has 1/2 less impact on the match score than before. 485
Character 5 Plunder & Pillage Better chance of finding a rare shader/skin loot. 575
Character 5 Dead Men Tell No Tales Better chance of finding a rare voice quote loot. 575
Character 5 Illegally Acquired Better chance of finding a rare artwork loot. 575
Character 6 Metallic Fleet Conquest Winning a match has impact on theThe Metallic Fleet. 645
Character 6 Carnivora Alliance Conquest Winning a match has more impact on Carnivor Alliance. 645
Character 7 Grand Master Pirate 10% increase on received gold, experience points, and . 645

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