The nine mice let out multiple squeaks as they rushed out of a mouse hole located somewhere in RED’s base at 2Fort.

“Today is a very important day!” the Soldier shouted to his colleagues. “Today, we will defeat the enemy and claim their cheese as our own!” The Soldier, his helmet covering the top half of his face, had been the self-proclaimed leader of the group since they had all met, and despite the fact he seemed slightly crazy the other mice respected his authority. Or, that was what the Soldier thought. They were really too scared to challenge him after they saw him cut a BLU mouse’s head off with a shovel.

The group of nine mice let out a cheer, and rushed off towards the BLU base. The Scout quickly overtook the rest of the mice, and double-jumped enthusiastically as he sped towards the bridge. The rest of the team trailed behind him, with Pyro letting out an enthusiastic noise. Nobody had ever pointed out to Pyro that they couldn’t understand what he was saying underneath the mask. Upon seeing Pyro wearing the mask for the very first time, everybody else had laughed at his ridiculous appearance. Only Medic had defended him in pointing out without the mask, the Pyro could inhale dangerous gases from the flames it was his job to create.

Medic himself was focusing his healing on the Heavy, who was by far the strongest mouse on their team. Medic had a special gun which healed whoever he fired it upon, and Heavy was usually the recipient of this in battle. Whenever Medic was treating everybody’s wounds which they had sustained from the battle, Scout would be there. He was the youngest and most reckless on the team, which annoyed the team at some times, but they usually thought of him as their younger brother. Being as young and small as he was came with one advantage, however. He could run. Usually by the time Soldier had finished telling them what to do, Scout was already halfway there.

Demoman shot a sticky bomb out at his feet and exploded it; the force sent him flying above the rest of the team’s heads. His moment of glory ended when he failed to land on his feet and instead landed on his face. Medic quickly rushed to him and aimed his Medigun at him for a second to ensure he wasn’t majorly injured. Demoman was a major asset in any fight, as he could easily destroy the enemy’s contraptions which could be devastating to their team. The RED team themselves were not without any contraptions, however. Building them was the job of the Engineer.

Of the nine mice, seven of them arrived at the other bridge. One of the other mice, the Sniper, was still at the other side; he was a loner, rarely going with the team, instead staying behind to pick off enemies from a distance. The ninth mouse was the Spy. The rest of the team rarely saw him, and doubted he even helped at all. What he was good at, though, was disguising. He could disguise himself as anybody else, and most mice wouldn’t be able to tell he wasn’t the real one. The team knew that whenever he wasn’t with them, he was probably causing chaos for the enemies. And that was the way the RED team worked.

You know I spontaneously decided to write this the other day but I don't think I'll ever get around to continuing it so you guys can just read this prologue thing. There's not that much Transformice-y about it besides the fact that the people are mice but whatever. My idea was that the Engineer would have abilities like that of the Shaman, but I hadn't really planned much out or nothing. In fact this could easily be modified to be just a plain Team Fortress 2 fic.

But whatever. Btw it you don't get the name:

Team Fortress 2
Trans Formice 2


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