If you are in the UK, you may know about Freddo Frogs. Well, guess what? This is probably late news, but THEY HAVE RISEN TO 30P. What the hell happened? I remember when they were 15p, and before I was born, they used to be 2p. God, Cadbury are becoming greedy bastards.

Not to mention that Cadbury have also changed their design of the Dairy Milk bars. Whilst I don't mind the new shape, it makes the thing weight less, at the same price.

Not to mention I like to grab sharing bags of stuff (and I usually have the whole thing to myself, I know, I eat way too much chocolate). Back in 2012, Milk Way Stars sharing bags used to be 130g, now they are 100g.

Just imagine what it'll be like in the 2040s? Geez.

EDIT: No, Brexit is not to blame. Brexit is not the reason things are getting more expensive. It is just companies getting greedier. They say Brexit is the reason to fool with our minds. Also, if Brexit is to blame, how come the prices were increasing before 2015?

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