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  • Exotoro

    11 Years

    April 13, 2018 by Exotoro

    Happy anniversary, site! Wikia technically says it's the 14th, Plumber says it was a Friday the 13th, whos to say for sure?

    What a rush. 11 years, huh? Thats a long time for a fanon site, especially one about Nintendo fanon. Anyone have any fond memories about this place?

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  • Exotoro

    Everyone knows my scorn about Waluigi, it's not a secret. Hell, now people are trying to read into every Waluigi reference I make. So, here's a blog clearly outlining why I dislike Waluigi as a character and the phenomena around him.

    By the time Mario Tennis had rolled around, the Wario Land series had been going pretty strong. Wario Land 3 had launched in the same year that Mario Tennis had come out. Mario Tennis featured a pretty odd cast at the time, featuring Mario characters that really didn't have a ton of appearances at the time. For example, Princess Daisy, who had only really appeared in Super Mario Land and NES Open Tournament Golf, and Birdo, who was only really in the GOAT Super Mario Bros. 2 (the american version, no less) and Super …

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  • Exotoro

    Art Thief

    March 19, 2018 by Exotoro

    So some fucko named iamthemasterofinsane has been stealing my Super Mario edits (and this included stuff like Ojay). In addition to that, he's been stealing a bunch of other Fantendo people's Mario edits as well, including some of Computerboy's stuff.

    Unfortunately, deviantart has a very ineffective system for this thing.…

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  • Exotoro

    So apparently theres some decently credible rumors that the Pokemon series is going to be "rebooted" so to speak. Nobody seems to have any kind of solid idea as to what this means, but boy, there sure are some dumb ideas being put out there!

    So how about you gang, what are your ideas about what a Pokemon reboot could mean?

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  • Exotoro


    When I was originally concepting up 1BillionHeroes, one of the first things I wanted to do was allow users to submit characters- original designs and concepts- for the game. However, I wanted to develop the game a lot more before I did so, so that people could get a general idea of every hero I had concepted for the game. The first run of all the sketches and concepts I did are now on the page so now I want to open the game to receiving heroes designed by other people!

    What you need to do for these submissions is the following:

    • Name: Every hero needs a name.
    • Hero Number: Every hero has a number in the system, and this is a long string of numbers! There are 1000000000 heroes to assign a number to, so keep it within that vic…

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