Hello everyone, its Enigima here!!! So, yesterday was the big E3 Direct. The Direct where they announced games like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Mario Party. And they would've also have shown games like Metroid, Yoshi, Pikmin Animal Crossing or Super Mario Maker right? HA! Wrong. Yep, its one of those E3s. This E3 in my opinion was lowkey disappointing. I will explain my thoughts right now...


What makes this E3 disappointing is that they hardly shown anything we were expecting. I'm pretty sure we were all expecting at least a few new announcements like Pikmin or Animal Crossing, but instead, the only new announcement we got was Super Mario Party. Now, this game I'm surprisingly excited for seeing how they got rid of the stupid car mechanic and finally went back to the style of Mario Party 1-8. I loved that.

However even though that reveal was exciting, Smash was even exciting-er. Smash is probably one of the biggest E3 reveals of all time because RIDLEY IS IN SMASH! This reveal was so good to the point where Etika had a heart rate of 188 and almost had a heart attack because of this reveal. While Smash WAS exciting though, I felt they did kind of drag on with Smash quite a bit. An example of this were times when Sakurai talked about the character's animations. What they should've done with Smash was if Sakurai REALLY wanted to talk about the characters individually, he should've instead revealed Ridley, and then announce a Super Smash Bros.-focused Direct coming in the summer. That way, Nintendo could have tons of time to announce a lot of new games. However on a more positive note, I think Super Smash Bros. Ultimate looks downright AMAZING, and I just want that game so bad. And it was nice to see all the new looks, and this game is built with a NEW ENGINE. So, this game is no port or enhanced port, this is a from the ground up new game, which makes me even more excited for this game.

So, aside from Smash and Mario Party, we also had additional info on Pokemon Let's Go. I felt this was pretty pointless because it was basically Reggie showing us stuff we already knew about the game. I didn't really know what they would do for Pokemon Let's Go. That should've been the slot where they talk about something like Yoshi or announce Pikmin and Animal Crossing.

Now, let's talk about third parties. Well, we got official confirmation that Fortnite is indeed coming to Switch, even though I absolutely hate that game. The sad thing about this was that I feel their were more third parties announced in this E3 then games announced from Nintendo themselves. However, those third parties look amazing on Switch and I'll definitely pick up some third parties like Crash N-Sane Trilogy or Mega Man 11.

Fire Emblem was finally shown off and it looks decent. I don't really care for Fire Emblem that much as it is not really my type of game, but I'm happy for you Fire Emblem fans.

We also got some Xenoblade Chronicles DLC. I felt like we should've gotten some Mario Odyssey DLC instead since that game is actually in need of some DLC. I'm happy for people who have Xenoblade, but I'm not gonna get the game until later on.

Lastly, indies were talked about. I don't care for indies in the slightest. Their not really my types of games and their not really notorious for making that much sales. The only games that are exceptions are Minecraft and Shovel Knight. Any other indie game won't make a whole lot of sales for the Switch.

So, my final thoughts is that I think the problem was that I feel we were expecting WAYYY too much. I mean, I didn't expect Nintendo to reveal everything I wanted to see, but I mean c'mon, you could've at least revealed one or two games we were all expecting. Look at E3 2017, that is a good example of how to run a good E3 show. This E3, on the other hand, is a bad example. In conclusion, if you are someone that is hyped for Smash more then any other game coming this year like myself, then this E3 will probably be for you. However, if you don't really care for Smash, or any fighting games in general, then well you'll be sitting their for forty minutes because their was nothing other then that.

So, let me know how you thought of this year's E3. Let me know and I'll see ya'll later.