Emerald the Dark Wolf

aka Aiva "SeñorChica" Sweeney

  • I live in The land of Sinning
  • I was born on May 28
  • My occupation is Sinning
  • I am A Bucket of Sins
  • Emerald the Dark Wolf

    Ok guys, I'm gonna move accounts. I'm moving to OhNoItsAiva.

    R.I.P. Alex Ember Koopa 09/Emerald the Dark Wolf. January 3, 2015-April 15, 2016.

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  • Emerald the Dark Wolf

    Honestly, I don't feel like "myself" anymore, I mean how I was when I was younger (such as 11 or 12). I don't feel like the good guy anymore. I have become so addicted to Abel that he doesn't seem real to me anymore. The problem is I can't seem to stop liking him (its like a drug addict basically). I have ruined his life so much that I'm at the point I'm having suicidal thoughts. For once, I'm serious with suicide. I've been bullied so much at school, yet I literally did nothing. Everyone at my school are just dumbasses, idiots, whatever you can think of. Speaking of bully, I was bullied so badly, I became the biggest bully at my school now. At this rate of bullying, I feel genocidal. I'm sick of this stupid bullshit of what I'm going thro…

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  • Emerald the Dark Wolf

    An Update

    March 4, 2016 by Emerald the Dark Wolf

    Hi guys, remember my blog spam from last year? You guys remember my posts from Hell? But seriously, I want to talk about some stuff.

    Surprisingly enough, I am growing away from koopalings. I still like Lemmy and Ludwig though, and keeping my 7 koopalings because they are meant to be the anti side of me and some people I shouldn't talk about. I plan on drawing humans more...its ok so far. Onto Original Characters, I'm don't mean an OC of a koopa with dragon wings (ugh), I mean like actual dragons and more of the Foxkin characters(those bright af fox furries) into more of a feral form.

    Somehow I'm in Honor Roll, but I've been slacking lately. I fall asleep in class and I'm lazy at doing homework. I'll start focusing more next year as my GPA be…

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  • Emerald the Dark Wolf

    Yes, its 2016 now. 2015 was a "bit to crazy" on koopalings. Guess what now? More are expected to come O.O

    Go hide your families now. Why am I typing this?

    Srsly, last year was pretty "shitty" for me. Probably shitty for all of you guys too. 

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  • Emerald the Dark Wolf

    Well, I was expecting a stressful day because I had to be in a concert (I was forced to sing AND play an instrument today), but I didn't expect a Freak the Fuck out Day. Why you ask this? Well, I didn't get embarassed, I got my DeviantArt hacked and I can't get into it anymore HAHAH...wait, that's not funny.

    Sorry for spam journals ;P

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