Today I am announcing one of my biggest yet and interesting game aswell as beinng my pet project.

Ladies and Gentlememes I announce today on the PS4,3DS,Xbox One,PS3,PC and Steam aswell as The Wii U.

  • (Applause erupts and the title appears in a dark blue font.)
  • Sonic:Speed Demon will focus on sonic and friends taking a vacation on angel island that has crashed into the ocean recently along with neighbouring islands. One day as sonic takes a run on one of the islands,he discovers a mist shrouded tomb and enters finding a purple mask with energy surrounding it. Putting it on,He becomes his own worst nightmare.

  • (No,Not Sonic 06 or Unleashed luckily.)

  • Fighting a mysterious new dark spirit within him,sonic gains amazing powers such as psychic powers,teleportation,the ability to run at the speed of light and invisibility,The game will work as an action RPG Platformer,Let sonic revisit any previous level and let him take any super form he wants due to this new mask giving him the ability to instantly at will become any of his forms from previous games. Also the werehog and nighttime stages return.

  • New Levels will appear and classics from previous games return. Have a vote in comments for which levels from which eras you want in this,Classic and New bosses and characters that will charm you and become quite familiar appear too.

I will announce more in coming days.

  • (There's a spirit known as the speed demon inside the mask sonic found if anyone's wondering...)

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