Well, I finally finshed The California Chronicles. Sadly, I feel like it is awful and I could have done better, anyway so I can do better with the game series, I'm announcing a sequel to the first game.


The game will feature Dennis, Isaiah, The Mayor of Sacramento, and Dr. Destruction once again. There will be even more new characters, and I'm actually going to have power-ups for this game.


The game has a better story then the first. It starts out in Sacramento where the characters are celebrating Mardi Gras. Dr. Destruction comes in and ruins the party by launching his robots at the people of Sacramento. The residents make a run for it, and Dennis prepares for combat with the rouge scientist again. However, he unleashes his newest weapon: The Destuction Children. His ten children attack the friends, and Dr. Destruction walks up and knocks Dennis out cold. When he wakes up he finds himself in the Stone Age, and must find a way back home, and discover the disappearence of his friends.


The game is a 3D platformer, and you get to explore different periods of time. Problem is, I don't know what pieces of history I should use for the levels!

Can you suggest a historical level? Please tell me by my talk page, or in the comments below!

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