Before we get started, I'd like to apologize for this list; I know I said "Top 10" when you guys voted on my blog, but I couldn't think of much for this list. Looking back, there weren't many bosses I could put on this list. When I think of a bad boss, I think of it for one of three standards: extreme frustration, major disappointment, or just pointlessness. Luckily the candidates here meet one of these three categories.

There weren't many bosses in past games I've played to fall under that. This list even violates my rule of "one thing per series" because there is almost no bosses that I genuinely dislike. I always find something to like, even if it's a generally hated fight.

Number 3

Pointlessness is the focus of this candidate, as this midgame fight was quite a padding thing in the game that would have otherwise been excellent.


Number 3, Yakuza from Metroid Fusion.

I agree with KirbiMirior on this one, there was really no point to this boss aside from spanning a gap between the Scientist and Nettori (plant creature) and giving an excuse for Space Jump to be obtained.

It's a powerful boss that does tons of damage, has a hard-to-hit weak spot, and has absolutely no buildup. A couple other bosses didn't, but at least they weren't this unobligatory. No explanation, no buildup, and no other point of existence aside from impeding progress for the story's sake. That earns Yakuza third place.

Number 2

This list gives one example for each standard I have. Next up in this list is disappointment.


Number 2, Totem Kommo-o from Pokemon Sun & Moon.

This was my least favorite boss fight in this game, just from the major disappointment and lack of difficulty in this fight.

You fight it as part of a trial on the way to the Altar of Poni Island; it makes sense, sure, but THIS FIGHT IS TOO EASY!!! WAY too easy! I NEVER had trouble with this fight. SO many things wrong with this.

  1. This is the last Totem fight of the maingame. Totems are supposed to be very challenging. Totem Salazzle, Totem Lurantis and Totem Mimikyu are all examples of challenging Totem fights. A Totem Pokemon should never be this easy, no matter what fight it is.
  2. It's the Dragon-type Totem. Why am I bringing this up? Well, history in the series tells that the Dragon-type has a bunch of big powerful Pokemon worth training: Dragonite, Salamence, Altaria, Garchomp and even Hydreigon are tough contenders in this type, not even starting with Legendary Dragon-types. Fairy-types be damned, the Dragon-type is easily one of the toughest types out there. So logic dictates the Dragon-type totem would be a consistent fan's worst nightmare, but nope. Complete pushover. This shames the Dragon-type so much.
  3. Not only is it a Dragon-type Trial, the Totem is also the region's Pseudolegend. Which are famed for being the big bad Pokemon that's incredibly dangerous to fight in a battle. I don't need to say anything about Dragonite, Tyranitar, Salamence, Metagross (I headcanon that Metagross is also a pseudo-legend due to similar attributes, but that's just me), Garchomp, I could go on for hours. So not only a Dragon-type Totem, but a Pseudo-legend Totem. It should be tough. I may have used a Z-Move on it in my first encounter, but that really wasn't necessary with how weak this was.

You might think that I hate Kommo-o because of this, but I don't. Kommo-o's one of my favorite Dragon-types, mainly because of the scales making it look like a Steel-type, my favorite type. I love Kommo-o. But IF YOU'RE GOING TO MAKE A DRAGON-TYPE, PSEUDO-LEGEND POKEMON A TOTEM OF A TRIAL, MAKE HIM THE HARDEST ONE, NOT THE EASIEST. THAT'S JUST STUPID AND I SERIOUSLY HOPE IT GETS AMENDED. I mean, if it had been placed after Ultra Space and not before, it would probably have been much tougher, but seriously.

(sighs) Let's just move on from the disappointment, forgetting my rant.

Number 1

...I hate this next boss I'm listing. It's the most padding fight in any game I've ever played, and I dread it every playthrough of a game I do. It's one of the Item guardians in Metroid Prime 2, a game I otherwise really really like. Except for one other trolling aspect, but that's a different subject.

Boss powerbombguardian2

Number 1, the motherfucking Power Bomb Guardian from Metroid Prime 2.

This is the most padding fight in Prime 2. It's a darkling Sporb that absorbed the Power Bomb and the ultimate cheapass. You cannot directly harm it. It's invincible. The only way you can harm it is by climbing up the Spider Ball tracks on the side of the Undertemple and reaching a Morph Ball slot to bomb and shock him. Four times. Not only this, but he can toss Power Bombs that will knock you off the wall and force you to climb the Spider Ball tracks again, AND the Spider Ball tracks are layed out to where you need to freakin' Bomb Jump between tracks everywhere. And if you got stuck on piece of track close to a slot which the Guardian fires a Power Bomb right next to you, you're screwed.

I would be more fair to this fight if it weren't just downright padding. If you're gonna focus a fight on using the Spider Ball to beat it, then don't limit the tracks to a maze. Make like a gigantic stretch of track all the way around, so you get more maneuverability. And the worst part, you don't even get any satisfaction out of beating it. All you do to kill it is DROP A BRIDGE ON IT. Comical as that may sound, its incredible padding-ness makes it very unsatisfying all things considered.

You might think the Spider Guardian is worse, but that's a fight that at least succeeds at what it tries to be (a Morph Ball-centered fight done like a puzzle). I dunno what Retro was thinking with this fight. I dunno what they were trying to make it, and frankly, I hate it so much, and it's the dumbest fight of all time.

As you can guess, this is the fight that represents extreme annoyance.

So, that's it. My least favorite bosses. Tell me what yours are in the comments below, if you feel like letting of some steam.

My next list will be a full Top 10, though. It'll be my Top 10 Favorite Pokemon, so on a more positive note, that'll be a more positive topic for the next blog (and redundancy ends the blog, nice).

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to get out of this pool of negativity I call a blog. Too much negativity is painful for me.

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