So, I hated leaving my blog feed on a negative note with my last blog. So I decided to do this now, and add some more positivity to the blog feed.

To be fair, I'm not going to bog down the list with starters, Pseudo-Legends and Legends; I'm going to be including one of each to be fair but I'm saving the Legends for a later Top 5/10, so keep an eye out for that. I will be including an Ultra Beast, since I don't count them as Legends (for some of them, you catch more than one per save file, especially for the one I'm listing). I'll be sure to include at least one from each region so as to maintain balance.

Number 10

This Pokemon may be somewhat of a mess, but it's quite the useful mess.


Number 10, Tangrowth from Generation 4.

I'm one of the people who actually thinks very highly of this mess of vines. Tangrowth is the Pokemon I like the most of Gen 4's new evolutions. Why? Well, it makes an incredibly skippable and unusable Pokemon useful, it learns a plethora of good moves (the mighty Power Whip, Ancient Power, Sludge Bomb, Body Slam via transfer, Earthquake, I could go on), it has 4 good stats, one of which is improved via Assault Vest, and has a great hidden ability that shapes it up to be one of the best tanks in competitive.

Number 9

You guys are probably gonna get confused with this one.


Number 9, Glalie from Generation 3.

I know you guys probably find it weird that I like Glalie. My reasoning? It looks cool (pun unintended, but all the more welcome), it learns a nice plethora of moves, and is a perfect example of how a Mega Evolution can improve a previously useless Pokemon. With moves like Freeze-Dry, Explosion, Earthquake, Crunch, Shadow Ball and Gyro Ball at its disposal, it's got plenty of power for its Mega. Not my favorite Mega, but it's still pretty awesome. And cool.

Number 8

I did say I would include one Ultra Beast on here. And Here it is.


Number 8, Buzzwole from Generation 7.

The sole Ultra Beast on this list, and the sole one that I like (if Guzzlord was a little more useful, he'd be up there too), Buzzwole is excellent in competitive. You give it an Assault Vest, and you teach it moves like Leech Life, Power-Up Punch, Earthquake and Rock Slide. Nothing more than that, just call it a day as it kills whatever the opponent throws at you. Its biggest counters are Ribombee (Rock Slide), Gengar (Rock Slide again), and Toucannon (do I need to say it?).

But yeah, Buzzwole. Good Pokemon, my fave UB in design, usage and movepool.

Number 7

I decided that when I chose my starter for the list, I would choose one that isn't the majority's choice for their fave starter. I didn't go Charizard, or Greninja, or Decidueye, not even Serperior or Incineroar. What, you think I'm gonna say Emboar? Close, but not it.


Number 7, Infernape from Generation 4.

I don't think it's much of a secret that I love Infernape. It's got a good movepool that got better with its hidden ability (Thunder Punch gets its power upped), it's got an awesome design, and it can be equipped with any choice item and still be a good teammate (depending on Nature). I love it quite a bit, and it's my fave Pokemon of any starter generation. Not Charizard, not Greninja, not Decidueye, certainly not Emboar and not even Serperior, it's Infernape.

Yeah, definitely one of the better Fire/Fighting-types.

Number 6

I love this Pokemon, and that love goes as far back as the release of Pokemon Stadium.


Number 6, Kangaskhan from Generation 1.

This mama kangaroo Pokemon is one of my favorite Pokemon of the original generation; its signature move Dizzy Punch (signature back in the day) was one of the funniest animations in the Stadium games (right up there with Aerodactyl's Fly animation and Golbat's Hyper Beam animation), it was a straight-up physical attacker, and learned a lot of good physical moves, Dizzy Punch being my favorite. It's also good in recent singleplayer games as well, thanks to its Mega. Through ORAS, it can learn Power-up Punch, Drain Punch, Shadow Claw, and Aerial Ace. Do this moveset and nothing will stop you for the entire game. Except maybe Toxic.

Even without the Mega it can be good if it has Scrappy as an ability. You probably won't have access to the Mega on some occasions, so it's good for showing Ghost-types who's boss if you want.

Number 5

It'd be wrong if I didn't include at least one Pseudo-legend, though this one is actually one of my least favorite boss fights from the most recent pair.


Number 5, Kommo-o from Generation 7.

I LOVE THIS DRAGON. People call it the worst Pseudo-Legend yet, I say it's one of the best. Sure, it's not that useful competitively, but its design (an ancient warrior dragon covered in armored scales that act as both offense and defense) and movepool make me love it all the more. Seriously, not only does it get a signature move for itself (Clanging Scales, which has a side effect countered by another move it learns), it learns Sky Uppercut, Flash Cannon/Poison Jab (for dealing with its major weakness to Fairy), Rock Slide, Iron Defense, and others that are pretty good.

Yeah, Kommo-o, a Dragon that I like more than Dragonite. Who knew.

Number 4

Wouldn't be fair if I went the entire list without mentioning Generation 6 since it's my personal favorite Generation.


Number 4, Talonflame from Generation 6.

I like Talonflame. It's one of the three Pokemon I bred for my run of X (others being Aggron and Alakazam) just for the sake of ability. That's right. I competitively bred a Talonflame just for the ability Gale Wings on it; though it was neutered in Sun & Moon (thanks, Game Freak), Gale Wings gave priority to any Flying-type move. Meaning moves like Aerial Ace, Brave Bird and Roost all get priority. That's right. Priority healing move. Fun times. I miss my X run.

Number 3

I don't think it's widely known, but I know it's not a secret that my favorite type is Steel. I LOVE the Steel type. Tons of good Pokemon, great designs and concepts, and I loved it from the generation it was introduced (since my first game was Crystal).


Number 3, Steelix from Generation 2.

This thing is a defensive wall, and a DAMN good one at that. It learns a lot of good moves (Iron Tail, Rock Slide and Earthquake are my fave options), it's pretty viable, and I love its design.

Number 2

It'd be wrong if I didn't mention at least one Unovan-born Pokemon here, so I decided to mention it here. But it's definitely one I consider worth noting, being second place.


Number 2, Cubchoo from Generation 5.

Didn't think that his one would be here, did you? I didn't say that all the Pokemon on the list would be fully evolved.

I love first-stage bear Pokemon, I really do. They look CUTE, but although Teddiursa is one I want of a plush of, Cubchoo is a Pokemon I can relate to. Having allergies that clog up my nose on a regular basis, I can't tell you how often I can relate to Cubchoo, although my mucus was never that cartoony. It's also too cute and has a cute cry on top of it. I dunno how it uses since I've never gotten a game where I could use it, but it's cute enough to make the list, and that's enough for me.

Number 1

I loved this next Pokemon before its new form, I loved it then, and I'm super-glad it got good and beloved because of its new form.


Number 1, Muk from Generation 1/7 (though it was introduced in Generation 1, it got a good new form in Gen 7)


In all seriousness, Alolan Muk is an excellent Pokemon. In the maingame, it has a Poison/Dark-type, which means only one weakness: Ground, a type that's not very prevalent until Poni Island. It also has a lot of new physical moves, specifically Poison Fang (my favorite move for it, because Venom Drench), Bite and Crunch. It has two helpful maingame abilities: Gluttony (good for those of you who give it a Sitrus Berry) and Poison Touch (stacked with Poison Fang, you essentially have an 80% chance of poisoning the opponent. It's hidden ability, Power of Alchemy, is an incredibly helpful ability letting Alolan Muk copy any ability belonging to the past Pokemon. I'm not sure if it can copy a Mega's ability, but if so, that would be incredibly amazing. It can copy Huge Power to become even stronger, Clear Body to preserve boosts added by Acid Armor, Emergency Exit to make a daring escape, or Serene Grace to guarantee a poisoning from Poison Fang. It all depends on who you send out first, and that's why I love Alolan Muk. It can be anything depending on what you use.

I love it even more because in my playthroughs of Moon, I always use Alolan Muk. It's obtained very early, it's super helpful in the first four regular trials (Totem Lurantis, to name one). First run it had Gluttony, but the second two was Poison Touch. Anyways, Alolan Muk. If you haven't used one, I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend it.

And that wraps it up. My Top 10 Pokemon, guys.

Post your thoughts below, and while you're at it, why don't you tell your own Top 10?

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