Goat is sitting in his office, 2 robots are dragging in a large portal device, it is diamond-like in shape with gold and green colouring. One of the robots opens up a leaflet and reads it.


Robot: Says here you gotta hit it really hard.

Goat hops over his desk and walks over to the portal. He slams his fist hard onto the side of it causing the structure to make a sound akin to a church bell. Air begins to swirl in the center of the portal and it glows green. Goat excitedly runs back to his desk, hurdling over it and into the chair. He makes an effort to look casual.

The portal is now filled completely with green energy. It causes some paperwork to fly around the room. Eventually a figure jumps through, sliding across the floor and leaving a green fiery trail behind them. They stand up to full height wth their arms folded.





The Cleaner: ...Dang, is that you King Narzabald? I dont remember the castle being this furnished!

Goat: Uhhh, no. I'm Red Money the 3rd. I have some targets for you.

Goat takes out a pretty long piece of paper, The Cleaner reads over it.

The Cleaner: ...This is a lot of targets.

Goat: Trust me. I can pay for it.

The Cleaner yawns and leans on the table.

The Cleaner: So what universe is this anyway? 456-;? AA13?

Goat: I dunno. Didn't really know universes had names.

The Cleaner: You know any deities? that usually helps narrow it down.

Goat: The Fan, The Enemy aaand The Threat.

The Cleaner snaps her fingers

The Cleaner: ah! 7u86! Alrighty then! I haven't been here since that whole Clockworx fiasco. Good thing that cleared up!

Goat: Clock...worx?

The Cleaner: Long story. Anyway I better get started on these jobs!

The Cleaner quickly signs the contract and sprints out the door, running down the stairs to go kill people.

Goat: Well. I didn't expect that from one of the best assassins.


This was a trailer for Fantendo Smash Bros. Over Heaven (and by extension Scattered Panes)

I'm also gonna announce sign-ups for this game, kinda.

They wont appear in the story except maybe as a small cameo or a namedrop and the more major players that cant feasibly appear at all will be DLC but I'll also be doing side stories of varying levels of canonicity.

I also may do Neotendoverse versions of signed up characters presuming they dont already have one.