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  • Arend

    Off to France tomorrow

    August 4, 2017 by Arend

    That means at least ten days without a proper computer, using this iPad instead.

    So yeah.

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  • Arend

    The full game's been leaked already and the game comes out in 4-9 days but what the heck

    (press source)

    The trailer officially reveals the Z-Moves for Decidueye, Incineroar and Primarina, being Sinister Arrow Raid, Malicious Moonsault and Oceanic Operetta, respectively. It also officially reveals Alolan Diglett and Alolan Dugtrio, typed Ground/Steel for some reason.

    It also reveals the cable Ultra Beast, UB-03 Lighting and the crab-like one, UB-05 Glutton. the press site also shows art for a mysterious Pokémon which is, according to leaks, the last Ultra Beast.

    The last part of the trailer reminds you that you can pick up Ash-Greninja via the Demo, Munchlax with Snorlium Z via Mystery Gift and Magearna via QR code, before showing you some other stuff th…

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  • Arend

    More sketches

    November 6, 2016 by Arend

    This time it's a triad of black-haired 5th grade girls that usually wear colors reminiscent of magenta.

    No that's not a stretch!

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  • Arend


    October 31, 2016 by Arend

    Happy halloween and some stuff. Here's some things I drew:

    • Mimikyu and Phantump
    • a shy Boo
    • Doofenzombie
    • Wander being spooped
    • Trixie being bonkers
    • Sans being Ness (it's just a costume don't worry)
    • Marie as her preferred type of ghoul
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  • Arend

    Hey I've finally drawn something for the first time in 800 years (not really).

    Just a bunch of gals (and guys) that aren't afraid of admitting they like both Skull Squisher and Kissy Kissy Goo Goo, and would build Rain-inators to catch up on their Spanish soap operas rather than watching a soccer match. Definitely doesn't include a buck-toothed boy that turned himself female via fairy godparents.

    or massive shippers with triangle/rhombus-shaped hair for that matter

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