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    Fandom Why

    July 11, 2018 by .lennongrad

    anyone else have that ugly terrible new blue header for fandom. white went well with basically every possible set of colours and now theyve made it some turqoise colour that only matches with specific groups of colours. why?

    also i think it used to do it but now theyve managed to change it back to where i have to click aa button to make the search bar appear which is bothersome

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  • .lennongrad

    Bethesda E3

    • Reveals Rage 2
    • Prey DLC
    • Quake Champions is free for now
    • DOOM ETERNAL. Gameplay will be shown in August
    • New Wolfenstein game, Youngbloods, in the 80s starring the protagonist's twin daughters.

    Todd Howard comes on stage...

    • Reveals Skyrim Very Special Edition for Alexa
    • Reveals Fallout 76 (again), an online Fallout game where you can play with a couple dozen people in survival style. Building returns from 4, but this time you can move the buildings and you have to defend against other players. Can be played solo as well
    • Fallout Shelter for Switch
    • Reveal Elder Scrolls Blades, a mobile game in the Elder Scrolls series that is quite faithful. Swipe to attack, otherwise, it seems quite similar to a real TES game. Coming to Switch and phones. Yo…
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  • .lennongrad

    Since Smash Bros. Everyone is pretty much dead, I decided to make a new community Smash game, hopefully that is better controlled so that less "troll" submissions get in. Ideally, everyone should be free to add the characters they actually want, rather than ones just to annoy people. You should come to edit it at Super Smash Bros. Community

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    Redone Movesets

    May 27, 2018 by .lennongrad

    The inclusion of Link's Breath of the Wild design in the Smash Bros. Switch trailer left a lot of people wondering if Link's moveset would be updated to include new moves based on the wildly popular and most recent game in the series, while others have speculated upon Mario's moveset receiving an upgrade to accommodate Cappy. If either of these two could happen, then other characters could receive this treatment as well.

    In the comments, post the name of a character you want to be updated. Then, reply to another comment with a new moveset for the character they listed. You can list only their specials, or go into more detail, and you can get as wild as you want.

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    September 27, 2017 by .lennongrad

    effective immediately

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