there are a surprisingly amount of good smash movesets that are barely noticed or criticized, so insted of reviewing games i want to take the time to review people's smash movesets and so here are the rules i guess...

  • The character either has to be a newcomer or a veteran who has been changed enough to review the changes
  • The moveset must be complete with the exception of taunts animations and athstetics, i will however review the following if a page has any.
    • The moveset can be just specail attacks as well, those must be finished however

and heres the review critera...

  • I wont count my opinion on the character itself, so ill happily review a Krystal moveset or K Rool one without my opinion on thier inclusion, only the moveset matters.
  • Attributes to see weather or not thier a unique character
  • How creative their moveset is and what makes them diffrent from other characters.


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