Nintendo's main star returns to smash in.

Useless Thing
Universe Mario Bros. universe
Smash Appearances
All Smash games
Official Debut Donkey Kong (1981)
Availability Start


KNB: Knockback

DMG: Damage

STS: Start Speed

ENS: End Speed

RNG: Range

EFF: Effect

Normal Attacks

Normal Attack: 64 Combo- Mario punches 2 times and does a kick.

KNB:Low DMG:9 STS:Fast ENS:Fast RNG:Low EFF:None

Forward Tilt: Plumper Kick- Mario performs a kick forward.

KNB:Low DMG:8 STS:Fast ENS:Fast RNG:Low EFF:None

Upward Tilt: Mario Uppercut- Mario does an uppercut.

KNB:Low DMG:6 STS:Fast ENS:Fast RNG:Low EFF:None

Downward Tilt: Crouch Kick- Mario performs a sweep with his legs.

KNB:Low DMG:6 STS:Fast ENS:Fast RNG:Low EFF:None

Dash Attack: Baseball Slide- Mario baseball slides into opponents.

KNB:Med DMG:9 STS:Fast ENS:Med RNG:None EFF:None

Smash Attacks

Forward: Fire Palm- Mario extends his arm out, causes the opponent to catch on fire.

KNB:High DMG:15(no charge or NC)-25(complete charge or CC) STS:Med ENS:Slow RNG:Low EFF: Fire

Upward: Headbutt- Mario extends his head out and smash opponents upwards.

KNB:High DMG:15(NC)-20(CC) STS:Fast ENS:Med RNG:Low EFF:None

Downward: Breakdance Sweep- Mario spins around in a breakdance like motion, hitting opponents on both sides.

KNB:Med-High DMG:11(NC)-15(CC) STS:Fast ENS:Med RNG:Low

Aerial Attacks

Neutral: Simple Kick- Mario extends one leg out.

KNB:Low DMG:8 STS:Fast ENS:Med-Fast RNG:Low EFF:None

Upward: Foot Kick- Mario flips upward.

KNB:Low DMG:8 STS:Fast ENS:Fast RNG:Low EFF:None

Forward: Fist Punch- Mario punches downward, has the ability to spike.

KNB:High DMG:12 STS:Med ENS:Slow RNG:Low EFF:None

Backward: Backward Kick- Mario kick back with both legs.

KNB:Low DMG:10 STS:Fast ENS:Fast RNG:Low EFF:None

Downward: NEW! Fast Fall Kick- Mario does a kick and his fall get faster.

KNB:Medium DMG:11 STS:Fast ENS:Fast RNG:Med-Low EFF: None

Grabs and throw

Pummel: Headbutt Pummel- Mario does 3 headbutts to the opponent.

DMG:6 STS:Fast EFF:None

Upward: UpThrow- Mario throws the opponent upwards.

KNB:Med DMG:6 EFF:None

Forward: 1xSpin Throw- Mario spins 1 time holding the opponent and throws him/her.

KNB:Med DMG:9 EFF:None

Backward: 4xSpins Throw- Mario spins 4 times holding the opponent and throws him/her.

KNB:High DMG:12 EFF:None

Downward: DownThrow- Mario throws the opponent downwards.

KNB:High DMG:5 EFF:None

Other Attacks

Get-Up Edge Attack: Edge- Mario kicks forward with both legs.

KNB:Low DMG:8 RNG:Low ENS:Med EFF:None

Wake-Up Attack: Double Crouch Kick- Mario performs 2 sweeps with his legs.

KNB:Low DMG:8 RNG:Low ENS:Med EFF:None

Special Attacks

Special Moves 1

Neutral: Fireball- Mario throws a fireball.

Forward: Cape- Mario swings his cape.

Upward: Super Jump Punch- Mario does a jump with a punch.

Downward: Mario Tornado- Mario does a spin.

Special 1 Custom 1

Neutral: Fast Fireball- Mario throws a faster but weaker fireball.

Forward: Gust Cape- Mario's cape now does more knockback.

Upward: Super Jump- Mario does a no-damage jump.

Downward: Long Tornado- Mario does a longer but weaker tornado.

Special 1 Custom 2

Neutral: Fire Orb- A giant, strong, low, short-range fireball.

Forward: Shocking Cape- Mario's cape now destroys projectiles. Also it has got a thunder power.

Upward: Explosive Punch- Mario jumps lower, but the attack is stronger.

Downward: One Spin Tornado- Mario spins just one time, but it is stronger and does a lot of knockback.

Special Moves 2

Neutral: Thunderball- Mario throws a ball of lightnings.

Forward: Hammer- Mario swings his hammer.

Upward: Cape Float- Mario uses his cape to float in the air for some time.

Downward: Ground Pound- Mario uses a ground pound.

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