That little whatever-he-is... I'm proud of being who I am and I don't need a doppleganger!
Tattle in Paper 3.14

Ur Partna is a trickster that can be fought as an optional boss in Paper 3.14. His exact species is unknown, due to the fact that every time you see him he has morphed into a different species. He has the ability to morph into any of 3.14's partners and use their powers in battle.


His power is to transform into different forms, and in battle he transforms into all of 3.14's partners. That is why many players of the game send Popcorn out for the battle, as Ur Partna will continuously use Tattle. He can also transform into other forms besides 3.14's partners, as every time you see him he is a different species and you must discover who he is before you can fight him.


  • His name is a pun on "Your Partner" and the way he transforms into them during the battle
  • Because of his morphing powers, he could very well be a Duplighost (Doopliss' species)

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