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Upon Us is a interactive horror adventure game developed by TE Studios and published by Fantendo. This game is about six teenagers who find themselves in a weird situation in their neighborhood where its all foggy and empty and there's no one in sight and they have to defend themselves from monsters that have been created from their Imaginations. This is Thektdude (tbc)'s first original game. This was released in November 2016 for The V², Blizzard X, Pacifico, Thermo Z, Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC and Steam and then released on March 3rd 2017 for the Nintendo Switch as a Launch Title. This game is part of the New Fantendoverse.

Upon Us
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November 11th 2016

March 3rd 2017 for Nintendo Switch

1 Player Mode
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The Gameplay is similar to The Last of Us and Until Dawn, with objectives and character changing.


Kieron wakes up from a horrible nightmare that he had about being attacked by a bunch of monsters in a dark foggy surrounding. Kieron gets up and gets ready for school. He says goodbye to his parents once he has everything and then goes out the door. He catches the school bus and sits alone, while secretly listening to other peoples conversations.

He arrives at school and walks in and sees many people as he walks through the hallway to his class. He arrives in class and sits down at his desk. He watches as his friend, Chloe comes in and sits next to Kieron. She talks to Kieron about the homework that they had to hand in today and then Adam comes in. He waves at Kieron and then sits behind him on another desk. Adam asks if there was any homework for today and Kieron replies with a "Yeah" to him and he says, "Ah good." And gets his homework out. Then the teacher comes in and begins class.

Pete comes in late, and apologises to the teacher and gets in his seat. He looks at chloe and winks at her and then gives a thumbs up to Kieron, which Kieron nods his head.

While the teacher is teaching the class, Kieron notices that the room begins to get slightly chilly and he looks around to see the room change colour into a grey setting. Everyone else is still looking front ahead, while it gets colder and colder. The window suddenly opens and wind comes in like a massive rock and paper blows around the classroom. Kieron notices all of this happening and looks around, while everyone else is still looking ahead. Then Kieron sees two pair of eyes staring at him from outside, then as it jumps into the classroom, Kieron blinks and the monster is gone and the windows are closed and he can hear the teacher again and the grey colour setting is gone.

After class is over, Kieron, Chloe and Pete walk through the hallway to the Lunch Hall. While they queue for lunch, Pete points at a person in the distance, wearing a hoodie and sitting by themselves and explains how that guy is the person to talk to if you want any of the "Good Stuff". When they get their food, Pete puts his arm out and says, "I'll pay for these two as well." Kieron and Chloe look at each other in surprise and then take their lunches and sit on a table.

Chloe and Pete talk about certain subjects while Kieron looks into the distance and sees the hooded figure look up and stares at Kieron. He then gets up, and Kieron sees a bag that he can see its drugs and watches the figure quickly leave the room. Chloe then taps Kieron on the shoulder and Kieron turns his head to Chloe and Pete. Chloe then asks him if he wants to stay at her house for the weekend with Pete and Kieron declines the offer and says he has to get back to class.

Chloe goes, "Oh ok then." Kieron gets up and walks out of the Lunch Hall. He bumps into Adam and asks how he's doing and Kieron says he's fine and Adam tells him that school is finishing early and says he's going to head home, and asks Kieron if he wants to go with him and Kieron says "Yeah sure." They both walk out of the school and start heading home. As they walk home, Kieron explains how he's been having those nightmares again recently and Adam tells him that it happens to everyone and theres nothing to worry about. They continue walking and Kieron asks Adam a question, "What do you do if you, "Like Like" Someone?" Adam looks at him and then says, "Kieron, you and Chloe have been good friends for a long time now, Its your choice if you want to tell her your feelings for her, not mine and I would be the last person you would ask about relationships and stuff." Kieron replies, "I'm not sure yet, soon hopefully."

As they walk towards Kieron's house, Adam says he will see him tomorrow and waves as he walks further into the street. As Kieron walks towards to the front door, he turns quickly and sees a quick shadow going past a house. Kieron shrugs and lets himself in. He cooks himself some Dinner and talks to his parents about school, politics, etc. After he finishes, he gets up and walks to his bedroom. He checks his phone and sees its 10:43pm. Kieron becomes tired and falls onto his bed and drifts into sleep.

Kieron is back in the same nightmare. He sees the monsters from his imagination attacking Pete and Chloe. They all turn at Kieron and begin to chase him. Kieron sprints as fast as he can. He looks back and sees the monsters catching up quick. As they get closer, Kieron suddenly turns and uses screams as he puts his hands out and a white light appears in his hands and the everything goes white.

Kieron opens his eyes, and he is back in bed. He gets up out of bed and stands. He walks downstairs and sees that no one is in sight anywhere down. He then goes to his parents bedroom to see that no one is in the room. He looks around in the entire house to see that the entire house is empty. He walks back to the kitchen, and grabs out some cereal. While he eats, he looks out the window to see that its all misty and grey, and also foggy outside.

He goes back to this thoughts while he eats, and then gets up. He quickly gets changed into a T-Shirt, Jeans and a jacket, and gets his shoes on. He goes outside and notices the weather is a not windy at all, but the sounds of wind can be heard. He also notices that its slightly warm outside. He walks down the street, looking around as he walks and notices the quiet setting and how theres no sign of movement anywhere.

He reaches to Adam's house, and sees its all old and shanty. He walks inside and sees its all dark and quiet. He explores the house and notices how the rooms were all dusty. He looks around the house and finds it is empty. Then he hears a noise coming from the attic. He goes up, and sees that Adam is in a corner, scared. He runs to Adam, and before he could a black form appears between them, making Kieron stop.

The black form then turns into a hairy figure, then into a big monster. Kieron jumps back, and the monster turns his head. The monster runs at Kieron and time freezes. Kieron looks down and sees a weapon and picks it up. Then time comes back and monster runs at Kieron and Kieron uses the weapon and hits the monster.

The monster falls to the ground with a yelp and magically disappears. Kieron then runs to Adam and asks if he's okay and Adam says he's fine and then question what that thing was. They get out of the house and begin walking on the road. They notice that no body is in sight, even when they reached town centre. There were cars in the middle of the road and a bike. They looked in the cars, and found supplies.

They found food and some drinks, but also weapons like a baseball bat, a knife and a Pistol. They also found backpacks. They headed around a corner of a building and bumped right into Chloe and Pete. They all jump in shock, and then Chloe hugs Kieron, asking if he's ok; with Kieron saying he's fine and asks if she and Pete are ok with Chloe saying their ok, with Pete asking Kieron if he has seen anybody around and he says he hasn't. Pete thinks how weird and strange it is that there is nobody or any sign of movement anywhere.

They look around and see a Supermarket so they head to it. They enter the Supermarket and see that its normal with all the snacks and drinks and things it would have in a ordinary shop. They split up and look around the shop and grab what they need. As they were grabbing supplies, Chloe looked in one of the freezer doors and shivers to herself when she remembers being young and being scared of them. Then an eye inside the freezer blinked back at her and she screamed and fell back. The freezer doors broke and a monster began to take form.

Kieron, Pete and Adam run to see the monster form a clown like face, with doors as arms and legs and the torso. It begins to swing his arms and smash the shelfs, causing everything to fall onto Chloe, while the Monster laughs. Pete grabs the bat from Kieron's hand and proceeds to attack. The monster swings his arm again and hits Pete, causing him to fly far to the side of the store. Kieron and Adam look at each other, then spilt up to attack the monster. Adam runs at the monster, and tries to attack him, while Kieron runs from behind and stabs the monster. The monster screams, and picks up Kieron and looks at him, before throwing him to where Chloe is.

Kieron gets up, along with Chloe and Pete runs back to where they are and they watch as Adam gets kicked by the Monster and flys to the side of the store, and stays on the ground. The Monster then turns and looks at the three people. Kieron sees a gun on the ground and picks it up and gives it to Chloe. They proceed to attack the monster, with dodging the monster's attacks. As the monster begins to lose his power and strength, Chloe sprints at the monster, and aims up and shoots his head, with the monster immediately falling back on the ground, and then magically disappearing, leaving a massive hole, leading to a staff room.

Kieron and Pete look at each other in shock, and then Kieron goes to Adam, asking if he's ok and not badly hurt. Adam gets up and says he's fine with saying "I was tired, so i had a short nap while you dealt with that, thing." Kieron and Adam run back to Chloe and Pete. Pete asks, "What the Hell was that thing?" They all at Chloe, who has her head down and then says, "That was.... Something I used to be scared of when I was little. I'll explain it later." Pete then notices a pair of keys, Car keys. He runs and grabs them, and then tells everyone to come with him.

They head outside and look around, and pete presses the unlock button and a car just a few meters away from them flashes yellow lights and they get in. Pete starts up the car, and drives. They drive around town, and notice the creepy setting of everything is still, with no movement or anyone in sight. They stop at Pete's house, get out of the car and head inside.

They all sit around a table, while Pete grabs some matches and lights some candles, with Adam closing the curtains. They both sit down and then Chloe explains her imagination and nightmares and what that thing was. After she explains, Kieron goes back to this thoughts and thinks an explanation for all of this. He then speaks up and says, "Do you think, that we are in a parallel universe of our world, but with where our darkest imaginations come to life and run wild?" They all look at Kieron with a questioned expression, then Adam replies "I don't know, but its best if we all try and find out what is happening." Pete then says, "We can't really stay here until this whole thing blows over, lets make a move."

They all get up, apart from Chloe which then Pete walks up to her and says, "Hey, it will be ok. Things will return to normal soon, hopefully." Then Chloe gets up, and they all head out. As Pete heads out last, he hears a groan and turns round to see nothing. He shrugs and heads out, closing the door behind him.


Before Kieron gets into the car, Adam gives him a Flashlight, with Kieron saying, "Thanks." They all get into the car, and Pete begins to drive. They drive round for a bit, looking for a place where they could find someone. As they keep driving, Pete asks Kieron if homework is a worry, and Kieron says, "Well, as of Right now with nobody or movement in sight, no." Adam begins to feel a headache come onto him and Kieron asks if he's ok, then Adam looks up and shouts, "Watch out!" Kieron looks quickly and sees a black hairy figure like the one he saw earlier and shouts, "Holy Sh-" before the car turns sharply and stops. Everybody is shaken in the car as they look at the monster begin to shake as many little hairy bats come out of him, then Chloe shouts, "Drive!"

Pete pushes his foot on the gas pedal and turns back round to drive away. The hairy bats begin to chase the car, with the monster grabbing out a top hat inside of him and begins to walk. Pete speeds the car for a bit, turning corners and sharp turns. Chloe and Adam look behind to see the hairy bats catching up. They head past through some trees and then a bump hits on the top of the car. Chloe says, "What was that?" Adam and Chloe watch as the hairy bats begin to fall as they get hit with beer bottles. Pete stops the car, and a figure rolls over the front window and falls onto the ground.

They all get out, and run to the figure. The hooded figure gets up and asks, "Why did you do that?" The figure turns to be the person who was staring at Kieron the day before and before Kieron asks, The figure says, "The name's Dave, but we don't have much time to talk right now as we have those guys to deal with." They all turn to see the bats then gather up as the hairy figure with a top hat on stops and the bats fly around and back inside him. Then he begins to grow very tall. Then his eyes flashed blue. Adam then says, "Get in the car." Before they could get to the car, they were stopped by the monsters feet as it crushes the car with it. Then Adam says, "Okay, Plan B. Run." And they started running.

They run through the neighbourhood, and Kieron looks behind and sees the tall monster walking, but catching up to them pretty quickly. The monster stepped over the people and turned around, that caused them to stop. They fight the monster, with Kieron using the Knife, Pete using the Baseball Bat, Chloe using a Pistol and Dave using empty broken bottles. They attack the monster in turns, sometimes together and dodge the monsters attacks. The tall monster begins to slightly move back, and begins to swing his arms into the ground and the ground begins to shake. Then Dave sees his chance and grabs a match and lights up a bottle on fire and throws it at the monster's hand and the hand goes on fire.

The monster shrieks and Kieron runs at the creature and stabs the knife right into it and the monster falls forward, with Kieron jumping out the way. The monster hits the ground, and makes the ground shake again. Then, like before; the monster disappears. They all look at each other and Dave then says, "I guess that was his fear." and points at Adam. Adam nods. Dave then says, "Come on, I might as well explain on the way to my place." and they all begin to follow Dave.

As they follow Dave, Dave explains about those "things" their seeing that he explains it's simply their in a parallel Universe where their deepest fears run wild. He also explains these "things" would occur if they start to remember certain things and it comes back to them. They reach a small building on the side and head inside. All of them look around to see weapons, food, aid and water, with Dave saying they can take what their want from there. Dave explains that the only way they are going to get out of this place is if they face their fears, and destroy them. They all look at each other and nod. Then Dave says, "Grab what you need, and let me know when your ready. I'm going for a smoke." and then Dave heads on outside.

As Kieron grabs what he needs, he sees a piece of paper and he looks it that reveals to be a picture of a man and a woman. Kieron looks at it for a few seconds, then Chloe walks up from behind and looks at the picture. Chloe asks who are those in the picture, and Kieron says, "Maybe his parents. But I don't know." Kieron turns to Chloe and asks, "What are you going to do, after all of this is over; what will you do?" She looks to the door, then back to Kieron and says, "Hopefully relax. How about you?" Kieron says, "Hopefully forget about this, and be back in my real town. With you and the others." Chloe begins to get closer to him, when Pete pops his head in the door and says, "Come on you two. I want to get home." They look at each other, and then walk out.

Dave asks them where they should head to, and Pete says, "My home." They start walking. While they walk, Chloe walks next to Kieron and holds his hand. Kieron looks at his hand, which now has Chloe's hand, holding his and he looked back at the front. As they continued walking, they started to hear a noise, which turns into a siren. Dave walks forward and looks around, then blue lights were flashing in the distance and a police car came out of the fog. The Police car stops, and two police officers got out. They all, except from Dave looked at each other with confused looks. Then the police officers say, "Don't worry kids, your safe, but we need to talk to you first, Dave Shader." Dave looks at the police officers and then a flash of his past came back to him, and then says, "No Thanks." and starts running. Everyone watches Dave run, and then they turn back to the officers which now have an angry look on their faces and then say, "Come with US." And they began to slowly shake and change colour and then form into two creatures.

Kieron, Pete, Chloe and Adam started to run. The officers started chasing them. They kept running, until they reached the school. Pete pushed into the doors and they opened wide, which caused Pete to fall onto the floor in the entrance. Chloe got Pete back up and asked if he was ok and Pete says he's fine. They run through the school, and decide to spilt up with Kieron and Chloe, then Pete and Adam. Pet and Adam ran up the stairs as they saw one of them running towards them. They get up the stairs and as they run through the hallway, Adam and Pete get dragged by Dave into a dark classroom. They stand for a moment in silence, watching the officer creature look around the hallway. Dave notices theres only one and also realises Kieron and Chloe are not with Pete and Adam and asks them to which, they don't know.

Kieron and Chloe run into a classroom and hide in the small room next to it. They wait silently, and listen for any noises. Chloe holds Kieron's hand and Kieron turns. Chloe goes towards him, and kisses him. When they stopped, Chloe says, "I'm sorry. I just, like you, like like you." Kieron thinks and says, "It's ok." Then they heard a smash and looked through the peep hole of the door to see one of the officer creatures standing in the classroom.

Pete, Adam and Dave watch as the creature bursts out of one of the rooms snd continues looking, then Pete slightly moves and makes a noise. The creature turns and looks at the door, and starts to run into the door. They moved back quickly as the creature bursted in. Dave then says, "Your going to regret this." And they fight. As they fight the creature, with the creature fighting back; the creature then runs at them and Dave stabs right through it with a pitchfork. The creature then falls onto the ground and disappears, leaving a Police Baton and a Pistol. They pick it up and walk out of the room.

The other creature looks around, smashing everything in front of him. Kieron and Chloe continue watching the creature look around, then the creature looks right at them and runs towards them. He smashes through and picks them up one at a time and throws them to the other side of the room. They both get up and begin to fight, with dodging the creatures attacks. As Kieron uses his weapon, pain hits his head and he falls onto the ground. Kieron closes his eyes as Chloe rushes to him to shake him awake and puts her hand on his head to see its warm.

When Kieron closed his eyes, he saw quick visions of him fighting creatures with something coming out of his hand, which is a white beam of light and it hits the creatures and destroys them.

The creature headed towards and Chloe and she stepped right back to the wall. Then, the creature shrieked in pain and grabbing nothing from behind. Chloe saw an arrow in the creature, then a figure jumped out from the ceiling, and then shot the creature again. The creature turned and started to attack. The figure shot again and then ran to the creature and stabbed it as quick as she could. The creature falls but doesn't disappears. The figure turns her head and asks Chloe if she's ok, and Chloe nods, but also points at Kieron, who still is laying on the ground. The figure runs to Kieron and checks his pulse. The figure says he's still breathing, to which Chloe smiles. Then Chloe said, "Watch Out!" And the figure turns her head to see the creature jump at them, and Kieron opens his eyes and time freezes again. The creature came very slowly and Kieron began to shake and feel pain, then all of a sudden, he jumps up and puts his hands out and a white beam of light comes out, hitting the creature and the creature flies to the other side of the classroom into the wall, and disappears.

Chloe and the figure stand back in shock at what they saw, and now Kieron is awake and standing up. Then Kieron looks at his hands, and sees the white light in his hands that have a mix of blue and cyan in them, and then disappear. Chloe then finally asks, "What was that?" Then Kieron says, "I don't know." He then looks at the figure and asks, "Who are you?" The figure introduces herself as 'Natalie' and Natalie says, "Your that Kid I saw on the street heading to your house, Yeah I was that figure you saw that went quickly." Just then, Dave, Pete and Adam come into the room, asking if Kieron, Chloe are ok, and then ask who Natalie is, to which she introduces herself. Then Pete says, "Let's get out of here and head back to my house. Theres someone waiting." They all look at each other, confused and then follow Pete out. Pete then asks, "Bathroom break? Let me know when you guys are ready."

When everyone's ready, they head outside. They follow Pete all the way back to his house. When everybody gets there, Pete tells everyone to stay outside and Pete walks into the house. Pete closes the door behind and walks into the dining room. A figure is standing by one of the chairs and says, "Hello son." Pete replies, "Hello dad, what are you doing here?" His dad says, "I want to talk with you." Pete then says, "Why do you want to talk to me dad? Your the reason that my mu-" then was cut off by his dad shouting, "NO YOU LISTEN TO ME!" Pete walks back. "I AM YOUR FATHER, AND YOU RESPECT ME, LIKE I RESPECT YOU." Pete then mumbles, "So i should beat you then?" His dad suddenly shouts, "COME HERE NOW!" And Pete says no. His dad then walks towards him and throws him into the kitchen.

Everyone else outside can hear the smashes and punches coming from the house.

Pete quickly moves as his dad grabs him by the neck and Pete grabs a Pan and hits him with it that causes him to fall to the ground. His dad gets back up and kicks Pete from behind and Pete trips and falls to the ground.

Chloe opens the door to see Pete crawling, with his dad behind him. His dad sees Chloe, and heads right after her. He pushes Chloe into the living room and she hits the table and falls onto the ground. Kieron, Adam, Dave and Natalie come in to see Chloe on the ground, and Pete just getting up. Natalie disappears from behind. Kieron, Pete, Dave and Adam see Pete's dad standing in front of them now and they fight.

While they fight, Pete's dad, grabs Pete and throws him across the room, then rugby tackles Adam. He gets up and pushes Dave and Kieron into the wall. Kieron pushes Dave off of him, stands up and closes his eyes. He thinks hard, then with all his might, he uses his hand for his secret power and the white beam of light comes out and hits Pete's dad and he flies across the room and falls behind the sofa. Kieron stands back and takes a moment to breathe, and then sits down. Pete gets up, picks up a knife from the floor and walks to his dad. His dad opens his eyes and then slowly begs him not to do it, but Pete says, "You should've sorted yourself out years ago." And stabs his dad in the chest. His dad closes his eyes, and disappears.

Pete gets up and tells everyone, "Come on, Let's go." Everyone else gets up and follows Pete out the door. As they get out, they are greeted with many little monsters around the entire house. Natalie then shouts, "Yep, this is my problem guys, Can you guys give me a hand with this issue?"

They all help Natalie and attack the little creatures. After they killed them all, Natalie looked around and then saw some of the little creatures start to merge and grow into a massive creature and they all get ready to fight. After they fight against the massive creature, the massive creature started to crack and broke into many pieces, and disappeared.

Natalie looks around one more time and then says, "Well, thats all sorted. Thanks guys." They all gather round and then look at Kieron and Pete asks, "Is it all over?" Kieron looks down and looks back up at Pete and says, "No. There is one more." and turns away and starts walking away from them and they begin to follow him. Kieron walks for a while, turns some corners and then stops at his street. The rest stop a few feet before him.

Kieron looks up in the sky and watches as the greyish sky gets darker and darker and it starts to get windy. They all look around to watch a tornado form around them and the shrieks begin. Kieron watches as the tornado gets closer and Hands come out and grab all of Kieron's Friends, except from Dave and get dragged into the darkness. Then a figure stood out of the shadows and spoke.

"We Finally meet. You may have never heard of me, but you have seen me before, and I know its your imagination. The mind that lets you think of anything, know answers to questions, remember things, come up with new ideas, but most of all; a fantasy. Thats who I am, your darkest fear. The man, who can change into many different people and torture you for so long. I could be your friend (turns into Pete) or your girlfriend (turns into Chloe)" Dave looks at him, confused and the figure continues.

"I could be even your parents, or even your sibling." Then, he turns into Dave. Dave is now shock and Kieron turns to him with a shocked expression. "Haha! Oh you crack me up. I'm actually glad your mind had decided to create me. You see, your lovely sweet parents were going through a rough time when they were giving birth to TWINS and they really couldn't afford to take care of you two so, they had to give one of you away so that they could afford to take care one of you. I honestly don't know why they never told you, but its time I do something to them." Kieron and Dave's Parents appear next to the figure. They wave with sad looks, and get dragged back into the darkness.

Kieron felt anger rush through him. "What makes this better is that I can turn-" Kieron sprints at the figure. "into you, Kieron." Then Kieron stops and gets thrown away and hits the ground. He gets up, filled with rage. "Why don't you try, one of those special powers you have on me? Go on." Kieron uses his special power, and gets hit by his own power and flys back, and doesn't get back up. Then Dave drinks a bottle of vodka and has the empty bottle in his hand, filled with anger and says, "Don't you do that to my brother." And fights.

After Dave fights the figure, the figure stabs Dave and Dave falls back and starts to feel pain rush through him. Then Dave opens his eyes and puts both hands of his on each side out and white orbs shine and fire at the Figure. The figure shrieks and moves back. Dave looks at Kieron and puts his hand over his mouth, and Kieron opens his eyes. Kieron gets up and the Figure comes back. Kieron zaps at the figure and the Figure shrieks again and the tornado around them starts to make more space. Chloe, Pete, Adam and Natalie all fall out of the dark wind onto the ground and get up.

The figure then says, "Oh, guess someone has learned they have something special as well? Since your all here, I thought I give you all a Challenge. Anyone tried to fight someone like theirselves?" Then the figure disappears and then 5 figures appear that looked like Dave, Chloe, Natalie, Pete and Adam and begin to fight.

After they defeat the figures, they all disappear and the figure that looks like Kieron returns and says, "Wow! I can't believe you guys have that courage in all of you. Now its you all, vs me. The one that brought you here." And they fight.

As the figure struggles to fight, Pete runs at the figure, and then gets thrown back and falls onto the ground. Chloe tries to fight the figure, and the figure grabs her neck and she collapses into the ground. Natalie shoots at the creature and the arrow she uses, flips back and hits her in the side of her body and she falls back onto the ground. Adam moves back, then gets grabbed and dragged back into the dark wind. Dave throws a bottle with the white orb inside and misses. The figure then throws Dave back into the ground.

The figure then says, "Come on Kieron, 1 V 1 me." And they both push out their hands with white and grey orbs hitting each other. They keep pushing and the figure begins to push harder and get slightly closer. Kieron then pushes even harder and pushes the figure back slightly. The figure then pushes even more harder and Kieron almost slips, but keeps balance as he gets pushed back. The figure pushes even further and Kieron is pushed back a bit more. Dave gets on his feet and sees Kieron being pushed more and more and he begins to scream.

Dave closes his eyes and all the things that had just happened from when he got here flashes in his head and then he opens his eyes. He then jumps in and another white orb lights out of his hands and hits the figure. The figure shrieks and stumbles back. Kieron and Dave both push at the figure as the figure also begins to scream and the figure gives up. The figure then breaks into many pieces and disappears. Kieron and Dave fall onto the ground, sitting up and watch the dark wind around them start to fade away.

After the wind fades away, everyone gets up, and Adam falls onto the ground and gets up. They all ask each other if their ok and they all either say "yes" or nod. As they look around, a blue and grey portal begins to form at the end of the road and everyone looks at it and Kieron says, "It's all over." Natalie walks towards it a bit and says, "Its our way home. Let's go." and she starts walking towards it more. Before she goes in, she turns back and says, "See ya around." And walks into the portal and disappears. Pete then turns to everyone and says, "I'll probably be somewhere where I'm kept, but I hope I get to see the real world again. See ya everyone." Before he walks away, he walks to Chloe and kisses her. Then he turns and goes to the portal and disappears.

Chloe turns to Kieron and says, "I have been... seeing Pete for a while. I didn't know how I would tell you this since that moment we had, but I hope your ok with that." Kieron looks up at the grey sky, then back to Chloe and says, "Uh, yeah. That's fine, if you like him, you like him." Chloe giggles to herself and then says, "But if theres anything you want to talk to me about, let me know." She then puts her hand on his cheek and then hugs him, with a kiss on his other cheek. Then Dave shouts, "Yeah, can I go then?" Chloe and Kieron look to see Dave standing by the portal. Dave then says, "I'll see you on the other side, bro." and then walks into the portal and disappears.

Chloe then starts heading for the portal. Kieron turns to see Adam standing there, looking at the portal. Kieron goes to him and says, "Are you coming?" Adam looks at him and then says, "Kieron, its time for you to move on." Kieron looks confused and asks him, "What do you mean?" Adam replies, "You have to move on with your life. Its about time I go and you have to look after yourself and talk to people you actually know and can see." Kieron looks down, and says, "You can't Adam. Your my only true friend." Adam then says, "It's time you move on with your new friends and it's my time to leave. Goodbye Kieron, I will miss you buddy." And Adam slowly disappears. Kieron looks up and watches the spirit of Adam go up into the sky. Chloe walks to him, and holds his hand and says, "Come on. It's time to go." They both walk to the portal and stop. Chloe then says, "It's going to be Ok Kieron." Kieron looks at her and watches her smile, and then turns back to the portal and they both walk in.

Kieron wakes up. Kieron looks around and sees he is in a hospital. A nurse comes in and says, "Ah, your awake. Your parents are just outside. I'll let them in." The nurse goes out of the room and Kieron looks to the window and sees the note on the table next to his bed. He grabs the note and reads it.

"Hey Kieron, you may be wondering who is writing this, its Dave, your brother that you didn't know about until now. You may have met me on the other side, but I still haven't met you yet. I'm hoping this letter gets to you somehow, maybe one of your friends has brought it here, I'm not sure. I don't have time, but you will have more to learn soon. See ya soon Brother. - Dave"

Kieron looks at the letter, confused. Then his parents walk in, and Kieron puts the letter back on the table. Kieron's mum hugs him and Kieron asks, "What happened?" Kieron's Dad then says, "You sleepwalked and then got into an accident, you were hit by a car. You weren't awake for a week." Kieron's mum then says, "We thought you weren't alive, but were glad your still ok. You actually look like your ready to start walking again, but you still have to stay here for a couple of days to feel better." Then Kieron's dad then says, "But were still glad your ok." Then Kieron's mum hugs Kieron again.

Outside, Dave is standing with his back on the wall, looking at the room Kieron's in and walks away. After a couple of days, Kieron is back at home, sitting at this chair with crotches laid on his chair. He is writing and speaks as he writes, with quick scenes of things he talks about.

"I'm getting back on my feet as I write this, but through the week I have not been alive, I have experienced so many things, a world of where our darkest fears of our Imagination roam free. I have also learned courage, to grow out of my fears, and my distractions. I have also learned about things i didn't know about my friends, like Chloe and Pete dating, Dave being my long lost brother and.... I will miss Adam. He was my imaginary friend who looked after me from my fears, but I began to see he got more and more weak as I got older and I just knew, it was his time to go and for me to move on. I haven't seen him since that moment he went before I woke up. I also learnt when I came back home, the things that happened in the other world I was in, it had effects on the real world. I heard Pete murdered his dad after he got into a fight with him and now he is sitting behind bars. Chloe has been talking to me on the phone again everyday since I managed to get back onto my phone before I went home. I have been talking to her about my feelings and she has realised how much I care about her. She said she's coming tomorrow to hang out. Now Natalie, I have seen her around my street, but she is quick and can disappear in a second. I honestly don't know if I will meet her in person, but it would be nice so I know who she is. Dave, who is my long lost brother; wants to meet soon and tell me about my secret power me and him have. Hopefully I can learn more. One more thing, I am not really afraid of anything anymore because I have killed my darkest fear. I have been having good dreams, instead of nightmares. I'm now happy that I'm at peace and I can get on with my life, but I will still keep the thoughts of Adam in my head."

Kieron then stops writing, and puts the book away. He walks to window and looks out. He watched the stars in the dark sky. He begins to smile, then he hears a shuffle behind him. He turns and sees two paws jump out from his bed. He watches in confusion as a blue teddy bear gets up and stands up on the bed. The teddy bear looks at Kieron, then looks at the closet door, and a groan comes from the door. Then Kieron's left hand starts to show a light orb and Kieron looks at the door and says, "More?"


  • Kieron - The Main Character in the game. He is quiet and usually shy at times, but has a powerful Imagination and can think of many things. He also has a special power that he hasn't revealed to anyone yet. He also has feelings for Chloe.
  • Pete - He is a sub-main who is really strong and popular and powerful enough to use a weapon more than anyone else. His Imagination isn't as strong, infact its the weakest out of the group.
  • Chloe - Another Sub-main who is good friends with Kieron and Pete, which she begins to have feelings for both. She has quite a good Imagination and is good at setting traps.
  • Adam - Another Sub-main who is Kieron's Imaginary friend that has been great friends with him since Nursey. He doesn't have a lot of friends, but is quite smart and knows a lot about tech and how to use it.
  • Natalie - Another Sub-main who is a quiet girl whos always in the shadows, with the same Imagination as Kieron. She can attack monsters without being seen.
  • Dave - Another Sub-main who is a drug addict who has experimented with Drugs and has a very powerful Imagination, but not as much as Kierons and Natalies. Knows how to make explosives and is experiencing that he has a special power. He is also Kieron's long lost brother.



  • The Ice Eye - An Ice Cabinet in a supermarket who has blinking eyes behind the bags of frozen food and cold grey hands with cold grey feet, who is very strong.


  • The Tall Top Man - A dark man in a suit with a top hat and white glowing eyes who can grow really tall and walk really fast.


  • The Piggy Catchers - Two Police Officers who turn into animal creatures that can crawl and jump and run very very fast, and also very very strong and can break almost anything.


  • Pete's Dad - A drunk, abusive man who made his son's childhood and wife's past, dark times. He is quite strong and agressive, and loud when he's angry.


  • The Toy Crawlers - Little toys with sharp blades and needles, and crawl really fast and can all get together and transform into a massive robot monster.


  • The Player - A dark figure who turns into many different forms, including his friends, family, darkest fears, and even Kieron himself. Plays tricks on people with their minds.


Cameos/Easter Eggs