Up in Arms: WWIII
Developer(s) Legend Team
Publisher(s) Legend
Platform(s) LHC
Release Date(s)
May 22nd
1 Player Story


Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) FPS
Media Included Legend Hyper Computer Floppy Disk
Up in Arms: WWIII Is a FPS game Created by Legend. It follows the story of the USA as it battles China and tries to stop the rise of Eurasia. The Game will be the first in the series Up in Arms created by Legend that will follow the WWIII Series of Games to come in the Future. The game is one of Legends first FPS for the Legend Hyper Computer. The game also will have 3 expatiation Packs following its release.


Everything you do in the game will effect the war in many ways. For Example, if you choose too attack a compound when your advisers tell you not to, it may effect your trust level with them. If the attack goes well, then your Leadership points will be boosted up. If it fails or someone is captured, Your trust level AND your leadership level will go down. Also, if playing as the president, then you must make good desitions to go on.

The game is a FPS, Which means that it is a regular FPS, Since the game takes place in 2020, the equipment will help in the gamplay. You can esaly help a friend in trouble with the assistance of Health Points. With this, you can go to a friend and help them with your health points. That will help you with Trust Points.

If you see a place, you can go there. Its an Open World Experience.