Who says Curiosity is bad for cats? Look at me! I'm a cat and I'm OK!
Up Up

Up Up Skypaw Nekon is a cat that lives in Reality-1.

Up Up Skypaw Nekon
Up Up
Full Name Up Up Skypaw Nekon
Current Age Early Teenage
Gender Male
Species Catonean
Align Good
Current Status Alive
The Realization, Heroes
Family and Relations
Charlotte Felin (Best Friend, possible crush, possibly future mate), GreenStar (Owner), Ice64 (Friend), Tabooki (Friend)
Being clean, yarn, partially boxes, sleeping, his friends.
Bowser and his son, evil in general, being dirty
Main Weapon(s) Claws, fangs, TBA powers
Occupation(s) Being one of Jehovah's Witnesses, saving Reality-1, other than that not much else
Ability/ies TBA
Vulnerable To Losing his friends, suprisingly, yarn doesn't cause him to be distracted
Ethnicity Somehow, Mexican-American
Height 5' 1.5"
Weight 120-130 lbs.
Friends and Allies
Other members of The Realization, The Fan, Mario series heroes, Most characters from Phineas and Ferb and Milo Murphy's Law, Kirby series heroes, more TBA.
Enemies and Rivals
Almost anyone bad.
Skypaw (in the Pokémon universe), just Up
Voice Actor(s)
His creator
Eye color Brown
Hair color Teal
First Appearance The Quest of a Cat
Latest Appearance The Super Fantendo Show
Series Up Up, Fantendo, Mario, Kirby


Up Up is a teal Catonean with stripes that are a darker shade of teal than his normal fur. His eyebrows are the same shade. He has brown eyes, and below this he has lighter teal fur. He has 6 distinct whiskers, with the upper four above the light teal, and the lower two in the lighter teal. He has 4 fangs, with the top 2 usually more visible than the lower. Those are his main teeth. He has 6 claws, as usual with Catoneans. He also has lighter teal fur on his arms, legs, and belly, with the only white fur being on his paws and tip of his tail. His hair is light teal, with dark teal at the top. His nose is pink-brown, and his whiskers are usually portrayed as dark teal. He wears a dark teal bandana, with an eyeless Super Bell attached to it. When he gets a power-up, it acts more as a transformation than a power-up suit. When he was a kitten, his eyes were bigger, his ears were slightly more rounded, and he wore a giant bow the same color as his bandana. For his 1st month, his eyes were blue, afterward they darkened to brown.


Up Up is usually a happy-go-lucky catonean, kind, forgiving, and always trying to be optimistic. He does get angry, though, however it's more annoyance than anger. He most often gets annoyed when people call him cute, because he doesn't like it, even though he knows it's at least a little true. However, when he does get annoyed/angry, something called the "Cat-Eye Effect" happens to him. It's easier to see his fangs as they stick out of his mouth, and his ears turn backwards, like an angry cat. Hence the name, his eyes look like slivers. While he usually has to be angry for this effect to occur, he can also be really excited or happy and this will happen. He enjoys yarn and partially boxes, but lasers don't seem to interest him. In other words, he seems to act very cat-like and Catonean. He used to secretly chew his bow when he was a kitten, and when he wears it again, he starts to. He can also be curious, saying the above quote, and when he's curious his left ear points up, and his other ear tilts to the right. Similarily, because he tries to be humble, he usually puts his tail up (cat language for "I'm lower rank".) One of his few downsides, however, is that when he's grumpy/upset, it's very likely for him to become sarcastic. He is also slightly monophobic and so is an extrovert. He didn't always wear his bandana over his mouth (Quest of a Cat *hint**hint**nudge**nudge*) but when he turned thirteen, he started wearing it a lot more than he already had been, which would mean he started to always wear it. It seemed fitting to him, considering he didn't want to worry people because he was a Catonean and they have sharp teeth. (Which, coincedentally, is probably why the Catoneans started wearing them in the first place.)


During a powerful storm in Reality-1, a Super Bell was struck by lightning, which sent it sky-high, full of electricity. In the meantime, however, the Being Machine, a device capable of making a baby for a couple not able to by taking energy and a special Orb, which was designed by the Fan, was idle that night. However, there was one blip, one error, one extra "1" in the code of 1's and 0's, which could be triggered by a large power surge. Even then, however, it would need an Orb still, and a power-up, say Super Mushroom for human, 1-up for a Toad, so on and so forth, and a Super Bell would not work, because it would give the outcome the Cat Power-up. However, lightning struck the Machine, activating the blip, and at the same time, the Super Bell, full of energy, bounced into and around the room, knocking an Orb into the Machine, and it itself bounced into the machine, forcing it to accept it. The Machine got to work, and about a week later The Fan heard about this, and went to visit the Machine. Then he found that the machine was making a Maine Coon, teal colored. He had to think of a name for the catonean. After nearly running out of ideas, he thought of "Up Up". Why, I don't know. After Up Up was finished, he adopted him for a little. After the first month, he decided to put a bow on him and sent him to a Pet Store. It wasn't long before he was adopted by a literal star named Green Starry. Green Starry took care of Up Up. Later, when World Bell was in trouble, Up Up would run all the way to the Mushroom Kingdom- to Mario, really- and warned them and asked for help, offering his assistance later in the game. After that he decided to become a hero as well, starring in The Super Fantendo Show. He meets Charlotte Felin, and meets with the Fan again in the first episode. The show will shed more light in the future.

More TBA


An Epic Reboot to A Roleplay About Pets and Owners

Yeah it's freaking canon.

Supposedly some history about Up Up can be found here. It's mostly shows what happened between TQoaC and his first month, and shows that he was adopted by GreenStarreboot. It's still going (as it's a roleplay forum), so feel free to stop by.

The Quest of a Cat

Up Up makes his debut here, in this 1996 game for the N64. His friend Charlotte has been kidnapped by an evil lion-esque monster.

Fantendo Fighters!! and Fantendo Fighters!! Ultimate

Up Up appears in both the 1997 game and its 2018 4th game!


Move Name Info
Standard Yarn Throw Up Up throws a bouncy ball of yarn.
Side Paw Slide Up Up slides on the Ground.
Up UpUpward Swat Up Up swats upward.
Down Claw Dive Up Up dives downward.
Final Smash Not Cute Up Up turns into Crown Up Up and throws a giant ball of gold yarn across the screen, and then begins chasing it, both damaging nearby players.

Super Mario 3Deluxe!

Up Up makes his Mario debut here. He is a supporting/playable character from World Bell. He is the one to warn Mario and co. about Bowser and co. He is supporting until you beat the game, in which he becomes playable. His Credits music is the Super Mario 3D World Credits Music.

The Super Fantendo Show

As the Main Character/Protagonist, this digs deep into Up Up's history, not to mention his future.

A Mewlly good Up Up and co. drawthread AMA

An AMA to ask Up Up and co. stuff.

Beorn Woods

Up Up appeared in Beorn Woods as the owner of "Up Up's Ultimate Items", selling items for Lumbreeze and Rick.



  • Up Up is the personified version of the Super Bell.
  • It is possible he returns Charlotte Felin's feelings, considering she is the one of the few that can call him cute.
  • The other two are Rosalina and GreenStarreboot.
  • He is mildly Trypanophobic and will often get dizzy before/after getting a shot. This also means he avoids bees and wasps.
  • In his debut, Up Up was simply known as "Cat". In his next game, however, his first name was revealed, and in Fantendo Fighters!! his full name was revealed.
  • He does not respond to catnip/catmint.
    • However, he does enjoy the calming effect of eating catmint/drinking catmint tea.