An Unversed is an evil being born out of the negative emotions of someone. However, special Unversed Rulers like Vanitas are born by taking the darkness out of someone and forming it into an emotion. Unversed Rulers can command and spread there unversed. Some potions known as Zero Potions can turn spirits into Unversed.


Vanitas' Unversed

Nazo's Unversed

Nazo's unversed are all connected to the chaos emeralds. By forming together the seven chaos emeralds with a Keyblade, you can command or destroy these emeraldic Unversed.

  • Healcrysta, a floating crystal staff that can heal things.
  • Crystalood, a small and weak stained-glass ant.
  • Many others...

Unversed Rulers

  • Vanitas, ruler of the original Unversed.
  • Nazo, ruler of the emeraldic Unversed.
  • There may be more spread across the galaxy.

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