Unto Dawn is a 'teaser' episode of Starsnow, being made primarily because I need to make one and im impatient. Enjoy, I guess. The name is also an obvious joke to a series, one of y'all will get it. It takes place a bit before Victory.


It begins with napalms firing through the air, as Aran sprints behind a barricade, as yet another army of Four copies march in. Aran marches out as he fires through the copies, running over to the true Four who is standing ontop of a hill.

Aran: Four!
Former Four: You've lost, Aran!

Four cackles as he begins to enlarge, staring down at Aran as his face begins to melt, the ground beginning to warp as someone slams into Aran, sending Aran tumbling down the hill, he looks over to see his brother, Ajax.

Aran: Motherfucker!
Ajax: We all know I'm better, Aran.

Ajax throws Aran into the ground, and as he lands it ripples into a lake as Ajax begins to drown Aran, Aran kicking and screaming.

Ajax: I'm just the better brother.

Aran struggles as he feels himself slowly getting weaker, as he gives up.

Melissa: Ey! Aran! Wake the fuck up, man!
Aran: What?
Melissa: We have a mission, that you literally just assigned us yesterday? C'mon!

Aran slowly stands up as he shakes the dream off, walking to the bathroom and slamming the door as he looks up to the reflection, leaping back as he swears he saw Ajax.

Aran: Just paranoid.. it's fine..

He splashes some water on his face and walks out into the hallway, looking out to see Melissa, Jared, Topzy, Birnstone, and Firball sitting out there, waiting for him.

Aran: Anyways.. uhm.. we've been getting some reports that many electronic items have been stolen in the past week? Mass majorities of them, all dissapearing in literally seconds. They've figured out it's someone, or something, stealing all this crap.
Jared: So we have to find electro-thief?
Aran: Sure, let's go with that. Split up and look throughout the city.

Jared and Topzy hop into a car and drive away as Melissa hops onto a bright blue motorcycle, Firball getting into the side compartment and strapping on a helmet, driving away.

Aran: The search for the 'electro-thief' begins now.

Aran hops into an open-roof car as he zooms off toward the city.

Jared: Uhh, Aran, I think we found it!

Jared reports to Aran over the phone, as a loud crashing sound is heard.

Aran: How do you know!
Jared: Well, it- she, just dismanted our fucking car in seconds, get over here!

Aran quickly drives over, as his bike is thrown upwards, sending Aran into a tumble as he grapples onto the ground with his robot arm, he looks up to a robot who is obviously very badly put together, with pieces of various electronics smashed up on her body. She is wielding a pipe as she backs the Misfits away, Aran walks up to her and tries to calm her down.

Aran: Look! Calm down, just.. put the crowbar down, and tell us why you stole all the stuff.
???: ...
Aran: Uhh, what's your name?
???: Scrapheap...
Aran: Seriously?
???: That's what I've been called, so yeah, I guess.
Aran: That's a shitty name.. How about.. uhh
Jared: How about.. Ria?
Aran: Holy shit, Jared, you're actually doing good for once.
Ria: Ria.. I like it!
Aran: Ria.. just hand over the pipe, alright?

Ria tries to hand the pipe over, but something clicks in her head as she hesitates, pulling back. She looks over to Aran, shutting her eyes slowly as she slams it upon his head.

Aran: This isn't a good start..

Aran collapses on the street as she stands up shakily, dropping the pipe and looking to them.

Ria: I.. I had to..
Four: And she did the right thing.

Four walks over to her and places his hand on her shoulder, looking to her and nodding.

Four: I needed a helper, and I found this.. thing.. in the trash. So I recycled.

Ria looks over to Four and slowly nods. Aran clumsily stands up and takes a deep breath, walking over to Four to punch him.

Four: Hey, wait a minute.
Aran: What?

Ajax, equipped with all robot limbs, slams into Aran, literally throwing him meters away as Aran smashes up against a car, groaning in pain.

Four: Haha, good..

Aran places a finger on Aran's chest, slowly pushing down as he pulls a blade out, smirking.

Four: The Raven Blade, have you ever noticed the reflection?

He admires the blade, looking into it.

Four: They say if you look hard enough, you can see the past of an ancient Genie..

He pulls out a syringe as Ajax holds Aran down, as Aran begins to struggle.

Four: The blood of the wielder, is what she wants.

Four slams the syringe into Aran's wrist as it draws blood, Four takes it out and smirks, looking to Ajax.

Four: Kill him.

Ajax looks to his brother and smirks, picking him up and throwing him to the ground.

Melissa: Aran!

Melissa looks to Four in anger and runs up, being stopped as someone grabs her hand, she turns around to see Troy, who is utilizing her same power, Cyrilians, yet red.

Troy: Heya, cupcake.

Troy throws her back and punches her, as her head whips back and she looks to him, surprised.

Melissa: You were dead! Y-you died!
Troy: I lived, but I was stuck in a fuckin' wasteland because of you for YEARS, you should've been the one who was lost in another DIMENSION!
Melissa: How is this my fault?!

Troy responds with a punch to her gut, as she collapses to the ground, groaning.

Four: Hey, scrapbucket.

Ria looks to him as Four smirks, pulling out a gun and shooting her directly in her head, as parts are blasted everywhere. Ria's eyes slowly close as she topples over onto the ground.

Four: Kill Melissa and Aran, and we can leave.

Troy and Ajax are ready to fire, but stop as Topzy and Jared comes in, guns-blazing, Firball slides in, going on a rampage.

Jared: Eat led, fuckers!

They all flee onto a ship as it takes off into the sky, dissapearing from sight. Topzy and Jared help Aran and Melissa up, slowly helping them into a car. Firball hops in at the last second as they drive away.

Four is shown dropping blood on the Raven Blade, as it begins to turn white, the black and red mixing to create an orb, that quickly shapes into a humanoid figure. The figure drops, as her eyes open. She looks around, and then looks at Four with burning eyes.

???: You.
Four: It's been awhile, Eri, I want my final wish.
Eri: Why would I want to give you your last wish? I'm never fucking seeing you again.

Eri walks away as Four pulls out a plasma gun, shooting at her. The shot stops in midair as Eri puts her hand up, the shot flying backwards and hitting Four in the side of his head, as he stops, looking to Eri.

Four: Come back here!

Four tries to grab Eri's hand but she once again puts her hand up, as Four's hand is literally ripped out of his socket and thrown across the room. Eri opens a portal and looks to Four.

Eri: I'm no Genie, I'm a goddess..
Four: You aren't even close to a goddess!

Eri swipes the weapon from Four's hand, smirking and waving goodbye. She walks into the portal and dissapears as it closes.

Four: She's out, this isn't good one bit.


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