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Untina, the Unten from another reality.
Full Name Unten
Gender Female
Location Unknown
Current Status Alive
Class Hero
Last of the Beorns (possibly)
First Appearance Fantendo Now - The Unten of Two Worlds (2015)
Untina is the "World 2" version of Unten that first appeared in the Fantendo Now episode "The Unten of Two Worlds". In "World 2", their version of Unten is a female Beorn, seemingly one of the few characters that switched genders in this alternate universe.



In World 2, Untina is still the savior and destroyer of Zeon and many of the events that played out in the "main" Fantendoverse still happened, although with a few differences. She seemed to escape with Netnu when the events of their Tragedy (2015) happened, as opposed to Unten's lonely escape in our main Fantendoverse. It is unclear if their version of Fantendo - Genesis changed because of this.

At some point (it is unclear exactly when this happened), Untina was engaged and married Netnu.

The Unten of Two Worlds


Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory

Untina appears as a special alternate costume for Unten, as revealed on 4/6/17. She has specialized taunts and victory poses, but otherwise shares the same exact moveset.


Untina is often a leader out of obligation as opposed to choice, somehow always being the one to make tough calls and make plans. Untina always looks after his friends and even rivals, often getting them out of trouble. Untina is more or less considered the biggest hero in her Fantendoverse. Untina is also very self sacrificing after failing to save Zeon from its doomed fate, often willing to sacrifice herself for the greater good.

Powers and Abilities

Untina has the same power-set as Unten does, with limited electrical abilities and the power of Descension. She is also somewhat skilled with a blade.


Netnu (World 2)

Flicker (World 2)

Leah Needlenam (World 2)

Unten (World 1)

Leah Needlenam (World 1)