Unten the Pooh

Unten the Pooh is the second character in Battle Theater and a default character, playing the role of a heavy bruiser who is surprisingly fast. He was revealed on January, 30th.


Up Side Down Standard Best Action Best Drama Best Comeback

Honey Grapple

Unten the Pooh uses a rope of honey as a grappling hook to grab onto ledges and reach higher ground. It can also be used to draw in higher opponents.

Electro Charge

Unten the Pooh charges forward, surrounded by electricity. It's slow, but if it hits, it'll launch the opponent into the air and has a chance of electrocuting them.

Electro Slam

Unten the Pooh punches the ground with an electrically-charged fist. It'll send out electric shockwaves that will damage anyone who touches them, and do massive damage to anyone who hits the actual punch.

Pot Throw

Unten the Pooh throws an empty honey pot. It's a slow, heavy projectile that will launch opponents skyward.

Me Too

Volt appears and Unten the Pooh and Volt both blast electricity into a single beam that will do massive damage to anyone in the way of the giant beam.


Unten the Pooh professes his love for honey in a beautiful speech that wins over the crowd.

Honey Hat

A full honey pot falls onto Unten the Pooh's head. It will slowly heal Unten until it's broken by the opponent.


Unten the Pooh is a heavy character who is surprisingly fast and agile for his size. He has powerful attacks as well, but they are pretty slow and easy to dodge.

Alternate Costumes

  • Xerra
  • Netnu
  • Classic
  • CrunchyTommy Edition
  • Hugo Logia
  • New Edition
  • Smile Unten

Trophy Description

"Legend speaks of a madman named RandomFrog who constructs monstrous combinations of classic characters. This is one of his spawn. He utilizes a mix of Unten-themed and Pooh-themed attacks, and really, REALLY likes his honey. Don't ask, it's a tragic story.

2016 - ???"


  • Series: SSB Fantendoverse
  • Entrance: Unten the Pooh falls on stage from the sky.
  • Victory: Unten the Pooh sticks his head inside a honey pot and licks for scraps.
  • Theme Song: Heffalumps and Woozles
  • Taunts:
    • Unten the Pooh cries.
    • Unten the Pooh listens to Mr. Brightside.
    • Unten the Pooh looks at a picture of a honey pot.

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