Unten, is a revival/reboot of the series That One Series With a Long and Uninteresting Name That I Do Not Wish to Remember. It is a 2D RPG involving Unten trying to save Tiktok from destruction. It will be developed by Wario Inc., however users are welcomed to contribute.
Unten (Video Game)
Developer(s) Wario Inc., Fantendo
Publisher(s) Brock Publishing
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
December 1, 2014
Quest, Survival, Adventure
Age Rating(s)
ESRB: E10+
Genre(s) 2D RPG
Series That One Series With a Long and Uninteresting Name That I Do Not Wish to Remember
Predecessor Tragedy
Successor None

Wario Inc.World Description

A mascot is back in a new adventure! It's a 2D action packed RPG with Unten as he goes against new and old foes to save a mysterious planet named Tiktok from apocalypse. Can he do it? Or will the planet be in darkness forever?


Unten is a 2D RPG/Platformer. The player's main goal is to explore, collect things necessary for survival, and fight enemies. Combat is in real time and Unten must find the weakness of the enemy to confront them. Magic and melee are blended for a unique combat system. Puzzles are also here, with more complex and mind boggling puzzles than other games. Time travel is key in this game, and completely needed. Only 30 Minutes are given, which is not enough time to complete the massive game.  After going back in time, people react to you different and some things that were not there after, are still there. However, all progress quest-wise and level-wise is saved. To save the player must go to Cria, a mysterious old witch who will save Unten's progress. Currency is given in the form of Clocoins, which are golden clocks. Clocoins are needed to pay the Horseman who allows you transportation, pay for chefs, and needed to buy certain weapons/foods. However, the  best weapons and food can not be bought and only crafted. The game has a deep crafting system in which the player must find various supplies through quests and stores, and sometimes even simply just exploring. Then, the player must cook or craft these things together through a minigame. Some supplies like Bronze, are more common then others, like Gold. Players must be quick and skillful to survive, and can do so through leveling up. XP is given for defeating enemies, and each time the player collects 100 XP, they level up. This  increases each stat a small bit and gives you a skillpoint to spend and try to get a new move.  Story is not all though. In Survival, the player must find supplies and build shelter to protect them from the undead enemies that come alive at night. However, Adventure is a much calmer multiplayer experience where players explore and compete to survive longer. The goal is to level up to 5 before anyone else. This number can be altered though, of course. New to this Unten game is DLC, which introduces new areas/characters into the game.


The Crash

Unten begins with Unten flying across the Fantendoverse searching for evil and crimes. Unten's only purpose and duty was to do this. He was cruising around in the Beorn Wanderer when various missiles hit the ship. Unten saw only a large warship. Unten attacked the warship in a space battle, and carried on. It unfolded into a tutorial, where Unten was able to save his ship, when the warship exploded, knocking Unten into a distant planet called Tiktok.

Tiktok Goes the Clock

Unten is awakened by a small strange boy. He was like a clock, and called himself Clockworx. Clockworx startled Unten who jumped up and accidentally hurt Clockworx. Clockworx was sensitive, and kicked out Unten. Unten was lost and didn't know anyone at Tiktok. After asking around the locals, he learned that Professor Nov Ekard could help. Professor Nov  was strange and wanted to examine(and possibly disect) Unten, but helped when asked. Nov settled on the fact that it would take hard work to recreate the Beorn Wanderer as it is the only ship powerful enough to escape the tough atmosphere of Tiktok. Unten could wait, but Nov explained that Tiktok was facing doom soon, in only one day. One day at Tiktok was 30 minutes in our time! Nov said that there was not enough time. Unten made a deal with Nov, if Unten saved Tiktok from destruction, Nov would rebuild the ship. Nov laughed at this idea, but said he would accept. Unten then headed out for an adventure. The bright blue beorn rushed through the city looking for adventure.  He was stopped by a running(and tired) Nov who told the beorn that the 30 minutes were up. However, Nov had  an idea. They went back to his lab, which was now over ridden with slimy bugs. As the team made it through, taking care of the invaders, they made it to the rusty old Time Machine. It  wouldn't work, so the two felt like it was over. When.......

Tik Tok.

And it Begins?

Time and Space moved while everyone was shocked by a powerful wave of energy. WAAAAAAAAAAAARP. Then, time reset! Unten saw everyone in a panic, and saw Clokworx, who was worried about Unten! Nothing ever changed. However,  Nov was impressed. Sadly, the old machine combusted. Unten said he would look for parts on his adventure. Nov told Unten that to save Tiktok, they would have to take out the gigantic meteor looming in the stars. To do that, Unten would have to visit the goverment base in Crooked Caverns. Nov told Unten that the base hadn't talked about the coming doom. However, Nov knew the cannon there was powerful enough to blast the meteor out of the way. Unten soon set out for adventure, but was stopped by Clockworx who gave Unten a briefcase to use. It had a few supplies for survival. Unten took off for Crooked Caverns, when monsters attacked him. Unlike many's expectations, he lost. Unten however, fought on, using his powerful magic. The monsters were barely smitten, but he had to go on. Soon, night came and Unten had to make shelter for survival. If done so correctly, he survives. However, the monsters break his house and he runs. Now with no supplies left, a tired and drowsy Unten went on. After finding supplies, he realized only 1 minute was left before doom. The player had to race to Crooked Caverns. Just as he thought it was over, a hooded man grabbed his hand. Time went back....

Tik Tok.

Getting Retro

The hooded man punched Unten down. He took his hood off, and Doomulus Grime was there. "Hello, old friend. It seems like eons since our last clash. Care to join me in death?" he asked in a raspy voice. His face was metallic silver and he seems bony and almost robotic. "Hmm!" a shocked Unten responded. Doomulus held Unten up and smashed him into the ground. He awakened underground. Now with a breath meter, he was about to suffocate. With skill though, Unten escaped. Unten realized time was almost up. He ran into the depths of the canyon. It collapsed, and Unten was knocked out. Meanwhile, time  ticked back because of something mysterious... Unten's heart beated fast as he saw groaning soldiers. Unten got up. "Hello, my friends!" a wizard said as he laughed. Taking off his hood, there was complete darkness with two bright yellow eyes. "Unten, come on down!" the wizard said as he summoned Unten to his platform. "Hmm? Mm!" Unten said as he charged into the wizard. The wizard used a shield and knocked Unten into the ground. "Meet my new super weapon." the wizard said as he revealed a gigantic machine. "Bulky, I know, but it will do the job done. After it mutates the meteor, it will destroy all life on Tiktok, and then Tiktok will be mine. Unten, brother, join me. Your idiotic misadventures will be forgiven." the wizard said. "I am M...Darkness." he announced. Unten shook his head and charged. Unten fell through the floor into a complete dark stage. Enemies were released as dark voices invaded the place. Unten had to survive the creepy test. The thirty minutes had passed. Unten expected Darkness to wait for doom, when.....

Tik Tok.

Freezer Burn

Unten woke up strapped onto a table. He struggled, but he couldn't get off. "You see, Unten! Your struggles made the whole base collapse and now, we are stuck on a volcanic rock that is flowing to it's doom!" Darkness said worried. Unten jumped up and had to take this challenge. He had to run through the tiny system and drain the river of it's lava. It was fast and hard, but it was drained. Darkness plunged deep into the water and rode the rock down a river. "Cold and Hot?" Unten thought to himself. That's when two eels came, one fire, one water. Unten was knocked down into the ocean. As Unten swam, he fought and explored some more. He hadn't kept track of time though, and the time was almost up. A fish looked scared and made Unten follow him through the dangerous Undersea Darkdeeps Cave. They finally made it to an old time machine. It was gonna run out, when a bearded fish shook his head and came over. Back in time! Unten was back on the platform. This time, he jumped on the eels backs, frequently switching and fighting enemies. After sliding through a steep fire cave, Unten caught up to Darkness on a freezing cold castle. "Crafty, brother." Darkness said, before sending a spell on Unten.  A void then opened and Unten was sucked in. It was the cold reaches of Space! Unten crafted a spaceship and was off. After shooting down many enemy ships, Unten reached a firey planet and was then falling. Unten then landed safely into another void. Unten was stuck in a cage in a small cramped dungeon. A hooded man came, and freed Unten and then ran back. Now, all Unten had to do was climb. So, Unten climbed up and found himself in the throne room of the icy castle. A fat king came down from his throne. Named The King of Kold, he accused Unten of destroying his servant Frezzibok. The evidence? A picture given to King Kold by none other then Darkness. Unten had 1 day to clear his name or it was "off with his head'! Unten went off to explore the castle when he fell through a trap door three powerful high level enemies came. Unten fought and barely won, and when he did he fell to the ground hurt. A shining bright light came down with a key. "You have proven yourself", it said. Unten got up hurt, when he looked at his clock it was almost Tik Tok time! A portal appeared. Unten rushed through a hard platforming challenge and on the other side, there was a frozen time machine. Time was almost up and Unten tried to get in, but the door was locked. Unten knocked on it in distress, and fell through the floor. A small wooden area was around the Beorn hero. He walked around ending up in elaborate traps. Narrowly surviving, Unten hops back to the machine. As time started to end, Unten slammed on the machine scared. He started to cry, when.....

Tik Tok.

A Game of Chance

Unten woke up falling and he landed on the water eel. He frequently scrambled(pressing various button combinations) until he got up. He surfed on the eel and was knocked into the water. He went so hard into the water that he hit a button, draining the lake. Then, the King of Kold lead his soldiers. "There, there he is! The one who Darkness told us about!" Soon, the soldiers chased Unten as he ran through a cave. The soldiers fell into lava and melted, as Unten climbed up to a crack in the land. Unten got up and threw a rock at the crack, blocking it. He looked across to see a beautiful green field on Tiktok. In the distance a blue spaceship was loading supplies.  Unten went off to see what it was and was attacked. Unten defeated the angry mechanics and saw that it was a spaceship that the cold king sent. Now Unten understood how he could be here. Dozens of files  were there, exploiting the king's weaknesses.  A small bug  started to tail Unten.  It buzzed but Unten didn't get it. He tried to catch it and smash it but he couldn't. Unten finally got it to see that it was robotic. Soon, a picture of the professor appeared on the bug. Nov told Unten that he sent the bug to Unten so the professor could be of assistance to Unten no matter where he goes. The bug, named Pixl could transmit Nov anywhere. With new features, such as a small GPS and a new ability to learn about enemies and characters(places and things too) Unten set off to track down Darkness and clear his name.  The bug revealed an invisible file hiding in the spaceship. It had a device to track Darkness. He was nearing the castle, and was holding a sword. How could they get there in time? It wasn't possible but Unten had an idea.  Nov could have the bug build a time machine so they could go back in time RIGHT before  Darkness killed Frezzibok.  However it needed a crystal to conduct energy. The group set up camp and went off to look for a crystal. A cave was ahead and they went forward. As they went in a group of rocks crumbled as Unten slid down and smashed his head into a rock. Pixl was trapped in a room and the player got to control the little bug. He made it out and woke up Unten. He limped to a small camp as he heard rumbling. Pixl cleared the way as they ran out to safety.  They saw soldiers in the distance and snuck past them to their camp.  Soon, a soldier came by patrolling. Unten knocked him out and stole a large crystal from his backpack. They warped back and landed into the cave. Nov told him to chase Darkness. They made it and tackled Darkness as Pixl captured it on photo. They met the king and cleared their name as Darkness teleported them away.



Darkness teleports himself to base inside of the Crooked Canyons, while Unten and Pixl are dropped in the town. Unten runs off to Nov, when the time starts to go to the end. Nov brings it back as they discuss what to do. Meanwhile, the town takes charge and demands protection. Nov says he has an underground security system and must set it up. Meanwhile, Unten leads the band towards the base at their request. He denies but is forced to by an obnoxious mob leader Agsnot.  Through a long journey Unten must protect the villagers as they reach Crooked Caverns. Darkness hypnotizes Agsnot as he starts attacking a young villagers. Unten tackles Agsnot as they fall into a deep pit, while Darkness kidnaps the villagers as he prepares to, "Do a delayed project." Meanwhile, the two battle in midair avoiding lasers and spikes until they fall onto the floor. Unten gives Agsnot a blow to the head that returns him to his former self. Together they escape the pit to learn that the others have been kidnapped. Agsnot ditches Unten, who goes back to turn back time. Running back, he makes it to the base in time. Agsnot fights Unten while the others attack Darkness. Agsnot is knocked out and Darkness is left there. Darkness begins to fight Unten in an epic battle and Darkness finally gets the upper-hand. He is about to choke him to death with his wand, but cannot for some reason. Unten knocks Darkness onto a ledge. He then teleports both of them to one of his airships. Upon intense pursuit, Unten fights Darkness in the airship. The proffessor sees that the airships are the main threat now and blasts them. Unten and Darkness fall to the ground, presumably dead.


28 and 1 Half Days Later(But really only one)

Unten wakes up nearly a month later. Nov is relieved and tells Unten that the time machine keeps rewarping so the people must relive one day over and over. Unten has an idea and runs off while Pixl eagerly flies with him. The towns people are depressed and now get the time warp. Unten goes to the airship wreckage and after exploring various sunken in sand ships and fighting the ghosts of the enemy soldiers that once worked on the ship he finds Darkness in the wreckage. Since it was really only one day after the accident, Darkness is still alive. Unten rescues him and takes him back with Darkness in an injured daze. Nov restrains Darkness, and they take off his hood to reveal that it is Mondo. Coughing, a spirit escapes him and tells them that Mondo was just a host and flies off. Mondo explains that his jealousy of Unten intrigued the Dark Spirit and it latched onto him. The times when Darkness could not kill Unten were when Mondo tried to take control and fight it. Mondo rests while Unten and Nov try to track down the pestering poltergeist. Through a security camera, they see the Dark Spirit flying off into space. Nov theorizes he could make a rocket similar to the Beorn Wanderer to chase and attack the spirit. However, Nov says that he needs 4 special pieces located in neighboring places to the town. Nov says that the four piece's locations are documented on a map underground. Alongside Nov, Unten makes it through some scuffles with some monsters and they finally reach the map. The four pieces are in the watery paradise, Flud Isle, the volcanic villa, Volcania, the marveled mountain, Steed Mountain, and lastly the nomadic temple of air beings, the Air Temple. Nov teleports them back. Unten and Pixl are put in a biplane set for Flud Island. Nov says his goodbyes. After the hero flies off, Nov frowns. Then the screen goes black as text goes on screen.


"The madman and the hero will retrieve the map. This proves that the hero is the one this prophecy fortells. He and metal bird shall fly off to the land of water. It is here that the end begins."

Flud Fights


Multiplayer Characters

  • Unten: The main hero! Balanced and attacks with his fists and Beorn Balls. Starter
  • Nov Ekard: Nov plays in a small mech equipped with various weapons. Slow but strong. Starter
  • Darkness: Darkness is balanced and can fly. He uses magic as a weapon. Beat the game
  • Doomulus Grime: Doom appears as a cyborg as he does in this game. He is slow but strong. Beat "Getting Retro"
  • The Horseman: The Horseman is equipped with a sword. Fast but weak. Meet him for the first time.
  • The King of Kold: The King of Kold is balanced with all medium stats. His special ablity is to freeze and immoblize foes. Beat both "Freezer Burn" and "Game of Chance"
  • Zerita: Unten's female sidekick who makes an appearance for the fans. Weak but fast. Attacks with her claws. Starter
  • Mondo: Unten's "brother". He is balanced with a high-jump and attacks with a spear. Starter
  • Wario: The large and obnoxious plumber. He comes with the Wario World DLC pack. Slow but strong and attacks with his jump and fists.
  • Agsnot: The obnoxious pig "Leader" of Tiktok. He is slow but strong and fights with a warhammer. Beat "Protection"
  • Netnu: Unten's arch-nemesis. He plays like Unten. Come's with "Old Enemies"
  • Chief Dongorio: The leader of Baraenion Tribe and Unten's "father". He is a slower and stronger version of Mondo. Beat the game 100%.






  • Unten: The small beorn hero, Unten wields powerful magic in battle and is simply trying to survive in the wild Tiktok world.
  • Professor Nov Ekard: Tiktok's renowned scientist. He appears as a major character. On his adventures he communicates with Unten through a machine called "Pixl", while he is really a bumbling old duck.
  • Darkness: A villainous wizard who has some connection to Unten. He is the main antagionist of the game.
  • Doomulus Grime: First appearing as a secondary antagionist, Doom becomes a reluctant ally to Unten later on.
  • Clockworx: A  boy who looks like a clock. He is strange and shy, and owns Tiktok Inn. If you pay him you can stay in the hotel to refresh your health after a battle.
  • The Horseman: A mysterious horseman who allows you to fast travel around Tiktok for Clocoins.
  • The King of Kold: An obese king who rules the mixed up planet of Frezzoburn. He can be rude, but has a kind heart.
  • Agsnot: An obese pig who leads the town unofficially. He sells good items for high prices but can be an ally.
  • Dark Spirit: Darkness's soul. It is the main antagonist of the second half of the game.

DLC Packs

Survival: Zombified Hills

An area full of  zombies. Don't go after them. Building is the twist in this new very hard expansion pack.

Cost: $3.00

Difficulty: 4/5

Adventure: Living Large

Increases the area size by 30 miles.

Cost: $5.00

Difficulty: N/A

Story:  Old Enemies

Tiktok is visited by Netnu who seeks revenge on his rival Unten! Using a new plan to destroy Tiktok with a large rocket he built. Unten must stop it by making it to Netnu's Airship and stop him in time!

Cost: $3.00

Difficulty: 3/5

Adventure: Wario's World

A Garlic Group exclusive. Classic Wario Land enemies attack, and coins are all over. Comes with a Wario character to play as.

Cost: $2.00

Difficulty: N/A

Survival: Lost Tomb

While adventuring you stumble off into a cave. Unten has to survive the dangerous tomb avoiding all the dangers. VERY VERY hard.

Cost: $3.00

Difficulty: 5/5

Adventure: Tiktok Infected

A continuation of Zombified Hills, the zombies have invaded Tiktok. Unten must travel across the planet to find a shipment of the virus stuck on a fortress/factory.

Cost: $10.00

Difficulty: 3/5

Unten: Tiktok Time Edition

A new edition with every DLC pack and an exclusive new pack. This includes a graphic novel called Tiktok Stories and a Unten action figure.

Cost: $70.00


A port of this game named UntenO was released for the Nintendo Omini.


  • Agsnot is an amagram of Gaston, a villain from the movie Beauty and the Beast.
  • It is a common misconception that UntenO is supposed to be Unten Omega.
  • The machine that Nov uses, "Pixl" is a refrence to Super Paper Mario.
  • When surviving for 5 days on the Survival map Volcania, you get an achievement called "Our Nether" refrencing Minecraft.

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