Unten (RTAverse)
Full Name Unten
Current Age Believed to be early 20s
Gender Male
Species Beorn
Location Zeon
Align Good
Current Status Alive
Height Roughly 5'10"
First Appearance Tayshaun & Amy - The Other Side

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Unten is a Beorn from Zeon. He is the RTAverse equivalent to -- well -- Unten. What else did you expect?


RTAverse Unten looks like normal Unten in a lot of areas, but lacks a scarf and has some gold patches of fur.


Unten was born on Zeon, and grew up there. After a while, the planet began to experience some odd occurrences and was ultimately destroyed. Unten was luckily able to escape and ended up venturing in space for a few years. His ship of sorts crashed down in Anaheim. He was met by Nina, a girl who was protecting Earth at the time. Nina decided to try and help the dazed Beorn as he questioned where he was. Confused by the sound of "Earth", Unten decided to at least try and fit in.


Unten is usually in a bad mood, having lost his home planet and not having anyone understand him.


Nina Chevoski

Nina is the only person Unten has a slight bit of trust in, being unfamiliar with the planet he is on.