Unten (NFC)



Unten, the Mascot of Fantendo.
Gender Male
Class Hero
Last of the Beorns (possibly)

B-Ball God Slam Titan

Main Weapon(s) his Golden B-Ball
Ability/ies Sick B-Ball Skillz
First Appearance Hoops
Latest Appearance Retro Hoops

Unten is tha mascot of tha Fantendo company n' tha main characta of tha Unten seriez of game yo. Dude first rocked up in tha game Fissure yo. Dude is tha adopted cold lil' woo wop Chief Jamgorio of Peaceful Courts n' is one of tha last Slamorns dat is still kickin dat shit, yo. Throughout tha original gangsta series his thugged-out lil' punk-ass becomes tha saviour of his fuckin land. Y'all KNOW dat shit, muthafucka! Outside of tha main series, dat schmoooove muthafucka has other iterations n' is part of tha pimped outa Fantendo universe n' is one of da most thugged-out commonly used charactas up in tha series.Dude also becomes a Basketbizzle Dogg afta defeatin tha traitor lebron james n' takin his wild lil' freakadelic golden B-Ball yo. Dude also becomes a honorary Slam Titan when his thugged-out lil' punk-ass beats tha Ballmighty up in a 1v1 match ta save tha entire fantendoverse

Fantendoverse CanonEdit

Original Fantendoverse CanonEdit

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Newer Fantendo CanonEdit

Unten: Hoops (2015)Edit

When Unten is challenged by tha Basketbizzle Dogg Mike Jordan ta a 3v3 basketbizzle match he must roam tha newer fantendo verse n' find 2 partners phat enough ta help his ass defeat tha trinitizzle of tha slam(Mike jordan,shaq o neil n' lebron james)and save whatever tha hell his thugged-out lil' hood is called.

Unten: Retro Hoops(1915)Edit

When tha evil neil johnston grabs unten n' challenges his ass ta a oldschool fashioned 8-bit game of basketbizzle up in tha 1950s unten wagers his wild lil' freakadelic golden b-bizzle ta fight tha b-bizzle devil.



Zerita is tha straight-up original gangsta dat unten recruits ta defeat tha trinitizzle of tha slam. Unten is phat playaz wit Zerita but not up in ludd wit her cuz of bein a playa n' havin a rep ta maintain

Chief BongorioEdit

Bongorio taught unten every last muthafuckin thang he knows bout weed,b-bizzle n' quickscopin fo' realz. Although Unten was adopted n' made bongorio super-poor props ta lil pimp support Bongorio is straight-up proud as a muthafucka of tha bangin B-Balla his thugged-out adopted lil hustla has become