Unten (Igniverse)
Ignis Unten
Full Name Unten
Gender Male
Species Beorn
Current Status Alive
Class Hero

Self-proclaimed lady killer

The original Unten can be found here.
So, uh... You girls doin' anything later tonight?
Unten, to Rachel and Leah

Unten is a Beorn and one of the inhabitants of Igniverse Earth, and is considered to be the leader of the so-called "Planetary Defense Guild", a group made up of various individuals to combat threats to both Earth and the known Igniverse. Akin to prime timeline Unten, he is one of the last remaining Beorns after the destruction of Zeon by the Doomuli, although he puts on more of a facade to hide his depression about the event than his normal variant.

Physical Description

Unten looks extremely similar to his main timeline counterpart, but differs slightly in a few ways. His fur is slightly brighter hued, and he has a styled pompadour-like cowlick of hair on his head. For the most part, his eyes are slightly closed as opposed to the original counterpart, who has them always fully open.

Igniverse Unten is much more relaxed than his normal version, and has a more lax demeanor. He slouches consistently, making him shorter than his normal counterpart. He wears a scarf much like normal, but it is red and gold as opposed to its usual colors.


Igniverse Unten is meant to be far more suave and confident than the original version of the blue Beorn, and has far less restrained romantic tendencies. As such, he is rather flirty and acts as a self-proclaimed "lady killer", though he knows well enough to put it aside when something more important comes up.

While his confidence and brazen nature tends to imply that Unten's a bit of a lighthearted womanizer, the truth is far from it. When the Igniverse incarnation of Zeon was destroyed, he lost both his world and and the Igniverse incarnation of Zerita, and as a result, Unten is even more depressed than in the prime timeline. His constant flirting seems to be a coping mechanism of sorts, a means to fill the emotional voice inside his fuzzy little heart.

Unten, much like his original version, is a hero out of obligation rather than by choice. Being seen as one of the stronger beings on Igniverse Earth that his organization could convince to join, he was made into a leader almost without his approval. Being seen as such a strong entity has motivated him to remain at the top of his game at all times and training consistently, not wanting to let the image go to waste.


Rachel Harel

Flirtatious as always, though there's something odd about her that makes Unten feel sort of uncomfortable acting the way he does towards her; possibly true love, possibly something else. Rachel seems to be the one who is most adamant about rejecting his advances, though she's still amicable towards him.

Leah Levinam

Friendly rivalry. The two actively antagonize each other but remain close friends despite it. Leah is less than thrilled if and when Unten tries flirting with X-Ray, but they otherwise remain on each other's good sides.


Unten possesses abilities identical to his prime incarnation; limited electrical generation and the ability to utilize Blumps to power himself up. He does possess the power of Descension as well, but is currently unaware of possessing it as he has never come across any situation where the need for it could arise. Along with the lack of access to Imperium, Igniverse Unten seems overall weaker than his main counterpart.

On the flipside, Igniverse Unten seems to have accelerated mental skills in comparison to normal Unten, having a marginally higher IQ as well as better social skills and manipulation capability. He is also rumored to have a degree in physics, though whether this is true or not is yet to be determined.



  • Igniverse Unten was inspired by Ringabel from Bravely Default, seen in both his personality and the curled lock of hair on his head.