Unten is a playable starter character in Fantendo Fray.

Unten (FF)
Unten's artwork in Fantendo Fray
Full Name Unten
Gender Male
Current Status Alive
Class Hero
Main Weapon(s) Limbs
Vulnerable To Dark Energy
First Appearance Fissure
Latest Appearance Fantendo Fray


Unten's stats are balanced making Unten average. He is recomended for any player. His standard attacks consist of kicks, punches and sweeps as well as three of signature attacks Super Punch, Magic Kick and Magic Sweep that oddly consist of the magic Element. His signiture attack Bearon Ball provides a good projectile as well as a strong attack. However, some players proclaim Unten "bland but useful" meaning there's nothing too exciteing or risky wih Unten. Overall Unten is an All-Around character good for anyone.



  • Standard Standing Attack:Unten punches the foe.
  • Side Standing Attack:Unten kicks the foe.
  • Up Standing Attack:Unten kicks upward.
  • Down Standing Attack:Unten sweeps the foe tripping them.


  • Standard Arial Attack:Unten spins around with his legs in a split-like position.
  • Side Arial Attack:Unten hits the foe with all four limbs.
  • Up Arial Attack:Unten flips in the air inflicting damage.
  • Down Arial Attack:Unten cannonballs propelling him downward.


  • Standard Charged Attack:Unten punches the foe with great force.
  • Side Charged Attack:Unten elbows the foe with force.
  • Up Charged Attack:Unten does a short flip from the ground with great force.
  • Down Charged Attack:Unten stomps on the nearest foe with great force.


​Finishing Fray

Other Info


A small fissure appears and Unten jumps out of it lands and strikes a pose. The fissure dissappers after all players have made thier entrance.

Alternate Suit

Unten looks just like Netnu but isn't the same build.

Winning Animation

Unten wildly jumps around, flips and then does a cartwheel topping it off with his famous pose.

Losing Animation

Unten claps at the winner with little enthusiasm.

Fanfigure Info