Unten (FCL)
Full Name Unten
Gender Male
Species Beorn
Location Fan City
Ability/ies None yet
First Appearance Welcome to the City!

Unten is a main character in Fan City Life. He debuts in the pilot episode and is shown to be the voice of reason within the group.

Depiction in the series


Unten is seen with an appearance more akin to his look in Fantendo - The Dark Realms. However, he gains a scarf, similar to the one in Fissure (2014).


Unten is the voice of reason throughout the team. Or at least, that's what he likes to think. He always seems to have an idea, but his ideas are always outmatched. He thinks highly of himself, but the others don't mind. He often refers to himself as the leader of the group. However, he is one of the bravest.

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