Unten: Mistaken Time is a video game for the Brass Ring and Wii U that will be released in 2014. It will be made by Golden Ring, Inc. It is part of That One Series With a Long and Uninteresting Name That I Do Not Wish to Remember.



Unten's Past

Unten's past is mostly based on the first game in the series, Fissure.

Unten is a newborn Beorn. His scientist father is working on creating a robot that could change the world. However, the robot becomes self-aware and takes Unten away. The robot then put Unten on a random porch. The robot flies away to a distant planet that has been destroyed, finding a cloning machine there. He clones himself several times. He becomes the Robot King, and calls himself Doomulus Nine.

Seven years later, Doomulus Nine (now named Doomulus Grime) realizes the other robots have turned evil, and he must escape the Doomuli Organization before he too turns evil. Before he leaves, he steals the GigaDrill, their most prized possession. Doomulus Seven and Doomulus Eight follow him, but they get hit by two asteroids. He lands on the ground of Zeon, the place he used to live on.

The drill accidentally turns itself on, drilling a hole through Zeon. Doomuli dives after it to stop it. The drill electrocutes him, turning his systems evil. Seven years earlier, Unten is left with Chief Dongorio.

Seven years later again, the world is split apart right between Chief Dongorio and Unten. Unten wants to reunite with him, so he sets out on an adventure to find the person who split them apart- first to get revenge, then to find a way to undo Zeon's split,

Unten's Present

Unten, after defeating Doomulus Grime for the final time, sets out on a quest to find his true father. He finds the house, only to find out his father has moved since. Inside the house, Unten finds that his father left another model of the robot he built long ago.

The robot turns itself on and takes Unten to the Doomuli Organization. Unten, along the way, finds out his hypothesis is true: besides Netnu, he is not the only Beorn. The other Beorns have been captured by the Doomuli Organization. He tries to find his father, but he is too captured by the Domuli Organization.

Inside, Unten finds an object similar to the GigaDrill. All the other Beorns say they couldn't find a button to start it. Unten presses the large "start" button, which starts it. He drills a way out of the prison, and all the other Beorns follow him. After they've drilled their way out, he notices none of them are his father, so he goes to look for him, because he knows his father can build a spaceship.

Unten's Future

Doomulus Five (now named Doomulus Slice), a robot who was once in the Doomuli Organization, goes back in time to make it so Beorns never existed. However, he accidentally makes it so Chief Dongorio never existed, so Unten was left on his own.

Future Unten suddenly changes so that he never won any battles. The Unten from a different timeline, where there was no paradox, trains Paradox Unten to go back to the past and stop Doomulus Slice from creating the paradox.

After the boss battle, Paradox Unten fails, and the Unten from the other timeline has to get Unten's friends from that timeline.


Zerita's Past

A Catonea named Zerita is training with Master Mortua, another Catonea. Other-timeline Unten runs in, and kidnaps Zerita. He tells Zerita that she needs to train in order to stop a paradox that will change the world forever. Zerita then has to pass several test trials, including fighting, jumping, and running.

After the test trials are done, he realizes he should get a Present Zerita instead of a Past One, because she has been trained more.

Zerita's Present

Zerita is taking a break from saving the world with Unten (which the paradox has not occurred yet), but Doomulus Five has come to Zeon to destroy Master Mortua, who is a threat to the Doomuli Organization. Zerita has to look for a safe place to protect him.

Other-timeline Unten takes Zerita and Master Mortua to his timeline for a place to be safe. Doomulus Five finds a portal system that creates a portal to the other timeline. He then decides to just take over both worlds instead of defeating Mortua.

Zerita learns that this is the Unten that trained her long ago. She thanks that Unten, then asks what the paradox will be. The Unten tells her it is better not to know.

Doomulus Five, after being defeated, kidnaps Master Mortua. Zerita asks that Unten to train her again.

Zerita's Future


Netnu's Past

Netnu's Present

Netnu's Future



Image Name Description Stats Abilities
UntenArendArt by Arend (tbc). Unten "Unten is the first character you will unlock. He pretty much has average everything.."
  • Attack: 20
  • Speed: 30/100
  • Stamina: 60/100
  • Jump Height: 40/100
  • Health: 35
  • Beorn Punch (Default)
  • Beorn Kick (Default)
  • Unten Smash (Unlocked in Present)
  • Unten's Spidrones (Unlocked in Future)
ZeritaNvF3DArt by Arend (tbc). Zerita Zerita is a fierce Catonea whose past is unknown... Until now. She has excellent speed, but has less health."
  • Attack: 35
  • Speed: 90/100
  • Stamina: 40/100
  • Jump Height: 70/100
  • Health: 25
  • Catonea Claws (Default)
  • Zerita Claw Jump (Unlocked in Present)
  • Zerita's Spike Shield (Unlocked in Future)
NetnuNewArt by SonicWiki (tbc). Netnu "Netnu is one of the Beorns that evacuated to space, but he escaped. He is powerful, but the slowest, and the lowest jumper."
  • Attack: 45
  • Speed: 20/100
  • Stamina: 30/100
  • Jump Height: 15/100
  • Health: 70
  • Monocle Laser (Default)
  • Magnifying Monocle (Unlocked in Present)
  • Netnu's Beorn Launcher (Unlocked in Future)


Unten's Bosses

  • Doomulus Grime, the first boss in the game. 150 health.
  • Robot Beorn, Unten's roboticized father. 225 health.
  • Doomulus Slice, the main antagonist of the game. 300 health.

Zerita's Bosses

  • Evil Netnu Training Robot, a robot that looks like Netnu. 275 health.
  • Doomulus Slice, the main antagonist of the game. 350 health.
  • A Distant Planet, the planet of the Doomuli Organization. with 400 health.

Netnu's Bosses

  • Unten, the mascot of Fantendo. 300 health.
  • Doomulus Slice, the main antagonist of the game. 400 health.
  • Netnu, Netnu, Netnu, and Netnu, who are all evil clones of Netnu. 400 health (for each clone)

Unten's, Zerita's, and Netnu's Bosses

  • Doomulus Slice, the main antagonist of the game. 2,000 health.
  • Doomulus Grime, the first member of the Doomuli Organization, who returned after time went backwards. 3,000 health.

Doomulus Grime's Boss

  • The Doomuli Organization Planet, with 5,000 health.

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