A normal edition Unten card
Base Damage 10
Max Damage 90
Number of Variants 3
Hyper Mode? Yes
Packs obtained in Starter Pack,Team Shatter pack,Hyper Invasion Pack

Unten is a normal card with well-rounded abilities and mana usage. He is commonly used to defend lanes and help allies advance.


Normal Mode

Electro Shield

Unten's main ability,on the card it states:

"Causes 10 damage to all enemy cards that stand where he is at the time of casting. Wears off in 3 turns"

when activated the square Unten currently stands on glows blue,whenever an enemy card moves on this(either through walking through the lane or shunting onto it) square they take 10 damage and get pushed back one square,effectivly blocking the lane off unless you're able to jump past.

This is mostly used as a Laneblocking strategy or to trap shunters


Unten's Secondary Ability,on the card it states:

"Flip a coin. If heads, your opponent cant use any cards on the same lan as this card for 1 turn"

While requiring more mana than the electro shield,it can shut down an entire lane temporarily to let other character cards push towards the orb or set up a large defence.

Knockout Thunder

Unten's teritary ability,on the card it states:

"Flip 2 coins,if both heads, destroy all assist cards on this lane and deal 2x damage for 3 turns,if both tails you're damage is halved for 3 turns"

this is unten's ultimate crowd-controller. With the ability to wipe out cannon fodder based assists like the spleen team as well as dealing more damage to the enemies in the area. He is able to clear out lanes in those 3 turns. It is a bit risky due to your damage being halved for said 3 turns if it fails.

Hyper Mode

Unten's Hyper Mode is very basic,simply upgrading his stats a bit and giving him more abilities.

Hyper Unten
An common edition Hyper Unten card
Base Damage 40
Max Damage 120
Number of Variants 3
Hyper Mode? Yes
Packs obtained in Starter Pack,Team Shatter pack,Hyper Invasion Pack

Hyper Mode


Unten's Passive ability on the card it states:

"If anyone attacks unten while defending they will be hit for half the damage of their attack"

this can be used to block huge attacks(especially ones that need to charge)easily.

Volt Slash

Unten's secondary ability, essentially an upgraded attack

Tesla Strike

Unten's primary abilitiy,it damages all enemy cards on the lane and any cards beside him on other lanes.

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